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Angry Birds Rio Launching Exclusively through Amazon App Store (Updated)

The still-yet-to-be-launched Amazon App Store just scored a pretty major exclusive, Angry Birds Rio.  AB Rio would be the follow up game to Angry Birds Seasons and a game that has been set up to launch alongside a new kids movie that should be out in the next week or so.  But what about the game itself?  We have no word on a release yet, although we have a feeling that it will be either this week or next and possibly on March 22nd since that’s the date iOS users will see it.  All signs point to this version of Angry Birds having a price attached to it, but again, no idea what that will be.

Following @roviomobile would be a good place to start though, if you want the latest info.

Update:  And here is the gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Rio… (Cheers Jason!)


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  • Anonymous

    Anyone else getting sick of hearing about this insanely overrated game?!

    • HolyGrail


  • Anonymous

    Why oh why did they have to do the amazon market. This whole multiple markets is really a stupid ass idea.

    • ZZ

      Who hasn’t heard of Amazon/doesn’t already have an Amazon account? A dedicated tab on Amazon.com will have huge discover-ability.

      • Anonymous

        It will just add to the fragmenting of the market. Plus I hate amazons DRM
        its just as bs as the digital copy crap is.

  • the movie Rio has nothing to do with angry birds.

    • Anonymous

      but it has birds in it….and they seemed to be at lest upset at one point in the trailer.

  • Anonymous

    Are they still releasing stuff for iOS and then Android later? Why can’t they do it at the same time? I’m pretty sure Android has more users than iOS at this point. It would just be nice to see some equality there.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a paid version of Angy Birds! (hopefully…)

  • Anonymous

    March madness and new AB in the same week? Better bring my charger to work.

  • Mii

    i don’t think Rio was inspired by AB or AB Rio, but AB Rio was inspired by Rio

    • Anonymous

      I believe you are correct. That would be like saying Star Wars Legos inspired Star Wars

    • Anonymous

      Nope, its true. Rio was inspired by AB. At first they wanted to make a whole movie based on AB, but it got changed to Rio.

  • Anon

    Holy oversaturation of a game batman

    • Sep

      Yeah. Too much is too much. I still have fun with all the holiday updates, but, man. I can see a lot of people burning out on all this very soon.