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Google Maps Updated to V5.5.0, Additional Check-in and Latitude Support Included

A fairly minor update was released today for Google Maps on Android.  You can see exactly what was changed in the screenshot above – looks like Latitude and new check features with some transit support tossed in.  More polish, which we love.

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More info can be found here.

Cheers interstellarmind, Edgar, and Adam!

  • I’d definitely say that Google is on top of this app, with updates and all that. 
    They’re semi-frequent. Which is good. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, another GMaps update.

    I wonder if they’ll release an update that kills that “NetworkLocationService” that runs and uses 65% of my battery.  Even when I force stop Maps and don’t touch it.

    Nope, guess not. :-

  • Google is pandering to the narcissists who just absolutely, positively, Have to be updated on everyone’s location at all times. Please. How about fixing the “beta” Navigation so that saved and unneeded destinations can be removed without uninstalling the app? Now THAT would be an update!

  • rawr33

    So funny, I love that when viewing the screenshot, what I notice is the map. Where I’m sitting right now is on that map, and so is the other place I spend most of my time. Ha!! *waves at self*

  • Anonymous

    Great!  Now if I can get the GPS on my Thunderbolt to lock onto my position I will use this.  Too bad that isn’t going to happen. 

  • Mike

    Maybe this will fix how it likes to reboot my Droid X when I start it.

    But probably not.

    • Moze304

      ditto. this app has been horrible on my DX since about 4 updates ago. I uninstalled
      all updates and it works great now. im crossing my fingers that the 2.3 update
      doesn’t somehow force me to use the current version of Gnav. I use this everyday foe work
      and it always froze the first time I opened it. and would freeze another 2 or 3 times through out the. day always causing a battery pull.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    check-in & latitude, check-in & latitude, check-in & latitude, 

    is that all there is anymore? I am still on a version 3 versions old as I dont give a f*** about all this check-in & latitude BS.

    I hardly consider this a “maps update”.

  • Dean

    I wonder if this will fix the bug I’ve been having with Latitude.  My girlfriend uses her wifi when she’s at home and since she has moved, Latitude is showing her no where near where she should be.  Frequently, it shows her at her previous address.  The only solution I’ve found for this issue is to rename her home router.  Anyone else know of a fix for this?

    • Ry D

      I’d had huge problems with GPS not working, Navigation failing and others with the maps once I got the Gingerbread update. I did a factory reset and it works perfect now. The entire phone just works so much smoother. If I knew it was going to work out this well I definitely would have done it sooner. Hope that works. 🙂

  • Rain_king46

    So it appears that the end goal is for Maps, Nav, Latitude, and Places all be merged into one?

  • Rain_king46

    So it appears that the end goal is for Maps, Nav, Latitude, and Places all be merged into one?

  • Loverboidn231


    • Houch80

      couldnt have updated as the market still has 5.4.0

  • PyroHoltz

    Yay, more map updates….   😐