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Download: New Android Market Version 2.2.6 for All 2.2 Phones (Updated)

One of our readers has submitted the new Android Market to us for the world to download.  I see that others have posted a version and are reporting issues, but I can say that this one installed on my Droid X running Apex, Incredible running Virtuous, original Droid on stock FRG83D and Galaxy Tab running stock Froyo.  Worked flawlessly on all of them and if you want to uninstall should you run into issues, you can do that too.

Download here. (alt link)  (alt link 2)


*Only tested on my 2.2 phones.  Feel free to test on other Android versions though.

*If running any CyanogenMod version, you may want to proceed with caution.  Make a backup!

*Bugless Beast users are also reporting issues.

*Appears to be working on almost any 1.6 and above phone.

1.  Download the file from above.
2.  When it finishes, tap on it, then “Install”, then “Open.”
3.  Enjoy!

If you run into issues, go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and find “Market.”  Tap on it and then “uninstall updates.”

Cheers Rami!

  • id pick a droid over an iphone anyday!

  • Celia026

    I now speak English ;$ Litlle [ UN PEU ]

    • Ayoub

      Pareille pour moi tu c commen faire

  • Flame Blade12


  • Jdedkins

    Hi folks…I have a Pandigital tablet (planet model)..it does not have the market app…can I download it? thanks for your help

  • Narutofan1810

    I have got the same one on android 2.1 but now it is gone . Why I can’t download this one
    Plz plz plz plz plz help

  • Ginnymath3

    will this work on kyros tablet

    • Ben Novotny

      I have a Kyr0s and it doesen’t work. *Sadface* 🙁

  • Lemay06

    I Really Want To Download This To My Htc Hd2 Windows Phone But I Have No Clue If It Will Work, Have Any Good Markets I Could Download With Possibly Fruit ninja?  Thanks

  • Galaga

    I have a Motorola ME 525, aka, Motorola Defy, 2.2 running.

    The build is for mainland China, and as a result doesn’t have Android Market app. If I install this, is it going to screw my system up? I don’t wanna invalidate my warranty. And also important, the current ROM I have allows phone call recording, but the Euro and American version doesn’t. I don’t wanna loes this function!

  • Kay Dee Tha Business


  • Dfg


  • how to upgrade version 2.2 my sony x8 plzzz help me

  • Greg4067

    hello, thanks for the link, BUT doesnt work on my coby kyros tablet mid7024 !
    if anyone has a solution it will be appreciated.

  • Taimoor

     i am not able to download anything the app is installed but when i try to download stuff like games and apps it just says android market has stopped working force close

  • Prakashlokare03

    How to download on sony xperia x10 mini pro handset

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work on D1 with Miui.

  • Phillipwesley101

    i dont know why but it just doesnt work

  • No luck on OG with Saphire 2

  • Jeremy

    Downloaded and renamed to Vending.apk. Dropped it into /system/app. Good to go on BuglessBeast V0.6…

  • 1 Steve Hall

    I just got it OTA on my Droid X. I opened the market and it was the old market. Went out of it for less than a minute and ir had changed to the new version when I went back into it.

  • Mr Smooth727

    did the 2.2.1 update no new markey

  • dman

    i did the 2.2.1 update no new market PLEASE HELP

  • Jsatt210

    My Droid has issues parsing any solitions

  • andrologist

    The new Android Market app works on T-Mobile myTouch 4G (HTC Glacier, MT4G). It's ask you whether you want to replace the system app, just say “yes”. Thank you for the download link guys!

  • Funny thing happened just an hour ago, I tried to open market and it seemed like it hung up on me. So I just locked the screen and opened it again and what do I see!!!!!!! The new version of the Android market!!!!!!!! I don't know how this happened as I did not download anything, nor did I get any update notification. But I am not complaining 🙂 D1 Rooted.

  • Jim

    Wont Install on Shadow Rom 2.2.1 Gives me a message that its a system app before I try to install it, then I click Yes to install, tries and then says app not installed.

