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DROID X Android 2.2 Update is Ready, According to Verizon

The Verizon support page for the Droid X has now been updated to show that Android 2.2 is finally ready for launch.  Wait, didn’t we just say yesterday that it would be coming on Wednesday?  Yes, yes we did.  I’d say right now that 9/22 looks pretty likely at this point.  

The update will take everyone to version 2.3.15 and will be approximately 67.6MB.  Froyo is here people!

Remember that Blur allows you to “pull” updates, so it’s time to start trying.  Go into Settings>About>System Updates and see if you are able to  grab it way ahead of schedule!

Dedicated 2.2 Droid X forum thread has been created!

Cheers Mike!

  • I am thankful for such a great post with many new things to learn,well just posted the following on Moto Owners Forum. Its just a link to the Verizon rollout page that Droid Life posted already, Thanks for sharing this .That's very interesting.

  • Does that line just bug the hell out of anyone else besides myself?? I'm excited to get the update but have a small feeling someting is going to ruin this to good to be true moment. I sure hope not though…

  • Debbie

    Very happy.I thank you, my phone thanks you, and Jake thanks you…….:-)

  • sangseong

    My phone got stuck at Moto logo after update (from rooted 2.1). With Battery pull and factory reset, no luck. Verizon is sending me 5th DX overnight for me. How unlucky I am with DX…

  • Tafi45


    but how about us who r using s galaxy s..??


  • Murph

    just loaded for me, actually says it's 2.3.15

  • Lance West

    Have just completed download…am unable to input Text or e/Mail with Touch Input. Am receiving error message as follows:

    Sorry The application Touch Input(process.com.htc.android.htcime)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Button at bottom of message to Force Close Nothing happens. Verizon does not have answer, Advised to wait until Motorola opensx for business.

  • Ssrudy

    11:30 PM MST – got it!!

  • Zanderandjosh

    Downloading update now. Just manually pulled it at midnight.


  • Straitkd

    Its up! 12:08 here in Ohio!

  • Mille436

    It's here! It's 12:05 am in Indiana and it just popped up saying update was available!

  • Noway

    You will not be able to update until tommorow @ 12….im sure of it….and that's p.m…..

  • Jbb

    I just got confirmation from Verizon Tech Support that the update will be rolled out in stages starting 9/22/10 at 12:00 noon. I had called them pretending I didn't understand their support page and how to update manually , and they said that it doesn't matter because it won't be released until tomorrow anyway.

  • Chris5267

    Ok Im not sure that this is true but I really hope it is. here is a link saying when the updates are available and if it was ready it should say but it does not. So Im keeping my fingers crossed.


  • Stinky

    Someone farted in my pants!

  • Some Guy

    …and on September 23rd, Google will be announcing the release of Android 3.0

  • Some Guy

    that's been there since sometime last week.


  • OneManCold

    According to the website USA.gov, the first day of Fall (Autumn) is Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 11:09 PM ET.

  • Chris5267

    how do we actually know that it is tomorrow, where is the source coming from. I saw the pdf but I also saw no date. Im just curious where the information coming from saying it will be tomorrow. I really do hope it is tomorrow, I just do not want to get my hopes up for nothing.

  • guess what i ma do right after i get the update!?
    go on flash websites? NO!!!
    BENCHmark this bitch! hell yea! altho its not that accurate :/

  • F150Fan

    Come on Verizon and Moto! Please let this happen tonight! My X runs great on Eclair but Froyo would be a great treat for when I get off work tonight!

    • NKTizzle

      Not going to happen tonight.

  • NKTizzle

    It will not be available on the servers until 12PM EST on the 22nd. There's no point trying before then.

    • Jd

      how do you know?

      • NKTizzle

        I would tell you but then, well, you know…

        • Jd

          it would be really funny if you were matt. still helping us even though so many people on here have needlessly attacked you…

          • NKTizzle

            I am not Matt 😉

          • Jd

            that is so matt

  • Romma1

    Hooray for all of you X'ers!

  • it has been stuck on “checking for available update” for about an hour as I watch the little circle go round and round. and round and round and round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and roundand round and round

  • Finally. I've been waiting on this for a month now when my Droid got the update.


  • Inramana

    At California here and the check for update stopped working- Lol.. I guess people must be checking quite desperately. 🙂

    • Puffy98

      yes..the check for update is working..im in OC. im checking once an hour.

  • Wizardplayer2000

    That sucks, no mention of improving the speaker volume on the X …. 🙁

    • RanballX

      That would be a bug fix. Not a new enhancement. I'm sure the bug list fix is long and forthcoming.

    • Axroblesjr

      I was wondering too if there would be a fix for our speakers

    • Jd

      Motorola has confirmed that the speaker volume has been fixed

  • Yeah…'bout bloody time! Awesome! Looking forward to this update, finally!

  • Magnet1200

    Does this also boost the noise like the music and stuff?

  • Will

    Im going crazy over here. I finally ordered my Droid X on Saturday and it will be here by tommorrow according to the Fedex tracker. Open my Droid X and be able to update to 2.2 on the same day? That would be a early christmas present.

