Motorola Emails Tablet Video to the World

The “Tablet Evolution” video that Motorola snuck onto Youtube the other day is now being pushed to customers via email.  If you are on any sort of Moto list, you should have received the picture above which redirects you to their ultimate CES teaser vid which might have just passed 1,000,000 views as you are reading this.  We’re fully expecting this tablet to be “DROID” branded and running Honeycomb, but Moto is expecting it to be one of the most amazing pieces of technology ever.  We’ll know in 2 weeks.

Check out the video one more time after the break.   (more…)

Motorola Tablet Will be Released as the XOOM?

Trademark filings by Motorola from around the globe for the word “XOOM” have surfaced and are leading many to believe that this is in fact the name of the much anticipated Honeycomb tablet that will be unveiled in just 14 days at CES.  Filings were made in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course the U.S., so we’re thinking major global push here, right?  They did ask if we were all ready to “skip a generation” yesterday and it’s now pretty obvious that this tablet is hoping to change our mobile computing ways forever.  I surely hope they succeed.

My only concern is that the name sounds a lot like “Zune.”  Or am I just crazy?

Video of the Motorola tablet in action.  Hi-res pictures.  Unofficial specs.

Via:  PocketNow

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Verizon Will Have a 4G LTE Motorola Phone

Verizon’s COO John Stratton, confirmed today that Motorola will indeed have a 4G LTE offering some time next year.  And while we’re pretty sure that phone is codenamed “Etna“, no one would confirm any other details including Moto.  Stratton did however, offer up the strength of the relationship between them and the “DROID” founders, which likely means this device he’s talking about will fall under our favorite brand name…

“We’ve got LTE smartphones on the horizon,” Verizon’s Mr. Stratton said. “Motorola will be right there.”

“Over last 13 months, they have done a very good job in supporting our business and have worked their way up into almost a preferred vendor,” Mr. Stratton said. “They have been driving our Droid strategy.”

None of you are surprised though, right?  The interesting thing here is the fact that they could have multiple 4G LTE devices out at the same time since the Motorola Everest tablet is also rumored to be capable of utilizing their new network.  15 days from now and we’ll know everything.

Via:  WSJ, Engadget

Motorola Tablet Teaser Site and Countdown Go Live

Yesterday, Motorola teased the world with their tablet evolution video, and today they’ve started the official countdown to its unveiling.  We are fully expecting this tablet to be “DROID” branded, has been hiding under the codename Everest, and will run Honeycomb, but the official name has been locked up behind the tightest NDAs ever.  You can see it in action at this video, high-res pictures of it here, and some unofficial specs here.  It’s going to be amazing.   (more…)

Video: Motorola Teases Honeycomb Tablet for CES

Hello ultimate CES teaser.  Motorola posted a new video this weekend which walks through the evolution of the “tablet” by starting off with an Egyptian Hieroglyphic and eventually moving past both the i*ad and Galaxy Tab before finishing off with what we believe to be a covered Everest tablet.  The video then ends with a bee flying towards the new red Motorola logo, meaning Honeycomb is upon us and the 2011 CES will be epic.   (more…)

Rumor: Motorola Everest Tablet Will See Super Bowl Launch Party?

Ready to crank up the rumor engine?  How does the Super Bowl sound as an outlet for Motorola and Verizon to announce their 10″ Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablet?  Currently codenamed the Everest and Stingray, we fully expect it to have “DROID” branding at launch and according to the tipster that dropped the picture above on the world, February 6th in Dallas might be the day to mark on our calendars.

To see video of the Motorola tablet in action, check out this post.

Thoughts on a February 6th date?

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Motorola Tablet Makes Another Appearance, Is Definitely Headed to Verizon

The much-anticipated Motorola tablet (Everest) has made another appearance, only this time over at Howard Forums courtesy of user wnrussell.  This appears to be the same prototype tablet which we first saw from Andy Rubin last Monday (high-res pictures) only this time we have a couple of additional shots providing a few new bits of critical info.  The device is definitely headed to Verizon.  If you check out the gallery below, we’ve got Big Red’s name featured as clear, well almost as clear as day, which means this will be the Droid tablet.

Some specs were confirmed:  1GHz dual-core NVIDIA processor, gyroscope, 32GB built in storage, SD card for more, 512MB of RAM, 1280 x 800 screen, mini-HDMI port, camera, and pure awesomeness.  This is the tablet you should be saving your money for.   (more…)

Motorola Everest Honeycomb Homescreen Pictured, Specs Mentioned

You are looking at a homescreen picture for the Motorola Everest (allegedly), which is the 10″ tablet expected to be headed to Verizon as the “DROID” tablet some time in early 2011.  The pic popped up on Mobile01 with a handful of specs from a user claiming to have fondled the device for over an hour.  So what does this beauty have packed into it?  An NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 2MP front camera, 5MP back camera, gyroscope, 32GB built-in storage plus an SD card slot.  The Moto Tablet will also launch as an LTE device, which we’ve heard in the past.

Check out these high-res Motorola Everest pictures from earlier in the week to see what the device actually looks like.  Pretty, right?

Via:  Engadget, Mobile01