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Download: New Android Market Version 2.2.6 for All 2.2 Phones (Updated)

One of our readers has submitted the new Android Market to us for the world to download.  I see that others have posted a version and are reporting issues, but I can say that this one installed on my Droid X running Apex, Incredible running Virtuous, original Droid on stock FRG83D and Galaxy Tab running stock Froyo.  Worked flawlessly on all of them and if you want to uninstall should you run into issues, you can do that too.

Download here. (alt link)  (alt link 2)


*Only tested on my 2.2 phones.  Feel free to test on other Android versions though.

*If running any CyanogenMod version, you may want to proceed with caution.  Make a backup!

*Bugless Beast users are also reporting issues.

*Appears to be working on almost any 1.6 and above phone.

1.  Download the file from above.
2.  When it finishes, tap on it, then “Install”, then “Open.”
3.  Enjoy!

If you run into issues, go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and find “Market.”  Tap on it and then “uninstall updates.”

Cheers Rami!

  • id pick a droid over an iphone anyday!

  • Celia026

    I now speak English ;$ Litlle [ UN PEU ]

    • Ayoub

      Pareille pour moi tu c commen faire

  • Flame Blade12


  • Jdedkins

    Hi folks…I have a Pandigital tablet (planet model)..it does not have the market app…can I download it? thanks for your help

  • Narutofan1810

    I have got the same one on android 2.1 but now it is gone . Why I can’t download this one
    Plz plz plz plz plz help

  • Ginnymath3

    will this work on kyros tablet

    • Ben Novotny

      I have a Kyr0s and it doesen’t work. *Sadface* 🙁

  • Lemay06

    I Really Want To Download This To My Htc Hd2 Windows Phone But I Have No Clue If It Will Work, Have Any Good Markets I Could Download With Possibly Fruit ninja?  Thanks

  • Galaga

    I have a Motorola ME 525, aka, Motorola Defy, 2.2 running.

    The build is for mainland China, and as a result doesn’t have Android Market app. If I install this, is it going to screw my system up? I don’t wanna invalidate my warranty. And also important, the current ROM I have allows phone call recording, but the Euro and American version doesn’t. I don’t wanna loes this function!

  • Kay Dee Tha Business


  • Dfg


  • how to upgrade version 2.2 my sony x8 plzzz help me

  • Greg4067

    hello, thanks for the link, BUT doesnt work on my coby kyros tablet mid7024 !
    if anyone has a solution it will be appreciated.

  • Taimoor

     i am not able to download anything the app is installed but when i try to download stuff like games and apps it just says android market has stopped working force close