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GameLoft Offers Up Modern Combat Sandstorm for FREE through GetJar (Updated)

GameLoft is looking to make some friends back this week after some interesting thoughts were expressed about them throughout the interwebs.  They’ve released Modern Combat Sandstorm for free through app gurus, GetJar!  There is a chance that Let’s Golf HD is also available for free, but I was unable to find it.  If you do find it on GetJar’s website, feel free to drop a link to it in the comments.

Oh, Sandstorm will require an additional 103MB of data to be downloaded to your SD card, but you are good with that right?  And I must say, the graphics are this game are impressive.  Hopefully the gameplay can keep up.

Update:  Just went through the training of the game and it’s pretty awesome.  Moving on to actual gameplay and then we’ll know for sure.  You’ll definitely want to grab this while it’s free though.

Update 2:  Looks like they might just be demos.  You can move on with your life now.

Download here.

Via:  Droid Gamers, Phandroid

  • Justin

    Demo and it keeps downloading updates, patches, our whatever… Meh

  • Bhain3s

    Bought the game beat it in about 2hrs, now gameloft should make a multi player version that can be played online all over the world …now talk about COD FOR ANDROID

  • Jawshua

    Ahhh… you had me until you said demos! Through just couldn't be bothered to give us a Christmas gift huh?

    • Jawshua

      * They

  • Rogue_5

    Nice try Gameloft, but you got to show some more android love than that to get us to try your games.

  • Bubbasixx

    $4.99 for full version from Gameloft

  • Skyskioc

    the first to say the word first I'm out

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    If it wasn't a demo. Seems awesome otherwise

  • Blkknight099

    This works just fine on my Droid X. No problems here.

  • boot879

    Obviously I read the article and saw the updates… but it tells you up front that it is a demo.

  • JebediahSpringfield

    It's a demo? Everyone please carry on with your day, nothing to see here. Gameloft still sucks.

  • Timoh
    • Timoh

      Golf is also a demo. If you still want to try it, it will say unavailable for Droid X, maybe other droids as well. I just said I had a nexus one and it runs fine.

    • antintyty

      is not supported on the X

      • Timoh

        Read my own reply that I put up 12 minutes before you posted yours.

  • iam stupid

    it wanted me to “get game” so yes..its a demo

  • Yea it says demo on there technically but who knows! The one thing I don't like about gameloft is this isn't tied to an “account” of mine right? like i'd have to store this install file somewhere so that I can install it if I get a new ROM… I could be wrong though…

    • Phoenix8387

      You can get an account with them when you purchase a game, which allows you to download the game again. I'm not sure if the game gets tied to your phone model or not though. Dungeon Hunter didn't require a purchase when it was free so it wouldn't be tied to your/an account.

      • Towelie420

        Not even worth the hassle bro. Gameloft has shown their true colors. Let's all move along, nothing to see here.

  • Talk about PR bribing customers for favorable opinions.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    once again…droid-life….you rock!!!!!!!!

  • Yep. Looks like a demo. 🙁

  • Mastersonc

    Its not the right way to get Lets Golf HD for free but it is available on 4shared.com

  • Phoenix8387

    One word: DEMOs

    • kellex


  • Mecevans

    Great games!