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928DROID Releases Easy Deodox/Odex Method for DROIDX

We featured 928Droid a couple of weeks ago as one of the first full-on Droid X themes and over the weekend they released something that might be even more significant.  Been confused by all of this deodex/odex talk lately?   You really just need to understand one thing:  if you want to apply a custom theme to your phone, your phone needs to be deodexed and the 928Droid crew just made this process as simple as an update.zip.

We now have a file which will take your phone from stock rooted 2.2 Droid X, and turn it to themed deodexed rooted Droid X.

Download:  DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME.zip

And in even better news, we also now have files which will take your themed deodexed phone and return it back to stock rooted odexed or even stock rooted deodexed so that you can apply other themes (Like Invertnito!).  Happy?  You should be!


If you would like to deodex your phone and have it themed, then download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.

1.  You need to be rooted.
2.  You need to have run Koush’s Droid X Bootstrap.
3.  You need to have the DeOdexEERR.zip file on your SD card.
4.  Open Koush’s DX Bootstrap and boostrap the recovery before rebooting to it.
5.  From there, go into “backup / restore” and create a backup.
6.  Then choose “install zip from sd card.”
7.  Choose “select zip to install” and find the DeOdexEERR.zip.
8.  Say “yes” and your phone will deodex and apply the 928Droid theme.
9.  Enjoy!

To grab additional files including the “return to stock” .zips, hit up the 928Droid site.

  • Its was great, now have a file which will take your phone from stock rooted 2.2 Droid X, and turn it to themed deodexed rooted Droid X.Thanks for sharing with us…

  • Jholguin25

    Best Theme by far. You guys did an amazing job on this one, keep it going!

  • beyourself88

    If i install this rom and in the future decide to run a new ROM will i still be deodexed after the installation of the new ROM?

  • Acastillo5870

    if you install this and decide later on to put another rom on your phone will the phone stay deodexed?

  • Catalystx13

    This is probably a stupid question but can you delete the .zip file off the SDcard after the install is done and successful?

  • Balticzar

    OK, help please. I put the DeOdexEER.zip file on the root of the SD card and all goes swimingly until I have to find the blasted thing at the “select zip to install” step. It doesn't show up. Do I have to unzip prior to installing on the SD card? I can see the file when I'm in USB mode looking at the cards files but it doesn't show up in Recovery. What gives? Thanks guys.

    • Its there… scroll down. It doesn't fit on the page

  • Is there a way to safely just deodex your droid x without putting this theme on and applying a different theme.

  • Yupifroy

    OMG This was so easy. I could have done it with my eyes close but decided not to. haha Thanks so much I liike it alot. Everything still intact and the only thing is that I want to remove ur name off my homescreen. Sorry anyway we can put something else in there? like our own Nickname. this was the easies hack i have found after several days reading trough forums

  • Greasymuttonchops

    Question for ya 928… After DeOdex and put your theme on, the Pandora app is not able to update or unable to uninstall. Have you heard this bug? and how I fix.

  • Greasymuttonchops

    Question 928. After the deo process I cant get pandora to update. And how do I get rid of the adw launcher as well?

  • stanger

    this didn't work for me. it got stuck on the red eye on boot after i installed the zip. anyone know what i did wrong?

  • Thatstony

    Excuse me 928Droid, I downloaded The DeOdexEERR.zip file on my computer. then drag and dropped it on my phone.

    Now what? Because I do not clearly understand steps 4 and 5.

  • i need help with this…when i choose “yes” it just stays in the screen that says “installing update” it doesnt install and i have to do a battery pull to be able to do anything… whats going on?

  • iammebane

    just rooted my dx, and it was a lot easier than i thought!!!! and when i thought i knew what i was doing this deodex thing slaps me in the face… i know i need it for themes but i cant figure out how what i should look for the phone to do. does it take it to that recovery screeen like on the D1?? also i hit the link but nothing comes up… should i get it from the market, and once i do is it the same as what is described earlier. this part is a little nerveracking… thanks everyone

  • pitchblack86

    after installing this morning, it deodexed my phone no problem. unfortunately i'm not to keen on a few of the things in black glass. so i used back to stock deodexed…but it doesnt leave the phone deodexed…it still has odex files in system/app. cant figure this out. i think i want to run Revolution theme, but cant get my phone to deodex. droid x 2.2 ota rooted

  • Teagadinho

    cant download to my phone!!!!!!! WHY?