  • Rain_king46

    Matt just posted the following on Moto Owners Forum. Its just a link to the Verizon rollout page that Droid Life posted already:

    Verizon has posted release notes for the Droid X upgrade to Android. If you want a little preview, you can check them out here.

    I know we are very late into summer, but we are still on track for a summer launch of Android 2.2 for Droid X.

  • Robersns

    As of 15 min ago Matt at Motorola posted this nugget https://supportforums.motorola.com/message/239459#239459

    Come on Motorola! Find someone there that gives consumers updates before everyone else k knows s about it already.

    Does anyone know the Vegas odds of 2.2 before midnight tonight m?

  • Wtsamatta

    system updates says that I'm up to date still :<

  • Edjm711

    Chances are you'll have to flash back. Plenty of threads on how to do that. But really of you've come this far you would be better off rooting. The exact version of 2.2 that verizon is sending ota is already available, has been for a week

  • Mendobendo

    I upgraded to 2.2 a while ago, how do I go back to 2.1 so I can get this OTA update from VW?

  • jmwinters

    I have been Emailing VZW off and on for weeks on updates for the 2.2 update, they usually just pass it off as not avaliable yet.

    Today i got a response of: “Please note: I would recommend checking one of the below two options within the next couple of days beginning tomorrow (September 22, 2010)”

    Looks legit.

  • Bobjones

    Anyone foresee an issue with updating if we are already rooted?

  • Usaircorps

    Spoke to Verizon Tech support and they said 1st rollout is Sept 29 nad next is Oct 5

  • herkulease

    Motorola sure took there “late summer” date pretty seriously. wednesday is the 1st day of a fall. Can't be more of late summer than that.

  • Britboy3000


  • Edjm711

    This version of 2.2 has been available from mydroidworld since last week. For those that are rooted.

  • Jimmyjive3

    Won't let me select system updates for some reason, tried a reboot and still nothing.
    Droid X 2.2

    • rals

      1. You are on leaked version
      2. It hasn't rolled out the update.

      You need to unroot to get the update.

  • Worm4603

    Didn't of our droid lifers report he was told it would start today. I think that person deserves some props.

  • Droider

    The 2.2 update will be released on 9-22 at 2:22am

    • lakerzz

      And 22 seconds of course…

  • RanballX

    So will I have to unroot my phone to get the update even though all the bloatware is still there?

  • Baldypal

    No go for me. Can't pull it yet.

  • Tomkoger36

    Will voice actions be installable on said awesome device which shall not be named with said firmware?

  • Laid Baqq

    Why are ppl mad when the OTA update isnt until tomorrow?… today is the 21st….. everyone is saying it's coming out on the 22nd… and ppl are still trying to pull the update today then getting mad about it? WTF? lol.. if u try to pull the update tomorrow then i can understand getting mad but damn wait one more day! LOL

  • MN6

    Can't remember where, but I read somewhere in a forum that verizon had at one time told people to either battery pull, or turn off/on and then try to pull the update. Can anyone confirm if that is the case? Tried power off/on already and still no update. EST

  • Patwww

    2.2 isnt that great in my opinion, at least for the Incredible. My Incredible now randomly reboots when I keep it on while its charging.

  • durangojim

    Will this change the lock screen to look like the droid 2s and remove the lag?

  • Sandeepnin

    Hold on, the software update page has been available in verizonwireless.com since last week. Don't make the rumour as a fact by relying on this page.

    Anyways let's have the fingures crossed till tomorrow!!

    • Holly Kost

      It's always been a Droid pdf not Droid X

  • Tuantsg


  • Sorum cjsorumChris

    The 22nd is the first day of Fall. Better be today if Verizon is to keep their promise.

    • Anonymous

      I could swear it was this way too, but my desktop calendar says it’s the 23rd. I think there’s some sort of global conspiracy to change the dates of the seasons… one day at a time 🙂

    • 1lionmurrill

      Why would Verizon care about keeping their promise? What are we going to do if they don't? Wait for the update?

    • RanballX

      Fall doesn't officially begin until 11:09pm Wednesday night.

      • Rain_king46

        Which means updates will begin at 11:08pm so they can keep their promise. The real question is will they make it through all of the updates or will they stop after a few to fix bugs like they did with the D1?

        • RanballX

          Good Point! This update make take a month or two of stops and starts to get it all out.

  • Mdn5024

    For me it says my device is up to date but it worked on my friends droid x so I guess I just have to wait. Good enough for me

  • Aaron

    Is this the same version as the new leak from the weeken from p3droid?

    looks to be the same numbers


  • Dellbx

    Where will the upgrade.zip for this OTA show up first? On Droid-Life I hope

  • Sdlenhert

    I just tried updating myself, 8:15a PST, and nothing as of yet.

  • Rexboe60

    No update available for me yet.

  • BD

    2.2 on the 22nd……….Motorola conspiracy.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    so wait.. will the D2 get a newer updated VVM app than the D1?

