DROID X and Original DROID Updates Both Rolling Out Now? (Updated)

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We’re getting word that updates for both the Droid X and the original Droid are available right now.  The updates will bring each device up to Android 2.2.1 which is the newest Android build available until 2.3 is ready of course.

We got word from many of you that the DX update was available last night around midnight and we’re thinking it may have been taken down.  Not all of you are in the Motorola Feedback Network, but still managed to “pull” the update when it went live for just a short amount of time.  Those tips have now gone silent, so we’re thinking Moto has pulled it until they hear back from their test group.  (Info on the Droid X update.)

The original Droid on the other hand is definitely available, but rolling out in stages to users.  There is no way to force the update and you basically have to sit tight until it hits your device.  We’ll be looking for a manual download link of course so that you can get on FRG83D long before you were supposed to.  (Info on the Droid update.)

Update 8:42AM:  Just rolled my Droid 1 back to FRG22D and the FRG83D update started downloading immediately after turning on my wi-fi.  The update is live people!

Update 9:19AM:  We’re hearing a couple of stories with regard to the Droid X update.  It was only live last night for a few hours to go out to the test group, so for those of you in the comments throwing a huge fit about not getting it, you can chill out now.  As far as the update goes though, some are reporting issues with the installation, so you should be glad it only went to a test group initially.

Let us know, are you receiving updates?  Pulling them on your Droid X?  Is Madden included?

Cheers Jorgr and everyone else!



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