  • pitchblack86

    thank you 928Droid. everything worked great. 2.2ota running your theme. very nice and finally deodexed(couldnt manually do it thru xUltimate)

  • J Folk53

    Have 2 questions, 1. Do I just drop the win-zip file on to my sdcard without creating a sub-folder?? 2. What is the difference between the deodex and odex versions of BGX 2.2???

    I appreciate it Thanks for making my X more enjoyable. After I do this I promise I will donate Generously!!!

    You can email me @ [email protected] or I will keep checking back.

    Again TY!!!!!

  • Brantley

    Hey 928droid, I downloaded ( to my computer) the odexed back to stock theme for my droid x (2.3.13). How do I get this on the sd card?….I unziped it then copied it straight to my sd card. I then used bootstraped to boot into recovery and searched for the update.zip file and found 2 folders ( META-INF & System) I tried both folders and it neither worked…What do I need to do? Thanks in advance!

    • Brantley

      Nevermind. I figured this out. For some reason when I downloaded the Droid X Back To Stock (odex).zip file from the 928droid.com website it wouldn't let me save to my computer so I had to unzip the file first because when it wouldn't let me move it to the SD card before unzipping it. So I fount the mirror of the same file here in these posts and used it. It worked Flawlessly!!! Thanks again 928droid!!!

  • Chase


  • Ninguy123

    ok i have a rooted ota 2.2 droid x with bootstrap this will work and not brick my phone?

  • Trongable

    Hey 928Droid, got a few questions for ya: Can I use the back to stock deodex zip to plain deodex my phone without applying the theme first?

    Does this wipe my phone? I have a bunch of backups but it'd help if I knew ahead of time that I'd have to setup everything again.

    I know that manually deodexing required a system wipe.

    • “Can I use the back to stock deodex zip to plain deodex my phone without applying the theme first?”

      No, it doesn't remove all the odex files and one pesky jar file needed for proper DeOdexing..

      You can do that in 2 steps,, run the DeoDexEERR, then run the Back to Stock DeOdexed version to remove my Theme, then you will have Stock DeOdexed.

      “Does this wipe my phone? ”

      NOPE, it is a precision “surgical strike:”…will not affect anything else.

      “I know that manually deodexing required a system wipe”.

      Not in my experience, and certainly not with my DeOdexEERR or any other Update Zips of mine.

      • Trongable

        Puahaha, thanks! I got it up and running, expect a donation soon 😉

  • Shootu

    ok humm leaked 2.2 root followed all steps, rebooted..goes through droid melt, then eye…then it starts looping with the droid melt again? any ideas? restored back to my 2.2 ?
    Man i really want this to work?

    • If you were on the oldest 2.2 leak you might have to do a Data Reset (Data Wipe)

      • Shootu

        FIY..after i went to the stock 2.1, wiped data, I could not get my phone to activate, Called VZ …then tried to do a manual act….Blue triangle by the 3G..would not update (grayed out) to 2.2, VZ had no Idea. Did a privacy wipe all data, through settings menu..blue triangle went away, updated to 2.2

        • I always recommend a Date Reset (privacy wipe) when going back to 2.1 via SBF (from leaks only NOT after OTA 2.2, makes a purdy black brick).. I've done it about 20 times and when I didn't do a Data Reset I usually had “Animation loops”..until I rebooted. That is the phone telling you it is not happy.

          In almost a year of working with Droids, I have learned it is best to do a Data Reset with any major update, especially one like going from 2.1 to 2.2…it “cleans” the phone and makes every thing nice and fresh…and you enjoy a smoother faster happier phone.

          • Hoppie2828

            Just so I'm clear..cuz I'm getting the boot loop too when I tried to install (had to go back to my leaked 2.2)..If I do a data wipe, I lose ALL my info, apps, etc?? How do I get them back then? redownlaod it all or have a Titanium backup or something?? Thanks!

  • Shootu

    will this work for the 2.2 leaked rooted DX?

    • Yes, all 2.2 versions for the DX

      • Shootu

        woohoo…DeOdex makes my Dx complete….

      • Shootu

        wow my dx is just loopin the droid melt logo over and over? humm any ideas

  • Shamrockin

    wow…this was amazingly easy to do and looks very sexy to boot.

    Also noteworthy, the bootstrapper app does cost $2 USD to get on the market. 250% worth it IMO.

    And also, the LP icon pack comes in really handy when trying to customize even further. Well put together, 928Droid! Kudos.