    • jim

      err.. Shadow ROM v0.2.2- Sholes (D1)

  • anon

    Downloaded and working on Desire 2.2.9

  • Does anyone have this running up on Sapphire 1.1.1 with Gingershred yet? Also OG Droid

  • Gagetoliver

    Intall unsuccsessfull every time, i even tried what it metioned above and it still doesnt work, im currently on MIUI

  • BobtheGreatII

    Those of you having Parsing problems, I tried the alternate download, and that one worked. Try that.
    -DroidX with update.

  • Kite1990

    Will not work on my devour =(

  • daveee


  • Doesn't work on a Milestone with (supposed) hacked 2.2. Keep getting “Installation failed”.

  • Caquila1131

    Does not work Droid 1 lithium mod downloads but wont install

  • ziv

    doesn't install on rubix focused 1.9

  • picaso86

    Droid Life is FOR LIFE! 🙂

  • Jesuslovesu14

    I have the samsung Fascinate and I keep getting the Parse Error? Why is this can anyone help me?

  • Phobos

    I am running Simply Stunning 4.9 and can not upgrade my version of the market. I want to check out the new market version, but I just got SS 4.9 just like I like it.

  • Toolsinmind

    Love the new market… it's awesome, I guess I'm ok with 15 min return policy. Droid X with apex 1. 3

  • Hoytusa89

    Just installed on my stock 2.2 droid incredible. With no problems. Seems to be working fine.

  • Fightinphil18

    has anyone tried this on the fascinate?? i keep getting a parcell error…..

  • ChuckDz

    anyone tested it on OG MIUI Rom yet??

  • nickbutterz

    idk why, but when i try to install the new market it says application not installed… any ideas?

  • Dmota25

    How u deodex 2.2.1

  • Mjv1222

    Doesn't work on spappire 1.1.1 gingerbread theme

  • For ANYONE having trouble installing the new market, do the following. It's the ONLY thing that worked for me.

    I'm running Droid X, Fission 2.3.1 with Gingerbread theme. You'll need root for this method.

    1) Download from any of the links above the new market, save it to your SD card
    2) Open root explorer and go to system > app
    3) Rename Vending.apk to Vending.bak or any other name (so that it's a backup)
    4) REBOOT your phone
    5) Go into root explorer, sdcard > downloads > install the new market .apk file
    6) Click done or open
    7) Voila! It's installed and works great. If it doesn't work at this point, then maybe I got lucky, or maybe you should try rebooting once more. Not guaranteeing this works for everyone, but it was how I got it to work for me!

    P.S. The new Market… it's beautiful!

  • Josh

    Works for me on rooted Droid Incredible with 2.2

  • Nickabsinthe

    anyone else having an issue where its refusing to install?

    • balthuszar

      everything downloads correctly, then you click install and it says “application not installed” and then gives you the option of “done” and that is all…this is the problem i'm having

      • windexh8er

        Same here – on CM 6.1. Then again, seems like many are having issues with CM 6.1 and this. Think I'll wait a bit. When all is said and done it's only the Market – if it was something of more majority I'd be willing to take more time trying to get it to work.

        • balthuszar

          i forgot to mention…i'm on UD 2.4

    • Timothyswarts

      ya i am getting a parse error on my htc hero running 2.1

    • Skauer

      Yes, but for me I am on bugless beast and there is a warning.

    • bilal

      i cant use android market on my tablet can you help me how to use it?

  • Superpiffmgd

    Works fast and smooth with my incredible rooted no Rom use yet liking the new market

  • Vacepunx

    Perfectly in my galaxy 3.

  • RockinEVO

    Amazing the market place has finally has a nice UI, it is always a good sign when a company wants to improve a customer (user's) experience. Also like to add the link here does work installed using EVO stock 2.2.

  • T33j4y15

    Cant install on Nexus. Im running Froyo with CM6. Can anyone help!?

