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DROID X Android 2.2 Update is Ready, According to Verizon

The Verizon support page for the Droid X has now been updated to show that Android 2.2 is finally ready for launch.  Wait, didn’t we just say yesterday that it would be coming on Wednesday?  Yes, yes we did.  I’d say right now that 9/22 looks pretty likely at this point.  

The update will take everyone to version 2.3.15 and will be approximately 67.6MB.  Froyo is here people!

Remember that Blur allows you to “pull” updates, so it’s time to start trying.  Go into Settings>About>System Updates and see if you are able to  grab it way ahead of schedule!

Dedicated 2.2 Droid X forum thread has been created!

Cheers Mike!

  • I am thankful for such a great post with many new things to learn,well just posted the following on Moto Owners Forum. Its just a link to the Verizon rollout page that Droid Life posted already, Thanks for sharing this .That's very interesting.

  • Does that line just bug the hell out of anyone else besides myself?? I'm excited to get the update but have a small feeling someting is going to ruin this to good to be true moment. I sure hope not though…

  • Debbie

    Very happy.I thank you, my phone thanks you, and Jake thanks you…….:-)

  • sangseong

    My phone got stuck at Moto logo after update (from rooted 2.1). With Battery pull and factory reset, no luck. Verizon is sending me 5th DX overnight for me. How unlucky I am with DX…

  • Tafi45


    but how about us who r using s galaxy s..??


  • Murph

    just loaded for me, actually says it's 2.3.15

  • Lance West

    Have just completed download…am unable to input Text or e/Mail with Touch Input. Am receiving error message as follows:

    Sorry The application Touch Input(process.com.htc.android.htcime)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Button at bottom of message to Force Close Nothing happens. Verizon does not have answer, Advised to wait until Motorola opensx for business.

  • Ssrudy

    11:30 PM MST – got it!!

  • Zanderandjosh

    Downloading update now. Just manually pulled it at midnight.


  • Straitkd

    Its up! 12:08 here in Ohio!

  • Mille436

    It's here! It's 12:05 am in Indiana and it just popped up saying update was available!

  • Noway

    You will not be able to update until tommorow @ 12….im sure of it….and that's p.m…..

  • Jbb

    I just got confirmation from Verizon Tech Support that the update will be rolled out in stages starting 9/22/10 at 12:00 noon. I had called them pretending I didn't understand their support page and how to update manually , and they said that it doesn't matter because it won't be released until tomorrow anyway.

  • Chris5267

    Ok Im not sure that this is true but I really hope it is. here is a link saying when the updates are available and if it was ready it should say but it does not. So Im keeping my fingers crossed.


  • Stinky

    Someone farted in my pants!

  • Some Guy

    …and on September 23rd, Google will be announcing the release of Android 3.0

  • Some Guy

    that's been there since sometime last week.


  • OneManCold

    According to the website USA.gov, the first day of Fall (Autumn) is Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 11:09 PM ET.

  • Chris5267

    how do we actually know that it is tomorrow, where is the source coming from. I saw the pdf but I also saw no date. Im just curious where the information coming from saying it will be tomorrow. I really do hope it is tomorrow, I just do not want to get my hopes up for nothing.

  • guess what i ma do right after i get the update!?
    go on flash websites? NO!!!
    BENCHmark this bitch! hell yea! altho its not that accurate :/

  • F150Fan

    Come on Verizon and Moto! Please let this happen tonight! My X runs great on Eclair but Froyo would be a great treat for when I get off work tonight!

    • NKTizzle

      Not going to happen tonight.

  • NKTizzle

    It will not be available on the servers until 12PM EST on the 22nd. There's no point trying before then.

    • Jd

      how do you know?

      • NKTizzle

        I would tell you but then, well, you know…

        • Jd

          it would be really funny if you were matt. still helping us even though so many people on here have needlessly attacked you…

          • NKTizzle

            I am not Matt 😉

          • Jd

            that is so matt

  • Romma1

    Hooray for all of you X'ers!