  • Kdkinc

    Took me 3 minutes on the mirror to download.
    WHY the hell didn't the DroidX come out this way this is just BEAUTIFUL (in a manly way) lol

  • SunnyD

    Does this work on the leaked 2.2?

  • Jkizziar1

    928 what is up with ur site i cant pull any of the files it says service unavailable, i need the droid x black glass de odexed please

    • BD

      Scroll through the comments, everybody trying to get the file at the same time took his website down. He posted some mirrors to the files in these comments about 1.5 – 2 hours ago.

  • Kdkinc

    Ran great !!!
    I've been holding back since July , glad I did !!
    This theme looks great with the red & black theme I kind of pieced together with LauncherPro +.

    I will make good ($) later this week
    Thank You

    • FYI, if you check your SD sard in the 928Droid folder you will find an update.zip that will install the matching Back Glass X Themed ADW Launcher v1.1.5 🙂

      • Shootu

        how do you run this patch?

        • Just like any Update/Theme/Rom zip in Clockwork Recovery

  • I keep getting the same error when trying to apply the update from sd card. I am rooted with 2.2 OTA with Koush's bootstrap installed. this is what it says when i try to install the update:

    ” — Installing: SDCARD:download/928DroidBlackGlassX=DroidX-OTA2315-De0dexEERR-THEME.zip
    Finding update package…
    E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0 (or /dev/block/mmcblk0p1)
    (Device or resource busy)

    Phone is not plugged in to anything. Anyone have any ideas or have run into the same problem?

    • If anyone else has the same problem, I deleted the bootstrap, re-downloaded from Koush's website and reinstalled, applied the bootstrap, rebooted into recovery, ran the zip and worked!

  • Jkizziar1

    it does not work cannot open

  • quiklives

    I haven't tried anything beyond rooting before today, but I downloaded the bootstrap and this, and it worked on the first try flawlessly. I love the black transparent notification shade!

    I felt very nervous because it took the phone a couple of minutes to boot back up, but it did eventually and it was fine!

  • Jl92880

    Thanks to all the Modders/Hackers!
    Rooted/Deodexed/928Droid BGX 2.3
    It's Pimmmmmmmmmmmp!
    and running

  • 928Droid BACK TO STOCK for Droid X OTA 2.3.15 ODEXED version

    DOWNLOAD MIRROR : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?m2rdo1f6cs1j8ge

  • Les

    Will this work on the Droid 2 and if not when will the Droid 2 get some love. I had the original Droid and rooted it and constantly was changing themes every time something new came along and enjoyed having a new look every time I choose to. Upgraded to the Droid 2 and sure do miss the themes and the rooting, Already sold my Droid 1, wish I still had it. I know I can root my Droid 2 but there is no SBF file available, basically no security blanket, if I need to go back to pure factory stock and I sure did like that option with the Droid 1 and wish it would be available for the Droid 2. From what I understand basically the DX & D2 are the same phones except for screen size and keyboards and a few other minor differences.

    • NO will NOT work on Droid 2…BUT there will be a DeOdexEERR and Both versions of my Back To Stock updates zips for the DROID 2 by next week (if not sooner) 🙂

      BTW, pretty there is an SBF for the D2.

  • 928Droid BACK TO STOCK for Droid X OTA 2.3.15 DEODEXED –

    DOWNLOAD MIRROR : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wc6lzmxyp7704w7

    • Brife

      Thank you!

  • 928Droid Black Glass X DeOdexEERR for Droid X DOWNLOAD MIRROR:


    More to come as they finish uploading……

    • Cheshirecat79

      muuuuch better, 6 minute download.

    • quiklives

      Just wanted to say thank you for this. Love the icons and the notification bar, and tht the process went so smoothly.

    • Tuna

      I had Stock 2.2 for the Droid X, rooted. Installed Black Glass X DeOdexEERR ! and now my battery manager force closes when I try to click on it.

      So I restored my backup, and now it is still force closing…. Ideas???

      • I answered this for you where you posted in my Droid Forums Thread, check there.

      • Mrkylelove

        same problem here tuna

  • ajbattaglia83

    Todays date is 9 28 lol

    • Tkilla666


  • Uploading mirrors now… will post links as each one uploads..

    Sorry about that,first time site has crashed….you guys are brutal , ha, ha !

    • RanballX

      LOL… took over 3 hours to get this.

    • Cheshirecat79


    • Thanks 928Droid my dl keeps crashing

  • timarnette

    We need Easy Root for Droid X. Is that going to happen soon.

