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Logitech Harmony Remote App Released to Control Your Logitech Revue

The Logitech Revue (Google TV) starting shipping to customers yesterday at the same time the Harmony remote app landed on the Android market.  So if you are expecting your Google TV box from Logitech to arrive in the coming days, then you need to grab this app immediately.  Who doesn’t want the ability to turn their Android phone into a fully-featured remote for an HD TV?  This is your ticket.

Free in the market.

Oh, and we’ll have our Sony Internet Blu-ray review up hopefully some time next week.

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Cheers Droid Life app tipster!

  • The Google Review remote app works pretty well. There are a few things I like best are that I didn’t have to buy an IR dongle for my iPhone and I can operate my DISH Network employee DVR with my iPhone since it works through the internet and my Google is linked with my receiver.

  • Oh, great news!

  • Oh, great news!

  • Oh, great news!

  • This is a great blog posting and very useful, well Think of it as Android OS for your TV. Unless you are satisfied with choppy P2P feeds off of illegal websites that is… I really appreciate the research you put into it

  • Coathanger Abortion

    I just want a remote app for my direct tv box…that would be epically cool

  • I really love the idea behind Google TV and I would love to get one of these Revue boxes, but unfortunately there are 2 things preventing me from getting it right now.

    1) No cable.
    2) No money (which is also the reason for number 1)

    Maybe I can save up enough to get cable for a few months and then get one of these for Christmas 🙂

  • Scott in MA

    I have a Harmony One remote. I thought it would be cool to control my gear with my Droid X, but apparently this app does not work like that.

  • r0landct

    How about a pay app that doesn't require a revue. I have a harmoney remote now and love it, would even be willing to pay for the app for when my kids hide the remote. This is just a tease.

  • digitalicecream

    I'm waiting for Google TV for Windows Media Center PC's. So I can turn my already googleTV killer rig into a google HTPC monster.

  • Wonder if since all logitech remotes can be used to control an xbox 360 if this could work for that as well??

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I think not, when I start the app it jumps on your wifi and looks for connected Revue boxes only it seems

    • digitalicecream

      Consider that the remote is Harmony based, it should. Google/Logitech would know that you're probably using the xbox or ps to stream video (bluray movies from your ps3 or DVD's from your xbox) I can't imagine those media center boxes would be overlooked. By the way, my Harmony remote controls my entire setup including 360, Wii, Roku, HTPC, Denon, Sirius Satellite Stiletto and Philips TV…

      Although, I have to qualify this statement in saying “once you get your review”. you dont have IR on your phone anyway so this wont make your phone become a TV remote.

    • EC8CH

      I'm pretty sure this app requires the Revue box to act as a bridge between the app on the phone and the components you are trying to control. The phone talks to the Revue box over Wifi and the components are controlled through IR blasters from the box.

  • whatever happened to Comcast's app for android where you can control your DVR?

    • I actually just got Comcast the other day and asked the technician about that. (He had a droidx lol). He said it is on its way! For now…if you go to m.Comcast.net on your phone there is an option to do it there!

  • Can you use this remote for your devices even if you don't have the Revue??

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I think not, when I start the app it jumps on my wifi and looks for connected Revue boxes only

  • Do you think this can replace cable?

    • pezjono

      No, GoogleTV will not be broadcasting any TV Channels of any kind. This basically brings Streaming and browsing funtionality to your TV. Think of it as Android OS for your TV. Unless you are satisfied with choppy P2P feeds off of illegal websites that is…

      • kellex

        Pezjono is exactly right.

        • Thanks for the clarity @Pezjono
          @Kellex thanks for replying! You are doing a great job! Love DL a lot, rooted my D1 through info on DL 🙂

  • Downloading!

  • EC8CH

    Here's hoping Google TV takes off and drags television into the 21 century.

    • Mth2134

      On my Chicago sports radio station there are advertisements and even a cnet tech minute that are pimping it. So I think u r correct. It will be the future.

  • Nex

    What are the chances Sony's TV and bluray player will have apps for phone?

    • Collin

      Sony has had a blu-ray player app for a while now.

      • Nex

        Just found it thanks