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Madden 2011 on Android will Cost $9.99

As readers of this site, you already know that the 2.2.1 update which will be available to all Droid X in the next few days includes the first version of Madden 2011 on Android.  We’re not all that surprised that it will make its debut on the DX since we know that Verizon has a major relationship with the NFL, but we thought you should know a little something about the game itself.  The pre-loaded version that comes with the update is as you may have expected, a demo version and as far as I know, will only let you play a half of football.  If you want to upgrade to the full version though, it’ll cost you $9.99 and will be charged straight to your Verizon bill.  I’m actually a little surprised that it won’t cost you more than $9.99.

I haven’t had a chance to dive into it completely yet, but from what I’ve seen, the game looks pretty stellar.  We’ll hopefully have some video up in the morning for you all to check out.

  • Septimus Prime

    I hope they let us uninstall this garbage. I'm *this* close to going custom ROM to get rid of the bloat.

  • c_hack

    Great. More bloatware we can't get rid of without rooting. And to add insult to injury, the crap won't work unless you fork over $10. Major Fail Verizon

  • Where's the gameplay video? 🙂

  • cizzlen

    It's Madden, and it's finally on Android, the price is out of the equation! Thankfully I snagged the apk from the update.zip that was leaked so I'm enjoying it even without the update.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    The game is not that much fun to play on touch screen. 9.99 is way too much to pay for a game that is only available on a phone. If people buy this more apps will turn to higher prices because they think consumers are willing to pay it.

  • More stinking unwanted unnecessary bloatware sucking up more memory space forced onto your phone when you update. As an extra added bonus…. YOU CAN'T UNINSTALL IT IF YOU DON'T WANT IT.

    Man. Why do they do this asinine crap to their customers? If I want it I'll download it from the android market or Verizon market.

    I want to keep my DroidX factory clean and easily updatable with no conflicts or potentially bricking my phone when applying updates but Verizon is going to actually push me and force me into rooting my DroidX phone and if I go that route, I'm going all the way with the leaked updates, ROM's, everything baby!

    Where the hell is that damned 'true open source' and 'pure experience' that Google android promised? It was a lie! It's a myth!

  • Ferg40

    Guys, its 9.99. Are you kidding me? Sorry to put you out. Wow.

  • dblj

    Geaux Saints!!!!

  • That's entirely too much when it probably won't even play that well.

  • american football? no thanks ill stick to REAL football.

    • 1bad69z28

      Real football? Dude, let me tell you something American Football is the one and only speed,agility, and power with intensity and a warriors mentality. I enjoy world cup Soccer, but let's be real. All of that fake flooping on the field, just to get a yellow card is so dramatic. Great sport but not on the level of the NFL. REAL FOOTBALL REAL SPORT American all the way baby.

      • Irish22022

        I mean… okay you like American Football. But saying “real football” doesn't have to be a slight. American Football was created well after actual football.

        Not to mention you don't actually use your feet in football, and hell, the ball isn't actually even in the shape of a ball. American football is an amalgamation of like 6 different sports, all rolled into one, and designed to be easily accessible to advertiser's and television (hence the game stopping every few minutes).

        • 1bad69z28

          Hey ZUB, last time I checked I think most NFL teams use their feet to either move the ball, kick the ball or to defend against the ball moving towards thier end zone. If it's to complicated then turn on ESPN Monday Night Countdown brother and take a lesson or see what you're missing. Or try Madden 2011

        • 1bad69z28

          Well Irsih I guess if you take a strong look at the uniforms that soccer players in europe wear with all of the advertising on thier Jerseys isn't enough. Please don't get me started with all of the pubs and TV ads in europe as well. Been there and done that. As far as a ball, hey no matter what shape we Americans know that we can score on anyone. Maybe you need to play a little at the college level and get a taste. Thats if your manhood can take the hit. I've played both love soccer but my heart is Red White and Blue Good ol American Football. Oh btw What happened to Ireland in the world cup this year?? I don't think you guys even qualified, maybe next time 🙂

          • cizzlen

            Haha I like your replies brother 🙂

      • yeah a game predominantly played using your hands you guys call “Football”. makes perfect sense. oh and it's not even a ball ffs.

      • Mike

        They're all just games. Race cars or gtfo.

      • MichaelBickers

        >speed,agility, and power with intensity and a warriors mentality.

        I think you are thinking of rugby. El fútbol norteamericano takes too many precautions to warrant being called a “warriors' game.” Do you suppose warriors stop every 10 seconds to regroup?

        • 1bad69z28

          Well Mike let me say first that Rugby has much love and respect in this

          could try. I wish it was more prominent in our country. As far as your

          second point try being a running back in the NFL where every hit is equal to

          a being in a car crash. Where 6'6″ 290 lb lineman are just as fast as your

          running backs. Yeah so taking a 15second break between battles. I can

          warriors probably do need to catch their breath in the heat of battle. Try

          stepping on the field and let me know. Semi pro league in your area?

        • Ice Hockey, they have weapons and fight on ice. lol

  • $10?! I certainly know what I WONT be buying.

  • Michael_NM

    I love Madden, I love football, and I love games, but this won't cost me $4!+, because I hate bloatware and I hate VZ's attempt at skirting the Android Market.

  • Devz

    Charge to my verizon account? Fail.

    Phone is through work, so I can only purchase apps through the Android Market with my google account/credit card.


  • Thats cool and all but football video games should be like actual football meant to stay on the big screen. I love the madden games though they aren't prefect i love the sport but angry birds holds my title for droid gaming.

  • ssjnimmaX

    well i hope its nothing like NFS which charges you a monthly fee of 9.99 per month… -_-

    • kellex

      Supposed to be unlimited usage.

    • Towelie420

      For reals?

    • ndog21

      No it doesnt it charged me once


    Hmmm, if i go to verizon will they flash my phone back to 2.1 so i can upgrade….stuck not rooted at leaked 2.2…the first one still… 🙁 so i can't get this….??

    • If your phone is rooted they wont touch it because its out of warranty and since your not an official 2.2 vzw one they still might tell you the warranty has been voided.

    • No.

  • Think it started at $7.99 on the i*hone, and now it's like $4.99… but yea $9.99 still isn't that bad! Excited to see what it looks like!

  • Nxus1ne

    Pretty good price.

    • kellex

      That's what I thought too.

      • Anonymous

        Me 3 ha