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Motorola Tablet Will be Released as the XOOM?

Trademark filings by Motorola from around the globe for the word “XOOM” have surfaced and are leading many to believe that this is in fact the name of the much anticipated Honeycomb tablet that will be unveiled in just 14 days at CES.  Filings were made in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course the U.S., so we’re thinking major global push here, right?  They did ask if we were all ready to “skip a generation” yesterday and it’s now pretty obvious that this tablet is hoping to change our mobile computing ways forever.  I surely hope they succeed.

My only concern is that the name sounds a lot like “Zune.”  Or am I just crazy?

Video of the Motorola tablet in action.  Hi-res pictures.  Unofficial specs.

Via:  PocketNow

Cheers BenJA!

  • Brucef102

    Not quite a catchy or novel name I'd place zoom close to yuck for a name

  • r0landct

    Maybe it is for their cloud service they are going to launch?

  • Jake

    Whatever “official” name they give it I'll call mine the Moto T.I.T. (ten inch tablet). I can't wait to get my hands on Moto's T.I.T.s.

    • QPHALO

      I want a hand on that too.

  • 4tab.me

    wow, that's not cool at all


  • Droidmanx

    I Think This Should Have Been Called The “TABLOID” Tablet+Droid !!!

  • Please God No.

  • Beka27

    I think it's better than the iMAXIpad…

  • Ugh, I hope not. Terrible name.

  • Could be the replacement for Popular Droid X – I hope.

  • Timoh

    You're right, sounds way too much like zune. That's actually the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title.

  • EC8CH

    XOOM = Exhume… like digging up dead bodies?

    The Droid Xoom…. I can see the robots coming up from under the ground right now.

    Zombie Robots FTW!

    • Gambrel022

      1 word…… NECRON

    • Kevin Jellison

      That was my first thought too! LOL!

  • who gives a poo, the bootloader will be locked down tight anyways.

    • the people who dont care about custom roms and all that root stuff actually give a “poo”.

      • damn i got shut down by a 10 year old :/ props to you anyways. But i see what you're saying, the “root” crowd is a much smaller market. hell there are millions of droid owners who would ask “Whats a root?”

    • realigion

      Apparently Austin is
      A) On the software development team at Moto, and
      B) Very proud of his work and thinks no one can break the bootloader.

  • Bryan

    Hey Vista was a great name for an OS. Why not XOOM. Reminds of Zoom Telephonics modems. Ahh the old days of BBS and dial-up

  • Josh

    Xoom? sounds lame to me.

    • digsoreos

      I agree. Stingray at least sounded cool. They should have left the Milestone name for the tablet. Stone. Tablet. It made sense.

  • briderx

    “Exhume” would be how i'd pronounce it..

    And I think that'd make sense, after that “EVOLUTION” video..

    • Jager07

      So does that make all fans a Xoombie? (heh heh, see what I did there?)

      • briderx

        Well played sir. And yes, i do see.. clever.

  • durangojim

    not a great name.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    stingray, everest, kilaminjaro, xoom.. who ever cares what the names are of these devices. not me.

    • Mmmmm?

      Very true.. If I get this I'll be running a custom rom to debrand it as much as possible anyway..

  • I thought it would be the Droid Tab

  • Mmmmm?

    GummyJar 2.0 FTW!!!

    • Unrelated to article. Blacklisted for spamming!!!!! haha 😉
      J/K You should of posted a link too!

      • Mmmmm?


        Sorry wasn't spamming on purpose.. 😉 😉 I just finished installing and got excited. I am in no way affiliated with GummyJar..

      • Mmmmm?

        We need some real Android emoticons up in here! 😉 🙂