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DROID X ROM: Apex 1.3.0 with Gingerbread by Fabolous

We already gave you a Gingerbread theme for the original Droid, so now it’s time to take care of the Droid X users out there looking for some Android 2.3 loveliness to take them into the weekend.  Fabolous, who’s Apex ROM has always been a top choice, has released version 1.3.0 which is based off of the new 2.3.340 DX update and has pieces of Gingerbread sprinkled all over it.  It’s a mostly-Blurless ROM, but has just enough of the good parts that we love.  Tough to beat this one.

Download:  Apex_1.3.0.zip



1.  YOU HAVE TO BE RUNNING official 2.2.1 (system 2.3.340) (2.3.320 could work too).
2.  Do I need to say it again?  YOU HAVE TO BE RUNNING official 2.2.1.
3.  You obviously have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
4.  You need to have Koush’s Bootstrap Recovery.
5.  Open the DX Bootstrap and “boostrap” the recovery.
6.  When that finishes, “reboot recovery.”
7.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
8.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.
9.  After that choose “wipe data/factory reset” to wipe your phone.

*I was able to come from stock rooted 2.3.340 without having to wipe.

10.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
11.  Then “choose zip from SD card” and find the Apex_1.3.0.zip, select it and hit “yes.”
12.  Your phone will apply the ROM. When it finishes, reboot and enjoy!

Full support thread can be found here.  Donate to Fabolous here.

  • skatenaked911

    before i went through with the sbf to put this on my DX i had a time widget and i cant remember the name of it! it is kind of basic, has the am/pm on left and time on right
    but the cool thing about it was that it looked like it was being reflected in water/mirror under it
    anyone know what im talking about? i cannot remember it and wasn't smart enough to save the apk!

    • Lakerzz

      D-clock widget…

  • CountChocula

    I never thought I would love anything more than Ultimate Droid on my OG DROID, but I love this! Everything is so smooth, it makes me love my DX even more!

  • actually didn't have to wipe data coming from stock 2.2.1

  • BostonB

    He came out with this rom for the droid 2 also… see Rom manager

  • NeoTheOne

    Hey guys, where can I get that wallpaper and that clock widget from?

  • Towelie420

    You guys diggin' the fly-in effects?

    • Anonymous

      No, they’re kind of annoying. You can go to Spare Parts and disable them. The ROM is nearly perfect after that.

  • David

    Why are all my contacts gone in my phonebook now though

    • William

      Hope you saved your contacts to your google account and not your phone, else you are effed 🙁

      • Shane

        You can save your contacts also to your SD card and import them back in after you put the rom on your DX.

  • Jay P

    So you are saying that if im running the following:
    Android ver 2.2.1
    Sys ver is Version.2.3.20.MB810.Verizon.en.US
    Build number is rubiX Focused 1.8.6

    so I can just the steps above and I shall have this ROM flashed pleaz let me know thank you.

    Kellex, Tim, or anyone please answer me i'm lost (no body ever answers me darn it) thank you in advance.

    • Higher_Ground

      You might need to get the latest version of 2.2.1 – if you visit the link in the post to xda it gives some more detailed instructions

      • Jay P

        which link to xda, the link is to droidxforums.

        • Higher_Ground

          HI sorry, you are correct it's droidxforums

  • Atc Bobcat

    When I try to download the zip above it says download unsuccessful. This file type is not supported by this phone. Help!

    • I had this issue with z4root.pkg off the XDA dev forum, I just grabbed it with my computer than moved it to the phone via the USB cable, then used the file explorer to open it.

    • Mosone23

      Go to the market and get astronomical file explorer…its free and has an option in settings to allow “unsupported”downloads in browser.

      • Mosone23

        Ugh….predictive txt. ASTRO file explorer.

        • Anonymous

          Haha. At first i thought you were crazy. I hate the predictive text too. I have said some really stupid things with it.

  • No love for the OG droid today I see :/

  • Samgovol

    Ok, after I do all of this…let's say I want to go back to stock. How do I do that? Thanks, this is my first time rooting and installing custom roms…thanks alot!

    • Higher_Ground

      Also interested in knowing this since it removes some blur

    • Restore the backup that you make in steps 7/8.

      • Samgovol

        When you do that backup, where does it automatically put your backup?? in downloads on sd card?

        • Anonymous

          I think it should be in some kind of folder saying clockwork mod or something like that if thats what you’re using. But it doesn’t really matter because all you have to do is go to nandroid in your recovery and go to restore and it will show all of your backups and you can restore them. It should be dated so you know which one it is.

      • Anonymous

        commented to the wrong person

  • Towelie420

    For the record, the 3.2.320 SBF will work if you have bricked after updating to 3.2.340 !


  • Towelie420

    how long until sbf for 2.3.340 ? lol my X is a brick currently

  • sslayer22

    Right away this rom is fast and smooth and looks great!
    only thing is I hate the ugly orange”vanilla style” selection color(buttons, menus etc.)
    Red is so much better imo!

  • cdmoore74

    Is there a SBF for OTA 2.3.340? I told myself to always have a safety net if I really screw up loading one of these.

  • sslayer22

    RE: “(2.3.320 could work too)”…

    Confirmed! I went straight from Rumm Rx 2.3.320 to this and I just checked my build and it updated to 2.3.340 too. +2!

  • PAKmann2k

    Great rom! Slippery wet transitions and very fluid. Not a huge fan of tabbing app drawers but it is an even trade for the smoothness in tabbing. Lil slower using launcher pro, but not bad. Like the chat windows and the gallery is much better too.

    • Try running this script in terminal emulator:


      Then, back at home, menu, adw settings, scroll down and restart it. That'll load my ADW settings which switch back the app drawer to a list, as well as make scrolling a little smoother.