  • it has been stuck on “checking for available update” for about an hour as I watch the little circle go round and round. and round and round and round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and round

  • Finally. I've been waiting on this for a month now when my Droid got the update.


  • Inramana

    At California here and the check for update stopped working- Lol.. I guess people must be checking quite desperately. 🙂

    • Puffy98

      yes..the check for update is working..im in OC. im checking once an hour.

  • Wizardplayer2000

    That sucks, no mention of improving the speaker volume on the X …. 🙁

    • RanballX

      That would be a bug fix. Not a new enhancement. I'm sure the bug list fix is long and forthcoming.

    • Axroblesjr

      I was wondering too if there would be a fix for our speakers

    • Jd

      Motorola has confirmed that the speaker volume has been fixed

  • Yeah…'bout bloody time! Awesome! Looking forward to this update, finally!

  • Magnet1200

    Does this also boost the noise like the music and stuff?

  • Will

    Im going crazy over here. I finally ordered my Droid X on Saturday and it will be here by tommorrow according to the Fedex tracker. Open my Droid X and be able to update to 2.2 on the same day? That would be a early christmas present.

  • Rain_king46

    Matt just posted the following on Moto Owners Forum. Its just a link to the Verizon rollout page that Droid Life posted already:

    Verizon has posted release notes for the Droid X upgrade to Android. If you want a little preview, you can check them out here.

    I know we are very late into summer, but we are still on track for a summer launch of Android 2.2 for Droid X.

  • Robersns

    As of 15 min ago Matt at Motorola posted this nugget https://supportforums.motorola.com/message/239459#239459

    Come on Motorola! Find someone there that gives consumers updates before everyone else k knows s about it already.

    Does anyone know the Vegas odds of 2.2 before midnight tonight m?

  • Wtsamatta

    system updates says that I'm up to date still :<

  • Edjm711

    Chances are you'll have to flash back. Plenty of threads on how to do that. But really of you've come this far you would be better off rooting. The exact version of 2.2 that verizon is sending ota is already available, has been for a week

  • Mendobendo

    I upgraded to 2.2 a while ago, how do I go back to 2.1 so I can get this OTA update from VW?

  • jmwinters

    I have been Emailing VZW off and on for weeks on updates for the 2.2 update, they usually just pass it off as not avaliable yet.

    Today i got a response of: “Please note: I would recommend checking one of the below two options within the next couple of days beginning tomorrow (September 22, 2010)”

    Looks legit.

  • Bobjones

    Anyone foresee an issue with updating if we are already rooted?

  • Usaircorps

    Spoke to Verizon Tech support and they said 1st rollout is Sept 29 nad next is Oct 5

  • herkulease

    Motorola sure took there “late summer” date pretty seriously. wednesday is the 1st day of a fall. Can't be more of late summer than that.

  • Britboy3000


  • Edjm711

    This version of 2.2 has been available from mydroidworld since last week. For those that are rooted.

  • Jimmyjive3

    Won't let me select system updates for some reason, tried a reboot and still nothing.
    Droid X 2.2

    • rals

      1. You are on leaked version
      2. It hasn't rolled out the update.

      You need to unroot to get the update.

  • Worm4603

    Didn't of our droid lifers report he was told it would start today. I think that person deserves some props.

  • Droider

    The 2.2 update will be released on 9-22 at 2:22am

    • lakerzz

      And 22 seconds of course…

  • RanballX

    So will I have to unroot my phone to get the update even though all the bloatware is still there?

  • Baldypal

    No go for me. Can't pull it yet.

  • Tomkoger36

    Will voice actions be installable on said awesome device which shall not be named with said firmware?

  • Laid Baqq

    Why are ppl mad when the OTA update isnt until tomorrow?… today is the 21st….. everyone is saying it's coming out on the 22nd… and ppl are still trying to pull the update today then getting mad about it? WTF? lol.. if u try to pull the update tomorrow then i can understand getting mad but damn wait one more day! LOL