    • there is a easy root already for it

      • Anonymous

        Seem kinda confusing. Maybe you can help me out? I really do not want to break my X. Thanks

    • TranceDroid

      there is already a 1 clikc root available. Look for it on droxforums.com

      • TranceDroid

        droidxforums.com Sorry

  • thejup1t3r

    I'm getting 9.2 kbps from 928droid's site. I think we're crushing their servers.

  • Smooth

    I appreciate all of this but what kind of Server is this (DeOdexEERR-THEME.zip) on, I have a 3 hour download time, when normally something about this size 80 mb would be done in about 30 – 60 seconds. Does anyone have this on a faster site yet.

  • Tkilla666

    Yeah its pretty much taking 15000 years haha. Patience

  • Cheshirecat79

    Looks like the 928droid site is down

  • That was a in TEST Theme that was posted temporaily…, is not issue in any current release versions.

    BTW, do you have Droid 2 or Droid X?

  • Is it just me or does this file seem to take for ever to download. Says it will take almost 3 hours I've tried everything

    • BD

      Yeah, I'm having trouble downloading as well. Maybe 928Droid.com just got overflowed with traffic after this blog post.

      • Yes, looks like you guys crashed it temporarily… I use Network Solutions for hosting so it should be back up quickly, they are good about that, If not I will start uploading mirrors.

        First time this has happned…shows the power of Droid-Life , thanks again to everyone at DL!!

  • Jl92880

    I just started to Deodex my X. Manually, got to step 3 and stopped. Deleted the guava.odex file. Now downloading this. Gonna try it. The first time I did manual got the nice stuck on M screen.
    So……..we'll see.
    Rom Manager
    THB SBF.

  • Tuna


  • Smooth

    Thanks, cause the X is so Damn fast all I really want is Themes, but this past weekend with all this Deodox talk at times, made me think I needed to Detox in order to understand…

  • Tkilla666

    Content not supported on this phone? Fix?

    • Tkilla666

      Nevermind. Fixed it.

      • sheist

        Howd you fix this? Im having the same problem.

        • Tkilla666

          I went to astro then preferences and you have to select something about downloading programs from browser

          • sheist

            Worked perfectly, thanks!

          • Tkilla666

            No problem! I'm glad it worked!

        • Tkilla666

          Let me know if that worked

  • Tkilla666

    It keeps saying down load unsuccessful?

  • ajbattaglia83

    I would love to install this but since I downloaded the new ota I can't figure out how to root this thing I tried for hours last night couldn't get it to work altought I don't really know what im doing when it ncomes to the android sdk…

  • strikeir13

    Would it be possible to use the “return to stock” zip on a rooted, non-official 2.2? If so, does it have to be the 2.3.15 version or would it work with 2.3.9 (or 2.3.13 for that matter)? I'm very interested in this, as i have been looking for a way to remove a theme without using a nandroid backup.

    • My Back to Stock Update Zips will work also with 2.3.9 or 2.3.13. Be sure to select the correct one for what you want to accomplish.

      The Deodexed Back to Stock is perfect for removing any Theme on your DeOdexed ROM, yes, even mine 🙁 Ha, Ha,,,, It includes ALL files in the system/app and system/Framework folders and will put you back to 100% DeoDexed OTA 2.3.15.

      The Odexed Back to Stock is sort of a Miracle worker… It will put you back to 100% perfect Odexed OTA 2.3.15 just like you had recieved the OTA update. This is PERFECT for getting back to PURE STOCK so you can recieve the next OTA update from Motorola if you desire…. No muss, no fuss.

      OH, and both include the stock build.prop files too, and yes all bloatware too, because without those an OTA update will fail.

      OH, OH, neither the Back to Stock Update Zips OR the DeodexEERR will affect your current Root/Busybox, I purposely made sure that is left intack do matter how/where you have it done (xbin or bin).

      Also want to give a special thanks to my beautiful wife for typing out the almost 200 lines of code in the DeOdexEERR so I could exactly and precisely target only the files I wanted to “effect” without touching anything else! Thanks Sweetie!!

      FYI, all of these and my “standalone” DeOdexed and Odexed OTA2315 BGX Themes are made 100% from the Official OTA downloaded 2.3.15 files.


      • You are the definition of awesome

        • strikeir13

          Yeah. Seriously. This should be posted everywhere because of its awesome usefulness.

