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Motorola XOOM Will Not See 4G LTE Before the Galaxy Tab 10.1

You’ve probably heard this by now, but the Motorola XOOM which launched back in February as a 4G LTE device, will not have the service until later on this summer.  We heard word of this set back in April, but Moto CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed the summer timeline again today at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2011 Technology Conference.

“We are late with 4G LTE on Verizon’s network,” Jha said before finishing off with a reminder of the statement he made during their last earnings call, “We will deliver LTE solutions this summer.”

While most of us were disappointed to learn this news, we had brushed it off as sort of a minor delay, hoping that when released, the product would be of the highest quality – and then today Verizon announced the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will have live 4G LTE out of the box this month, infuriating many of you.

Verizon and Motorola had originally planned for the upgrade to take place at the end of May or June, but after running into issues that they won’t necessarily go public with, we’re stuck waiting until the new Bionic comes out.  He did sort of take blame for the delay though and dropped this little nugget today, “We were delayed on two 4G products because of network interaction issues with our protocol stack.”

The odd thing is, that just 30 seconds later when asked how they can prevent such a delay from happening again, Jha made reference to having burned bridges and “betting everything on one place.”  We can only assume he’s referring to their decision to go with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor (which has been rumored to not cooperate with 4G LTE radios) (NVIDIA cleared the air on this rumor) rather than TI’s new OMAP or Qualcomm’s new dual-core, because as he continued he talked of working with all chipset manufacturers going forward so that they have fallback plans.

It was an odd talk, and one that clearly painted Motorola in a falling behind the curve pack.  They have now been beaten to the 4G LTE wave by HTC, Samsung and LG in phones and are about to be in tablets as well.  They better hope the Bionic knocks all of our socks off or it’s going to be one long year for our friends that brought us the original DROID.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

And a couple of other notes from the conference:

  • Jha made a comment about the return rate on Android phones being largely in part due to the installation of 3rd party apps.  He is under the impression that these apps are causing performance issues.  While I have no idea where he is getting this idea, it does scare me that they would possibly consider blocking them from being installed much like AT&T was doing for the last year or so.  (Note: or was he talking about actual market apps?)
  • Motorola for the most part, was pleased with the XOOM and were glad to be the first manufacturer to release a Honeycomb dual-core tablet, but made sure to blame the lack of apps for it not blowing up the sales charts.
  • Sanjay is excited about Ice Cream Sandwich and the idea that Android will become one giant OS.
  • He expects tablet price points to come way down in the second half of the year.
  • They have no plans to work with Microsoft and are fully vested in Android.
  • Lloyd

    As far as the HDMI out, u will probably be able to share wirelessly. Since the next tv I will be getting will have that wireless capability no concern for me

  • Lloyd_anthony2000

    I am sooooo glad I returned the XOOM; and held out for the Samsung. I would like the Samsung 8.9 but what the heck……….

  • Xoom Wifi

    hi, Xoom wifi only here… i don’t give a crap about 4g, i just want my f***ing sdcard slot to work. kthx.

  • Anonymous


  • EffinDarren

    I am a HUGE Motorola fanboy (*gasp* I know) therefore it pains me to watch my venerated company make such poor decisions. Get this, I actually kind of like Blur (design wise), I can defend to an extent the locked bootloaders, heck I can even excuse the poorly made webtop app but I can’t in all good conscience understand why it is that a product that has promised LTE from April hasn’t delivered on that promise as of yet. Sanjay Jha also needs to pull his socks up and take responsibility, “3rd party apps causing performance issue and high return rate?”, really?, that’s bullshit, its time to man up Jha, stop making excuses and take responsibility for your company’s mistakes (P.S. which is actually what a CEO DOES!). I still love motorola and still feel that they can come out on top, heck am i the only one who thinks that Motorola’s design team can run circles around those ugly ass HTCs. I believe all they need is to just sit back, evaluate the situation and go about this rationally, The Xoom can and will be the best thing to happen to honeycomb since quad-core, just you wait.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Perhaps I missed something (entirely possible) but the w-fi Tab is coming “this month” with the 4g version coming “this summer” so which one will have an LTE device running first is still up in the air, and even if the Tab does come first, it may not be by all that much.

    I know it is cool these days to hate on Motorola and to throw all the love at Nvidia, but honestly, what Tegra2 device has lived up to the CES hype? It will be interesting to see what Samsung can do with Tegra 2 since they have shunned it in all their phones.

    And honestly… TouchWiz coming “as an update” to me that is a threat that would preclude me from even considering the Tab.