  • won't install for me. running latest version of Charity Rom

  • Sake40

    Wow great new look the only thing I am still waiting for is a delete history without 3rd part content.

  • Jeffsohot

    Any of these links aren't working for me. I have a Samsung Intercept and every time I try to download one, it works, but when I try to install it, it shows as saying “Parcel error?” What does that mean?? Why can't I install the update?

    • Fish

      Parse error*

      Just download it on your PC then transfer it to your phone.

      • Fg2srt4

        downloaded fine on my Droid running MIUI but when i try to install it just says application not installed

  • I can't get it to install on Sapphire 1.1.1

  • So quick question hopefullu someone can help my droid is rooted and is on bugless Beast v.5 but now im phones is being so annoying with the android update. I dont wanna loose my root and i dont want the update. do i just keep ignoring it and hope it goes away?

    • When I was running bugless beast I would get the update thing every now and then. I just selected to install it and my recovery would block it from installing and i usually wouldnt get the notification for the update for a few weeks after that

  • fgonzo98

    Anyone tried this on Sapphrie 1.1.1?? I saw a comment about problems with 1.1.0…

  • Terry_H

    Working great on my Mytouch 4G

  • Josh

    fc central when I do this, which is too bad. newest miui for og droid

  • Mr2turbo

    It's really smooth on my g2 running virtuous HTC sense… hasn't gave me any problems so far

  • eak128

    Installed without a problem on my SS4.9 Droid.


    Works great on my HTC EVO.

  • Works on Droid X rooted running stock 2.2.1

  • Force Closes reported on Axiom Sixty6. I hope to be able to have the new market in my ROM! that would be awesome! It looks amazing though!

  • viewthis74

    Works great! DROID X stock with latest update. Thanks Kellex!

  • Blake

    Won't let me install 🙁

    • Blake

      Oh. And running LFY v1.95.

  • Connora87

    Im running [CHARITY] SG V11 and i can't seem to install the new market. Anyone else having similar difficulties, and can anyone offer tips?

  • Cant get to work with ChevyNo1. :-/
    It wont update through given process, and under Root Manager they have diff names.
    I'm not available to alter the needed settings, but maybe this will give sum ppl ideas on how to fix theres. 😉

  • gonzo

    For all of you androidholic I've tweeted the link were you can download the zip file and install using ROM manager (install zip from SD) @tony319 will work on rooted droid running saphire 1.1.1 with gingerbread theme.

    • shr1k3r

      Thank you! I’ve been searching for a fix for quite some time now

    • shr1k3r

      Thank you! I’ve been searching for a fix for quite some time now

  • For those of you getting force close problems or “Application Not Installed” programs, or “The specified activity cannot be launched.” Here is what I have found that works.

    First of all, DO NOT go in and replace Vending.apk with the new one. It won't work. At all.

    Go into system/app with Root Explorer (sorry you have to have root to do this), and rename Vending.apk to something like Vending.apk.backup (this way you can go back to the old version if you want to). Now go to the new downloaded Vending.apk (New Market App), install it like a normal app.. it will sit there for a minute and then it will say that it installed successfully. You might need to reboot your phone after installing.

    • Nickabsinthe

      when I am in root explorer it won’t allow me to change the name of the system file. am I missing a permission somewhere I don’t know about?

  • Killer4247

    I submitted this tip and i have a droid x with 2.3.15 (I haven't updated yet) and rubix blurry 1.6.3 and it works perfectly I also tried it on friends backflip and d Inc 2.1. It seems that there are some troubles on og droids but there is a comment below that gives instructions to move the market apk

  • Buckgrad

    Stock Droid X. No problem.

  • Fish

    If you're on CM6.1 and it doesn't work:
    Go into clockwork recovery.
    adb shell
    cp (Location of apk here) /system/app/
    ie for me I put cp /sdcard/download/android_market.apk /system/app/

  • Kbojw01

    2.2.1 i mean

  • Kbojw01

    works on stock 2.2 dx

  • Doesnt work on sapphire 1.1.0 GingerShred.