      • Chrisss

        Okay, so just to COMPLETELY VERIFY, with the “Deodexed Back to Stock” file, I could go from 2.3.9 rooted, to the OTA 2.3.15 DEODEXDED ?!?! If this is what you are saying, then I love you! (In a completely manly, droid-life type of way) lol

        • NO, this will NOT bring you up to the FULL OTA 2.3.15….only the OTA update can do that, nothing else that currently exists for us mortals can.

          It will update your 2.3.9 system/apps and system/framework files to 2.3.15 versions, nothing more.

  • Tbogaert22

    Is the conatct shortcut fixed? I installed this ROM last week and the conatct shortcut on home screen would not work.. Love the theme but need that shortcut to work…

    • That was a in TEST Theme that was posted temporaily…, is not issue in any current release versions.

      BTW, do you have Droid 2 or Droid X?

  • antintyty

    i used the Odexed version…i used the deodexed one first but it seemed a bit slow, but when i put the odexed one on there it went into hyperdrive mode!!!

    any ideas or suggestions?

    • Typically when you go from Odexed to DeoDexed (or anything that changes the framework area) you need to let the system “settle” as your Dalvik is being “rearranged” with the new changes. The DeoDexed version has a much smaller footprint in the system area and will be faster, at least in my experiance.

      Also my new Themes (OTA2315) have been extensively optimized and compressed and save up to 15mb in the system area over previous versions, including “r2b” that was previously featured here on Droid-Life (thanks agian guys).

      • thirdeye7

        Hey 928-

        Just installed…so far so good. I’m gonna give it a couple days and donate if all continues to go well. I just have a couple questions:

        1. On my notification bar, I have quick settings and weatherbug elite. Both display in black, so I can’t see either of them on this theme. Is there anything I can do?

        2. Can I manually change other widgets to be themed in black (like you did with moto news widget and others)? For example, I use BuzzDeck and Android Central widgets….would love for them to match this theme.

        Thanks for your time.

  • Is theming safe on rooted 2.2 OTA yet? As far as I know there is no SBF to fix your DX if you get a bad theme file. Is this a realistic problem or will having Koush's bootstrap (and a backup) fix these issues?

    I've rooted the 2.2 OTA (very, very easy), but am holding off doing some stuff till there is a way to “go back to stock”.

    • Mrpicolas

      The partail sbf released will fix theme problems as the theme is in the system itself

      • Make sure to Deodex and you can theme no problem. Kellex has the 2.2 OTA and themed right now. I did the invernito to my 2.2 OTA yesterday as well. And again any issues you have a backup

  • Fourth!!!

    • You sir….never cease to amaze…lol

  • is there no like one click process for 2.2 yet? Universal Androot wont work? or Easy Root? or DroidMod? or anythign?

    the reason i ask, is i no longer have access to a windows computer anymore…since the wife decided to fry her laptops hard drive *grumble*

    • kellex

      Nothing yet. There's a semi-1 click method but you have to have adb and the SDK installed.

  • Still too scared to root my DX

    • I was scared too, then I rooted my DX, my bro in laws D1, and my baby sisters D1 last night to give her sapphire and incognito. Hers was the only one that gave me issues. Which is weird since it was originally mines.

    • Anonymous

      Me to

    • I rooted mines its not super hard. I'm alil hesitant on doing the whole bootstrap thing but I will probally do it sooner or later.

      • antintyty

        you shouldn't feel scared to do the bootstrapper, all you have to do is do a backup first then you can always revert back to it if need be….

    • Michael_NM

      Don't feel bad, I'm the biggest yellow belly around when it comes to rooting. I still haven't rooted my original Droid, much less my X.

    • Drdisco69

      I rooted mine as well on 2.2, it took some tinkering but the attempts that didn't succeed didn't hurt it at all.

    • Don't be scrrred 😛

      • Michael_NM

        Tato: no joke here. I'll send you my original Droid to root, ROM and return… There could be a cash reward involved as well…

        • If you’re serious….I could do that. And you wouldn’t have to pay lol
          Just pay for shipping it to me and for me to ship it back. Are you sure you would want to do that though? lol I could just walk you through it over the phone even! lol You know we have countless tutorials on it 😛

          • Anonymous

            I’ve read and re-read the tutorials, and I’ve tried a number of times. However, Murphy’s Law always prevails. At the point, it’s probably more of a mental thing. Let’s do this!

    • dude its easy to root it you can always unroot it. and if u do brick the phone there is a way to unbrick it so no matter what ur safe feel me try it man