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928DROID Releases Easy Deodox/Odex Method for DROIDX

We featured 928Droid a couple of weeks ago as one of the first full-on Droid X themes and over the weekend they released something that might be even more significant.  Been confused by all of this deodex/odex talk lately?   You really just need to understand one thing:  if you want to apply a custom theme to your phone, your phone needs to be deodexed and the 928Droid crew just made this process as simple as an update.zip.

We now have a file which will take your phone from stock rooted 2.2 Droid X, and turn it to themed deodexed rooted Droid X.

Download:  DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME.zip

And in even better news, we also now have files which will take your themed deodexed phone and return it back to stock rooted odexed or even stock rooted deodexed so that you can apply other themes (Like Invertnito!).  Happy?  You should be!


If you would like to deodex your phone and have it themed, then download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.

1.  You need to be rooted.
2.  You need to have run Koush’s Droid X Bootstrap.
3.  You need to have the DeOdexEERR.zip file on your SD card.
4.  Open Koush’s DX Bootstrap and boostrap the recovery before rebooting to it.
5.  From there, go into “backup / restore” and create a backup.
6.  Then choose “install zip from sd card.”
7.  Choose “select zip to install” and find the DeOdexEERR.zip.
8.  Say “yes” and your phone will deodex and apply the 928Droid theme.
9.  Enjoy!

To grab additional files including the “return to stock” .zips, hit up the 928Droid site.

  • Its was great, now have a file which will take your phone from stock rooted 2.2 Droid X, and turn it to themed deodexed rooted Droid X.Thanks for sharing with us…

  • Jholguin25

    Best Theme by far. You guys did an amazing job on this one, keep it going!

  • beyourself88

    If i install this rom and in the future decide to run a new ROM will i still be deodexed after the installation of the new ROM?

  • Acastillo5870

    if you install this and decide later on to put another rom on your phone will the phone stay deodexed?

  • Catalystx13

    This is probably a stupid question but can you delete the .zip file off the SDcard after the install is done and successful?

  • Balticzar

    OK, help please. I put the DeOdexEER.zip file on the root of the SD card and all goes swimingly until I have to find the blasted thing at the “select zip to install” step. It doesn't show up. Do I have to unzip prior to installing on the SD card? I can see the file when I'm in USB mode looking at the cards files but it doesn't show up in Recovery. What gives? Thanks guys.

    • Its there… scroll down. It doesn't fit on the page

  • Is there a way to safely just deodex your droid x without putting this theme on and applying a different theme.

  • Yupifroy

    OMG This was so easy. I could have done it with my eyes close but decided not to. haha Thanks so much I liike it alot. Everything still intact and the only thing is that I want to remove ur name off my homescreen. Sorry anyway we can put something else in there? like our own Nickname. this was the easies hack i have found after several days reading trough forums

  • Greasymuttonchops

    Question for ya 928… After DeOdex and put your theme on, the Pandora app is not able to update or unable to uninstall. Have you heard this bug? and how I fix.