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Bugless Beast V0.6 Released with Bits of Gingerbread

It has arrived. In an interview we had with Pete not too long ago, he announced that Bugless Beast Version 0.6 would be a ‘from source’ ROM. Mmm, from source. It has been released and just in time for it to snag some nice goodies from Gingerbread.

Even from first boot I can tell people will like this. With only an 800MHz kernel running, this thing flies. So after the jump get the download link and have yourself a scoop of Bugless!  


For OG DROID Only Please!

1.  Place the Bugless Zip file on your SD Card and make sure to Wipe Data and Cache.
2.  But before doing all that, please make a backup!

Download:  Bugless Beast Version 0.6
Chanelog: Android Overdrive

You can also find in ROM Manager for easy installation.  Enjoy!

  • Ryan Brown4169

    the newest update to this was awesome but was killin my battery SSOOOOOOO fast and i was running it low settings and straight forward.

  • d3fault

    How come i cant find this in Rom manager?

  • how you change whats on the dockbar?

  • how you change whats on the dockbar?

  • Sandyjoey84

    Cud you tell peter that there is something wrong with the location and security part of the settings otherwise awesome rom

  • Sandyjoey84

    Cud you tell peter that there is something wrong with the location and security part of the settings otherwise awesome rom

  • Marty

    There is a V0.6.2 out now 🙂

  • Michaelstylez

    Great ROM I love it, its stable, flies like no other even @ 800mhz. Makes me feel like I'm not rooted or flashed totally but yet am @ the same time. Great work & many Kudos

  • Your123

    There is a V0.6.1 out!

  • You123

    If any one is having trouble with the auto correction all you have to do is install peat's gingerbread keyboard and you'll get auto correction back!

    • Marty

      Try to update to V0.6.1 it fixed

  • Jonathan

    Why can't I get facebook contacts in my contact list?

  • Poopface

    You guys are so stupid. If Gingerbread was so amazing and so ready for prime time then why doesn't CyanogenMod have any Gingerbread stuff??

    OH.. right.. CM devs actually care about testing and testing.. and more testing before they pump out some lame crap.

    • Ass hole

      You Suck

  • Poopface

    Yeah.. uhm.. lame lame lame lame lame.. Sorry.. Bugless Beast is crap and Pete is a fraud.

    • Mike D

      Your name says it all! You are pretty critical of someone that puts a lot of work into software development for all of us for FREE! What exactly are you contributing, Poopface?

  • LP from Cincy

    No WiFi tether standard, which there was in BB 0.5. Quite disappointing.

  • Tfulmer1

    I'm having issues with navigation and car home. When opening navigation, it just says checking availability forever. Car home won't even show up

    • Marty

      Try Downloading car home from Market it work for me

  • Dpu328

    GREAT! I just got about 90% of me phone set up only to find there is already a 0.0.1 version. Have to download and wipe everything. GRRRR. Wish it was just an update. GRR Worth it though. BB is running very clean. This will help with the wait for next years phones.

  • Beto

    pete ur the besties 🙂

  • Theshytype

    I'm having a problem.. after loading this on my droid the market won't work and none of the apps I had are loading back on including titanium backup and rom manager!! what did I do wrong or what did I miss?? any ideas?

  • marty

    V0.6.1 is out now

  • Guest

    My autobrightness setting went to 1%… any ideas? I had to get under my desk to see the screen to turn OFF autobrightness.

  • hunkoman

    Love it…..just can't get car home to show up in app drawer…..got from market shows up in downloads but can't use. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Yes

  • X20bucksx

    I'm having some market place problems

  • Fd2blk78

    Got it up and running, but am getting alot of force closes. A lot of them. So uninstalled. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Bacon28

    Just loaded it now, it runs phenomenally well. Much faster than the stock ROM

  • Jlj7783

    Just loaded up BB v6 w/chevy low v 1.2 g…Happy so far and just posted a quadrant score of 1389!!

  • Jake_Blackwater

    Works great, It is legitimately faster than v 0.5, Thank you so much Pete I use this as my everyday rom

  • imronburgundy

    I would much like to see this on the X.