  • http://thisisjohncoffey.com GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    The Xoom was overall a major flop. Wasted potential. They just didn’t handle it correctly or update is fast enough. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, MOTO: ” … return rate on Android phones being largely in part due to the installation of 3rd party apps”

    this is just a statistic thing:

    people with a higher use of “3rd party apps” are the techies, which return the phone because of bootloader, etc. and there is “only a statistic relation between them” >>> could somebody inform Sanjey …

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rotkaeqpchen Ulf Schuster

    What about the damn bootloaders?

  • angermeans

    Now wait just a damn minute doesn’t the galaxy tab have a tegra 2 processor? Yeah it does so how the hell does samsung come late to honeycomb because Google gave motorola the rights to the first, but samsung scrapped their plans and started almost from scratch with almost identical specs and hardware and still will be the first with LTE. Motorola I have stuck up for you throughout but your dragging your ass and just because I wont spend my money on anything made by samsung especially the galaxy tab which is (in my opinion) not even as great as a tablet as the xoom, but I def will on a HTC 10″ honeycomb with scribe tech. I really wanted to give you another chance but you have screwed up everything since the og droid and Google pretty much helped you with that. Once again I am back to square one a huge android fan stuck with only buying HTC products cause you can’t get your shit right you lock your bootloaders and samsung won’t update phones and give us half passed products and believe me I have owned them to know. LG still isnt there yet (hopefully nexus 3 with quad core). Oh well I am more than happy with HTC especially with the news of unlockeable bootlaoders.

  • CJ

    “They better hope the Bionic knocks all of our socks off or it’s going to be one long year for our friends that brought us the original DROID.”

    Really? It’ll be a year just like any other; Motorola will keep making products that are of good quality with a good feature set and people will continue to buy them. You don’t have to be 1st to market to capitalize on that market.

  • Anonymous


  • DGriffend

    Common Motmowala, I HAD the utmost faith in you that’s why I purchased my Xoom. Now this???

  • DGriffend

    Common Motmowala, I HAD the utmost faith in you that’s why I purchased my Xoom. Now this???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well like I stated before. Moto is falling behind just like the Razor was the last of the dinosauros.  I love my OG Droid and Moto was in prime position to explode the charge of Android.  I think we all seen the writing on the wall that Moto was slipping.

    i feel bad for the guys that bought the Xoom and had to wait for LTE service and to know that otheer tablets will be much cheaper with probably better specs.

    The bionic better be amazing, thats all I have to say or they will be a back seat option for most Android buyers that’s for sure!!!!!!

  • Kierra

    Besides this , I have no problem with Moto. I guess you guys forget you’re just an extreme minority consumer. I don’t give a hoot about a locked bootloader…..:)

    • Kierra

      Oh and I love my DX guess that makes me a fool huh :p

      • Anonymous


        I couldn’t care about the locked bootloaders either.  But promising people major features, then not delivering on them in a timely manner is something else entirely.

        I’m also not pleased with the latest gingerbread update to the Droid X.  It completely ruined voice calling for me.  I have to reboot my phone twice a day just to make sure I can take phone calls.

        • Kierra

          Yep I agree this is bad but overall my experiences with Moto has been a good one. The only problem Ive had with the update was initially but now its smooth like butter. Are people really acting like HTC doesnt have its issues either??? I really hate to cape for Moto but all the hate I think is really just a bandwagon effect. If you treat me right as a customer you keep my business. Maybe I would have been sour if I had gotten a Xoom, but I didnt so…..smooth sailing over here. 

    • Kierra

      Oh and I love my DX guess that makes me a fool huh :p

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You know what F*** Motorola Plain and Simple F’em!

  • sob157

    Moto better have some concrete facts by the time the evo 3d drops or ill pick that up just for spite.

  • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Chris Gustafson

    The word “Solution” worries me. I better not be carrying a LTE MiFi around. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/naval.m.gilles Naval Gilles

    Galaxy tab FTW!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SKKUXGABNL747KKHTVKGGFR2NY Anonymous

    Jim Lahey is watching you Motorola. Better grab those Sh@t umbrellas, because there is a Sh@t storm brewing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/migoyvelez Migoy Velez

    At first, none of it bothered me because we were told that everything would be in place within a few weeks…then it became a few months, now it looks like probably it will be sometime in August before they get their act together.  Why are we being punished for helping them become the first out of the gate for tablets with Honeycomb?  I truly think that if we wanted to trade-in our XOOMs for Samsung Tab 10.1s, then Verizon should pick up the tab for doing so – or rather Motorola.  I’m sure Samsung’s units won’t have issues with SD cards and 4G and USB – in other words, it will be compatible with everything that it should be – meanwhile Moto wants us to wait as they continually renege on what they have promised.  I’m no lawyer, but it sure sounds like a breach of contract between manufacturer and consumer to me.