  • bOOm

    Application not installed. Cyanogen mod 6.1

  • Droidalicious

    Love it on my stock D2G

  • Doolidg

    Runs great on my rooted og Droid…this is a nice look..

  • skltr21

    i dont think this will install on any custom ROM…….

    • Fish

      I'm using CM6.1 Stable it works. Just go into clockwork and use adb shell to install it.

  • Steve H

    Not installing on OG Droid running BB.5

  • SenorDeuce

    Not installing on D1 running LFY 1.9

    • For those of you having installation problems, “Application Not Installed” problems, here is what I have found that works.

      First of all, DO NOT go in and replace Vending.apk with the new one. It won't work. At all.

      Go into system/app with Root Explorer (sorry you have to have root to do this), and rename Vending.apk to something like Vending.apk.backup (this way you can go back to the old version if you want to). Now go to the new downloaded Vending.apk (New Market App), install it like a normal app.. it will sit there for a minute and then it will say that it installed successfully. You might need to reboot your phone after installing.

      I am running a custom ROM… btw.

      • Didnt work when I tried it

      • Anonymous

        This method works to install, but in a different order for me on Milestone BB 0.5. The way I got it to install was to rename the vending.apk as stated, THEN restart, then install. After the install, I experienced extreme lag within the whole system and the market got stuck on the white loading screen.

  • Tony

    Off topic I know but quick question everyone…I missed the 2.2.1 update on my OG because I was rooted and had a different recovery…Now I went back to stock recovery so I could get the update and the system update in the settings menu says my system is up to date even I still have 2.2…What do I do to update??

    • Why would you do that? Flash back to clockwork recovery and install Cyanogenmod 6.1, that is 2.2.1.

  • shanklin07

    I cant get it to install on my og. running cvpcs.

  • alex

    Mine is working perfect so far..pretty nice…OG droid

  • jtwildman1

    Thanks again Droid-Life, always keeping me updated. I kinda like it so far, looks nice.

  • Gerrysafford86

    mine works used alt link 1 and a package installer run fine.. dx OCed 1.2 running 2.2.1 and LPand rooted of course..

  • michael scott

    You do not have to be rooted. Works perfect on my stock DX.

  • Taylor166

    Not installing on droid x running rubix focused

    • CZeph

      Same here (1.9.0)

  • dblj

    Running chevy 4.9 and it seems to work fine

  • Theantt21

    Market update not working on OG droid ~ miui rom

    • Eriik

      same wtf??

    • same

    • frenchy


    • Dgigena33


  • sleffert

    How do I make a back up?

  • wont work on Droid X with Rubix 1.9.0 on it

  • Ryan C

    Seriously, Droid-Life is amazing not only for their news content, but for their help and especially all of these apps, updates, and ROMs they introduce. You get so much further than you would be if you waited around for the companies to finally decide to push the updates. Droid-Life <3

    • Lakerzz

      …FOR LIFE!!!! 😛

    • kellex

      Cheers! For the kind Saturday words. 🙂

      • Ryan C

        Thanks 🙂 this site and its community has contributed to my experience with my Droid being at least 10x better since i got it in November last year. I cant tell you how much i appreciate the dedication from everyone.

        • Anonymous

          100000000000% agree

        • @Ryan, +3, i feel the same (same time frame and such too) but i couldn’t have said it better.

          • Ryan C

            Thanks. i feel like Droid-Life and Android-Life together is the ultimate android support site Google never had.

  • Lists

    Why would anyone want this update? It's nothing but the old app with ads and less room on the screen.

    Don't update.

    • kellex

      Sort of an odd way of looking at it. It's much more than that. 😛

    • Jam120992

      cuz it looks different. duh

  • Leobautista 91

    I use to download this apks or downloads right from my phone now. It doesn't want too.. :'( any help.. it keeps sayin waiting for data then it downsloands but its an error :'(

    • kellex

      Try using a different browser like Dolphin or xScope.