  • Mykid8yours

    I accidently added Dolphin HD Browser to the menu slot on the dock, now I cannot figure out how to remove it from there so that I may access the applications through that function. help?

    • You can hit menu at home, add, custom shortcut, select activity, choose launcher activities, then open app drawer. Then drag down the shortcut back to the middle hotseat on the bottom.

  • dellbx

    Apex ROMs are by far the best I have tried. Smooth as silk…just Fabolous!!!

  • Dmota25

    How doi can deoderex? 2.2.1 official

    • dellbx

      One Google search for the term Deodex coming up!!!

  • Barlog

    What happened to launcher pro? Its not coming up in the market?

    • If you search for 'Launcherpro' (without the quotes) it comes up. If you do it as 'launcher pro' it won't. At least that's how it was for me just now.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone “like” this please… lol i had same problem

  • Dmota25

    How i can deoderex?

  • kimir

    what is the widget for wifi?

  • Sdabbs02

    I installed the update all good. I previously un-rooted the night before and went back to stock 2.2 the strange thing is whenever I turn off my phone it reboots into Clockwork Mod and from there I have to reboot system in order to start my phone. How do I stop this from happening? anyone know? Thanks

    • You need to install the Bootstrapper app and bootstrap again.

  • Djspikezz

    Can anyone tell me whats soooo great about the recent update?? Second question, is this update + this ROM worth switching and leaving Jrummy's ROM for DX which rocks!

  • Im sorry but how is this gingerbread OS? ApeX + Gingerbread Theme does not equal to Gingerbread.

    Just sayin..

    • Ncusmina21

      just do it, i just did, its simply amazing, the speed is equal to my phone when it was overclocked to 1.3ghz

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Nobody said it was but probably as close as your going to get till it actually drops

  • Txmaninblack

    My phone went blank I checked the numbers I run fission it changed from 2.2 to 2.2.1 but still shows fission build no madden but did I get updated

  • Usbar

    Looks awesome this ROM and i like to donate but i have a question. Could this rom work on the Motorola Motoroi X (Is the Mexican version of the Droid X)? I have Android 2.2 and a System version 3.0.15.MB810.Iusacell.en.MX

    Thanks in advance for your help 😀

    • Paul Suquet

      Has tenigo suerte? Saludos

  • Mike

    Does wiping your phone wipe all your photos and contacts also?

  • Mike

    Does wiping your phone wipe all your photos and contacts also?

  • That Gorilla Glass add up top is annoying as hell. Every time I change pages, it blows up and covers the top part of the content. If I could really smack him in the head with the banana, I would.

  • skatenaked911

    are there any current roms that have either
    1. working blur resizeable widgets
    2. the blur contact widgets that work?

    this is the one thing i really miss from a lot of these roms
    and LP+ just doesnt cut it, the blur widgets always act up in it

  • Higher_Ground

    Thinking about making this my first ROM… if I try without wiping data what would go wrong and how would I fix it? I have titanium backup but have never had to wipe – can you use it to put all the apps back afterwards and how do you go about that?

    • Higher_Ground

      looks like it doesn't have swype and runs off adw.. not sure if it's for me unless you can add swype and run LP+

      • Steve

        i'm running this rom with LP and (came with black themed) swype…It has my DX running the best it ever has…do a nandroid backup and give it a try!

        • Anonymous

          Up and running. Now I just have to find a way to fix the blur widgets

  • Trdracer21

    this rom is nice!!! like it alot what else can you do?

  • Cmanobianco

    how long does the first reboot normally take

    • No

      a while, mine too like 5+++ minutes.


    ApeX 1.3 = Best Droid X Rom <——-
    Donate Donate Donate!!!

    Super FAST


  • Zach Davis

    Loving the ApeX 1.3 so far 😀 no problems at all, running sleek and smooth.

  • Kevin

    Great speed and battery life (9 hours of moderate use and still 60% left). I would recommend to anyone.

  • Ecffighter7232

    Ive been using fabs stuff for a long time and have been running ApeX since 1.2. And ill look no where else. ApeX1.3 is awesome. Way to go fab! Thanks for all your work! Donate!

  • Keithswisher

    The wallpaper is light grid live wallpaper in the market

  • I want that wallpaper. Why aren't the Droid Life Wallpapers being updated in the app. I'll have to ask JRummy…

    • FrenchToast

      Exactly what I was gonna say…

      • that is light grid pro, a lwp available in the market for .99 An awesome lwp that Kellex reviewed a week or so ago.

    • I want the wallpaper too!!

  • Brenda

    It also works on jrummy16

  • Steven58

    I've been using fab's stuff for awhile, now. I find it stable and fast. I overclock to 1.35 ghz with his roms with no problem.

  • Keithswisher

    Fission 2.3.1 overclock 1.4ghz theme gingerbread can't beat that

  • Beegore

    Best rom and theme ever to date. Please bookmark this guy and donate you cheapos!

  • Trdracer21

    HELP— new to root… lets says this rom get an update later how will you update? second will you have to reinstall all your apps?

  • joe

    Looks slick! Why can't it be for the OG Droid 🙁

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Running this Now and it is AWEsome

    • Michaeladamsgators456

      adobe flash wont work? freshly installed off the market, anyone have any answers?

  • Andrew Hewitt

    This is the best ROM ever. Donate.

  • It is a big improvement!!! I had downloaded an app for speeddial that allowed me to type in name from keypad and chose contact from list. I removed that and went with the updated standard one already. Now all they need to get is a modification for the lock screen to unlock to home or missed call or text message like the Fasinate puzzle and it would be sooooo much better functioning as a phone. Still love it anyway!!!!!