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Google Maps Now Available in Mobile Browser

Google Maps is now available from your mobile browser and even provides most of the features we as Android enthusiasts see in the actual app.  As long as you “share” your location, you can see yourself on the map, search for nearby breweries, check out information about those breweries, and then find directions to them (OK, not just breweries).  You can also check out your starred locations and view traffic and ratings of your favorite places – see, we told you it’s fully-featured.

While we’re not sure we see the overall bonus to using this service instead of your Maps app though, it’s at least there.  And of course, your random friend with an iPhone can now feel almost as cool as us because it’s available to them as well.

Via:  Google Mobile

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  • Anonymous

     So for us this is basically useless? I guess so…

  • Cjreyes666

    Guess this would be good for noon android phones

  • I hate this app. It’s slow, and you can’t see the traffic lines correctly.  

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what this accomplishes… but hey, steady progress…

  • Anonymous

     I think it has more to do with Google’s philosophy on things, which they talked about at Google I/O. The whole, the web is the future thing. The belief being that you should be able to do everything you want from a browser, and not need local apps. I’m happy they made the concession for offline gmail and calendar though, recognizing that the internet is not yet ubiquitous is something I was afraid they were going to forget…lol

  • Crazydog

    But…it was already available. I showed it to my boss earlier this week to show how poor the performance was compared to the app… 

  •  what browser are you using?

    • Looks like Dolphin 😉 

    • John

       dolphin mini*

  • cvorg23

     Just had to say that was one of your funnier posts

  • Coaster36

     I think its mostly for the “other guys” not us.

  •  Why would one use this instead of the app? Maybe it will be good for mobile searches, which in turn link to maps in browser…

    • RW-1

      For us? None, but for those who might not be able to run the app … 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve ran into where a website would use google maps for browsers and when I touch the map it would take me to the browser and not my app. So now it’s one less step to get directions. 

    • Other platforms. 

    •  As a recent i*hone convert I can say that the maps app bundled with iOS isn’t anywhere close to its android cousin.  It has pretty much the bare minimum of functionality.