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Want a DROIDX2 Early? Non-corporate Verizon Stores are Selling Them In-store Tomorrow

Verizon made the DROIDX2 official this morning by announcing that the device would be available online starting May 19 (tomorrow) and in stores next Thursday (May 26) for $199.  However, if you wanted to walk out of a store with one in hand early, then you should head in to a non-corporate Verizon store including GoWireless and Best Buy as they will have them in-stock and ready for purchase tomorrow.  We’re not exactly sure why these other retail outlets were cleared to sell them early, but that appears to be the case.

Cheers G [email protected]!

  • Glt5000

    WHAT?! I work at a GoWireless and this is news to me!! LOL thanks Droid-life! time to start bugging my manager for them now!!  

  • It’s amazing how this phone is already obsolete before even coming out. The dual-core will be nice but no 4g is just ridiculous. 

    • Ldboren


  •  would have gotten an x2 if it had 4g,too bad sigh…

  • Anonymous
  • kissthegeek

    Just ordered mine from VZW!

  • Anonymous

    You say you want to upgrade from DX to DX2? Or you can’t understand all the “hatin'”? Well follow this link to the Motorola site for there own comparison of the two. YOU tell ME if this is a worthy UPGRADE. I say NO.

    • hkklife

      That comparison chart omits the most obvious improvement on the X2….dual-core Tegra 2!  

      • Rickerbilly

        How will that alone enhance the experience? I can already stream video in perfect quality… how can my UI go any faster than now? Gingerbread nearly doubled the overall UI gel on the DX. Offer up something substantial for me to upgrade from DX TO DX2 other than dualcore. Or slow me how is worth another $200 and another two years

    •  That’s a kick in the shorts, so it’s a brand new model that’s exactly the same as the last model? It’s marketing genius is what it is.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a worthy upgrade from a Droid X but it’s still a good phone.  No need to get your panties in a wad over it.

      • Rickerbilly

        First i don’t even wear underwear,
        Second I never said it wasn’t a good phone. I said it is not a worthy upgrade from the droid X.
        Should I write it in crayon so you can understand?

  • Anonymous


  • Jacob Bowen

    Dear VZW/Motorola, 

    Seriously….. Stop the madness….. 

    One would think Motorola would have learned after the Razor that if you don’t continue to innovate and release phones that are relavant, your company goes in the red…  

    After this showing, I sincerly hope that the Bionic/Targa lives up to expectations or Motorola gets black listed!

    • Zeovgm

       Why does this post pretend that the X2 is a bad phone when that simply isn’t the case?

      4G is not at the point yet where every phone needs it. You need to realize there are other phone purchasers other than yourself and that not everyone WANTS a 4G phone.

      • Anonymous

        People prefer to bitch and moan rather than use their brains.

  •  LTE radio being shitty or not. Today in the verizon store a rep was hitting 26mb down with 4G LTE. JUst buy an upgraded battery and be happy 

    • Anonymous

       Nice, but most of us still don’t have LTE.

  • Emeraldjun

     Waiting on the GSII and the Bionic/Targa. Or if I may dare……a stock Android experience?

  • 4g??? i would like to see 3g i’m still on 1x  verizon=fail

  • 4g??? i would like to see 3g i’m still on 1x  verizon=fail

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  • slappynutz

    bootloader lock= check
    no lte= check
    I will wait= check

  • Anonymous

     I might just get this, I’m tired of waiting

  • Rain_king46

     This is a weird device. No real advertising. No demo units sent out. Now this weird distribution. 

    • CaptainHowdy

       Sounds like most new VZW devices lately, Inc2, command one, now the DX2…

  • Calvin2110

    No 4G means #fail

  •  How is this possible? I would think that a non-corporate store selling devices a full week early in-store would be a no-no…
    I guess I’ll be checking on best buy’s website tomorrow to see if this is true.  I wonder if they’re having any release day sales.

  • Ozzzmosis

     i’m hoping since the DX is the insurance replacement for the DI, that they will run out of the DX and i can file a claim and get one of these 


    Nice!! How much is it gonna be retail? Hopefully same as the Inc 2. I’m buying it full price. Screw getting locked in two years. I may want the Bionic later this year.

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s the tricky thing.  Corporate Verizon will sell it likely around the same price as the Inc2 and under $500, but these retail stores can’t sell them that cheap and will be around $600 I’m guessing.

      • BTGGTR1

        Hmm…well I’ll have to wait then, I’m really hoping to get it at around that same $439 price as the Inc 2… 

      • SanDiegoGoW

         Actually the Inc2 is under $500 for us. 

  • Rain_king46

     I assume that the $199 pricetag is with a new two year contract?

    • Anonymous

      Yup. RIght in line with the DI2… personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. 

      • Kdkinc

        A non company store just told me $600.00 retail .There frigen nuts.

        • Kdkinc

          got down to $530 at another store. 

          • G H

             Our system shows full retail @ $489 (GoWireless)

  • Ldboren1990

     I am a Verizon Authorized retailer. I have had this phone in stock for about a week now. And also had the droid Charge instock for two weeks before the release. These third party phone suppliers are getting these new devices in really fast. 

    • Anonymous

      Why didn’t you say something before this?!

    • please come back and tell us when you have the BIONIC ins stock early.  Oh, and let us know if we can anything aside from (sexual) and slipping you a grand to get it before anyone else!

    • Anonymous

      Can you turn one on and tell us the Android Version? And if it has the new Blur on it? 

      • SanDiegoGoW

        It does have the new Blur. I tried to sell one today, but our system wouldn’t allow it.

    • DoubtIt

       I call shenanigans on you, sir.  Prove it.

      • Ldboren

         SIGS : I will come back on and let you know when I have the bionic instock. 

        The X2 is running 2.3 and it is the new blur but in our system it wouldnt accept the ESN until today. 

        I have been told that the Xperia Play and the Trophy are going to be available soon for us, ( no one cares about the trophy though. Its not going to sell ) The LG revolution will be available for me to order next week as well.