  • Princesation

    Off topic but is there a way to download the google apps for miui ? I like the rom but I can't install maps , facebook , twitter , and idk what else

    • Eriik

      get rom manager and select download rom>cyanogenmod. they have the google apps just download and let them install in recovery

      • Princesation

        I did that but it didn’t work

  • works fine on DINC with unrevoked forever. cannot adb install (says already there) but can place and install with Astro app manager. looks like a lot of anxiety and energy spent on a seemingly insignificant update. wondering if we need to get a life? :O)

    • kellex

      We are all obsessed. 😛

  • brando56894

    It seems this update wont work on the OG Droid, it wont install on mine running CM6.1.

  • ZeroOveride

    Doesn't work on Droid2 Global running Fission RC1

  • Bmuenter

    do you have to be rooted to download and use this?

    • JFeely

      id like to know also! 😮

    • brando56894

      Possibly, try it and find out.

    • kellex

      Nope. My original Droid and Galaxy Tab are not rooted and it worked on both of them.

      • Bmuenter

        how do i go back to the previous market if i wanted to? and will i still get the “real” market update when the time comes?

        • Kevinmon

          To go back, go into Settings > Manage Applications > Market > Uninstall Updates.

          And this IS the real Market update, so you won’t get it if you already have it.

          • Bmuenter

            thank you! you are very helpful. i really appreciate it!

  • cpeter753

    This wouldn't install on my OG droid running BB v0.5 I guess ill wait for v0.6 lol

    • peggsie

      same with me

  • Vp

    I'm getting Application not installed error. Droid X Rubix 1.9.0 on .340 update.

    • MozzarellaDroid

      Same here…

  • kellex

    Added mirrors.

  • Hey Kellex, I just downloaded it and compared to the one we posted earlier today at AP, and they're exactly the same (binary diff and all).

  • Liorry

    Download mirror? Megaupload isn't working for me…

  • Wont install on OG Droid running Simply Stunning

  • Frenchy

    SWEET no more manage apps>all>etc… !!

    OFF TOPIC: I got accepted into the swype bete a few days ago! But one of the steps to installing it is to “disable swype by unchecking the box nex to swype” “Then hit the back button to return and click 'generate license'” But i am running MIUI Rom in MIUI they have taken away the check boxes that page! Is there any way to get my swype back w/o getting rid of MIUI???

    Thanks For all the help!

    • uninstall. check your sd card for any hacked (downloaded online) versions of swype. delete them. reboot, reinstall legit swype. i had this problem and just solved it myself by doing this.

  • Shcommish

    Strange. When I went to the page to download it on my phone it came up with a message that I won an ipad and an iphone. It says click ok (which I don't want to do) but I can not get rid of that message!

    • RonJon

      Do it from your computer, and then do that. Megaupload has a popup like that when you click download. Thats what I did, and I am running with the new market.

    • Michael_NM

      Just click ok, it'll open a pop-up window (in Dolphin Mini anyway) and your download will begin. You won't be forced to accept any fapple products.

  • mysticdarkhack


    • Anonymous


  • Michael_NM

    Droid Life: Faster than Google at updating your market! Faster than VZ/Moto at updating your phones! Able to leap small buildings in a single bound! 🙂

  • Benny

    Be careful with this…if you get continuous force closes and uninstall your old market could continue to force close also. Has happened to alot of people on CM6.1 including myself. Make a backup before installing.

    • kellex

      Added note. Thanks.

    • Frn

      please help, I purchase an epad android 2.2 from light in the house and it appears that I’m the chinese android market.  I have installed and uninstall, but still not on us market… any info is appreciated

    • Sasan Khebkhah

      i not connecte to android market 🙁

  • FIRST! muahahaha

    and i definitely glad there is this fix out, because i have been getting tired of wiping my data and fore stopping market all day. good thing theres a for sure fix 🙂

    • RonJon


    • Killer4247

      Do you win a prototype motorola olympus??? No you don't so stop spanning this post!!!!!