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Verizon 4G LTE Networks Down Nationwide (Updated)

Verizon’s brand new 4G LTE network is and has been down across the nation for a number of hours now starting at some point late last night.  Yep, anyone with a Thunderbolt will be running on 1x until they fire this thing back up, even if you are in a non-LTE city.  And toggling your LTE on/off isn’t going to help you either.  Time to pull out the OG?

Verizon has acknowledged the problem:

Possible fix to get you back on “old” 3G while they work out issues: (spursrchamps2007)

Dial ##778# and hit send

* A pop-up window named EPST will show up giving you 2 choices: View Mode and Edit Mode. Pick: Edit Mode.
* Enter the Password: 000000
* Go down to Modem Settings and pick “Rev A“
* You’ll want to choose enable and click OK, hit the menu button and then press “Commit Modifications.”
* Restart your phone and you should see 3G is working

To switch back to 3G/4G, follow same instructions but choose eHRPD.

Update 7:51AM:  We’re hearing reports that Chicago may be fine as well as the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Update 9:02AM:  Verizon with a minor update, although it doesn’t tell us much other than the network is still down for HTC Thunderbolts.

Update 1:47PM:  Another update.  We’re still down in a lot of areas, but at least they have figured out the problem and are starting to bring people back up:

Update 8:32PM:  We just heard from 3 separate sources that the DROID Charge has been delayed due to this network outage.  It looks like we all may be without 4G LTE for a little big longer.

Update 7:36AM (4/28):  We’ve just received word from Verizon that 4G LTE is back up nationally.  Unfortunately eHRPD is not up though, and that means no soft hand-offs between 3G and 4G.

Stay here as we’ll continue to keep you updated…

Cheers Edward, Adam and everyone else!

  • Steve Mills

    It is 01:36 CDT.  At 01:18 CDT, a Verizon technical support supervisor confirmed ANOTHER MAJOR 4G LTE outage.  At this time, there is no ETA for the correction of this problem.
    This has me a bit nervous about Verizon’s ability to provide a quality high-speed internet experience.  Opinions?

  • Helsourei

    Upgraded to HTC Thunderbolt from Blackberry and I am in Phone Activation limbo as I type this.   Fresh Meadows, NY  

  • Nyplaya513

    everythings good again

  • Nyplaya513

    4g seems to have a problem in NYC at the moment. It is showing up fine but keeps giving error with connection and refuses to do anything…….back to 3g for a bit

  • Jboogie1289

    Don’t know if this is late or not but got 4g back this morning around 4am. Nice!!

  • Georgiewpw

    I have a Verizon 4G modem and was have sporadic problems with internet access for several days prior to the outage.

  • Rosman21

    I got my 4G back today around 4am

  • gtheg

    Chicago back up

  • Moosez3

    Yessss My LTE is back!

  • Nyplaya513

    4G back up in NYC

    thank god

  • Dankpupdaddy

    Working in Grand Forks ND. Not 4G of course but I service again! Yes!

  • There is eHRPD in the Greensboro/High Point/ Winston-Salem area..

  • Nyplaya513

    this really sucks since I rely on my phone to keep myself sane during work (i work overnights)

  • chris

    verizon wireless should give all android customers with 4g at least 1 month of free data. which means everyone experiencing this problem shouldn’t have to pay $30 for this month. even if the problem only lasts for 2 days.

  • HansFree

    It’s 5:00 PM (Pacific) and Los Angeles 4GLTE is still DOWN! But my battery is still reading full!!

  • HansFree

    It’s 4:51 (Pacific) and Los Angeles 4GLTE is still DOWN!

  • so… Verizon forgot to pay their bills? Hah.

  • I dont even have 4G coverage in my area, but I cant even connect to 3G today, ive been in 1x since this morning

    • Anonymous

      Read the fix at the top of the page 🙂 especially since there is still no eta.

  • What theme is that? 😀

  • Anonymous

    This is just a ploy to get more followers for the @VerizonWireless account.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else having wi fi problems after applying the work around?

  • Whitl103

    Thank you DL for answering nearly every Android/Verizon question I have. I will now stop rebooting my phone and walking around my office to try to find the network.

  • Funny, my Comcast internet crashed out at around midnight and didn’t come on till 2AM.

  • William8251

    1x still @ 12:21 in San Diego

  • CIFchamp24

    My OG is faster than your Tbolt. hahahaha

  • stardazer

    I can’t get on 4g with my UML290 or 3g had to set it over to 1xRTT so it takes some time to find out whats going on do to the internet going so slow! Its the psn network now its verizon network WHAT NEXT?? Cant get on my 360 do to the slow speed!

  • Chernobyl

    I love how instead of sending a text to the customers letting them know the problem, they tweet about it… Pathetic.

  • chris

    my thunderbolt running a 1x connection is still better then most if not all phones running 3g

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt that. 1x is slower than edge on T-mobile lol

      • chris

        let me rephrase that. my 4g thunderbolt is still faster then most if not all phones running 3g even when the 4g is down. since i can switch to 3g easily or use wifi and it will still be better then most phones

    • Brad71

      Your thunderbolt is last years tech that they fooled you into buying by slapping 4g on it. No dual core for you .

      • Olgarcu7

        Oh yea because that dual core phone is doing very well, huh

  • a data team rep is suggesting folks not to manually turn off 4G as that will create authentication issues. He said it’s best to leave the phone the way it is and allow it to receive the fix once 4g is up and running.

    • Anonymous

      Leaving 4g on is killing my battery and this is while on WiFi. Never had this problem before today.

  • Jager09

    my 1x is still faster than their 3g…

  • Guest

    I have a phone in Cerritos, CA & Brea, CA and both are on 1x, ##778# is saying Program Feature not avail or something like that. These are stock phones, is there anything else I can do to try and get them on 3g at least or are they down?

  • Greg

    Nice! Downloading now! Oh, wait, I have no data connection on my ThunderBolt. Nevermind. :*(

    • Chernobyl

      Uhh… there is nothing to download here…

  • LionStone

    Hey thanks DL for being here for us… Last night I said I’m gonna check with you guys to see what’s up and you guys were all over it! Nice to know we have a place like this to go to for some feedback, answers, vent 🙂

    Also I got my hoodie and it rocks! Thanks again….

    • chris

      you should wear the droid-life hoodie into an apple store and cause a big scene

      • LionStone

        Oh hell yea! 🙂

  • andrew8806

    Use 3g for now

  • andrew8806

    Use 3g for now

  • Ron

    I guess I should have read this before I re MD5 and reloaded my radio rom. x_x

  • Ron

    I guess I should have read this before I re MD5 and reloaded my radio rom. x_x

  • Anonymous

    kellex I updated my original post for people possibly having issues if you want to update it up top.