  • r0landct

    Obviously someone wanted to keep to their promise of end of summer, hopefully not at the cost fo any bugs, but leaked 2.2 looked good so I doubt it. Let the “when are we getting 3.0” complaining begin!

  • smeeIT

    Chrome to Phone, here I come!!!

  • Austin

    now?…no…not yet…

  • tjpeco

    Is Droid-life going to post step-by-step instructions for those of us that updated to the leaked version?

    Please say yes 🙂

    • Mrpicolas

      Would you expect any less???

    • r0landct

      Moto stated there is no upgrade path. Unless they lied you'll need to SBF and then go from 2.1 to 2.2. Or go custom rom.

      • tjpeco

        Yes I know there is no upgrade path, which is why I'd like to know how to get back to 2.1.

        • r0landct
          • Anonymous

            Thank You!

          • xbenzerox

            Or you could just wait for someone to post the zip.

          • Anonymous

            The whole point of Motorola’s statement was the Updated.zip will not worked on phones running leaked versions. Whether applied automatically or manually. However hopefully they were just full of crap to hold people off and it in fact can be applied.

        • Homer

          u just need sbf

  • ajbattaglia83

    Figures I rooted last night…

  • 1lionmurrill

    “Wait, didn’t we just say yesterday that it would be coming on Wednesday? Yes, yes we did.”

    Maybe y'all should wait untill we actually start receiving the update before tooting your own horns. The prediction rate for OTAs have been…………well you know.

  • Won't believe it till I see it 😛
    Oh wait, I never will cause I don't have an X 🙁

    • Mrpicolas

      ^^^ buy this guy an X someone!!!!

    • what phone do you have Tim?

      • Aubreyvt


      • I have a D1 and will not “upgrade” until a phone comes out that can do more than what mine is already capable of 😉

        • Well I own the X but i loved the D1 but I went through the original and 6 like new ones so I went to the droid incredible on my other line

          • Athomson16

            I thought u have new ota update?

          • Aubreyvt

            Athomson16, please ignore this guy. I wish they would kick him off this site. He has done nothing but lie for the last 3 days. I’m done win him. Don’t waist any more of ur time.

        • ericsorensen

          One word: “Blockbuster”.

          Yea, that's about it.

          Bigger screen is nice, though.

  • ericsorensen

    For those that have been enjoying 2.2 on the DX using the leaked version – hopefully Droid-Life will post a step-by-step way to upgrade to the new OTA version – and hopefully we don't have to flash back to 2.1 to accomplish it.

    I wonder how many thousands of people have the leaked 2.2? I bet Motorola has a way of knowing. Lets see if they will do the right thing for their customers.

    • Uncle paul

      Why would you want to install the offical ota OVER a leak?

      • ericsorensen

        Well, the D1 OTA updates didn't seem to have any problems. It seemed they were designed to update whatever version and build was on your phone.

      • antintyty

        that leak was buggy and did not contain all the fixes that are in this OTA…

  • cjenco

    I just tried to manually update and it is telling me that “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

  • viewthis74

    i tried “pulling” and i got nothing. just the same message you get when there's no update to pull.

  • Sdny8

    Am I the only one who could care less. I have 2.2 rooted now. I am anxious to update to obsidian when it becomes available. I can't see this version being that much different then the version that was leaked over a month ago. Also im not willing to chance giving up root. Even if it is temporarily

  • Cam

    I have the latest leak which is 2.3.15 ..

  • Mrhug3

    If you're already on 2.2, you could always wait for the hackers to root the update.

  • Robersns

    Well it would have been nice if we all were told by Motorola 2.2 would be out at the end of summer or beginning of fall.

    I tried pulling the update and no luck as of 9/21 9:23 am Nashville Tn time.

    Also, looks like the Pdf for install instructions has been updated on the VZ site.

    Finally, to no surprise Motorola Matt has not updated squat on Mo torola Forum. Maybe he is packing his desk with the rest of the incompetent Motorola PR team?

    • Dellbx

      I totally agree. That Matt character is arrogant and useless. Provides no real value to the Motorola support site.

    • Tomkoger36

      I don’t care either way. It is here and finally my droid x will have some peace. I hope Motorola has at least tested it extremely thoroughly before it releases this update…

      • Rain_king46

        You bet they have! They tested it with the “leak” that they refuse to support. lol

      • Chris5267

        how do we actually know that it is tomorrow, where is the source coming from. I saw the pdf but I also saw no date. Im just curious where the information coming from saying it will be tomorrow. I really do hope it is tomorrow, I just do not want to get my hopes up for nothing.

    • kellex

      He will wait until the update actually starts going out.

      • Rizzidy

        Don’t defend that guy.

      • EC8CH

        The place to go for the most up-to-date news on Motorola Droids is Droid-Life.com… not the Motorola Support page… I thought everyone new that :-

      • Anonymous

        MATT: Mostly Avoids Truth Telling. Maybe he’ll go on vacation like he did when 2.1 finally rolled out…

  • Eric Richardson97

    If anyone gets this make sure to let everyone if it can be rooted with the D2 method.

  • Generalg

    So if your rooted now with 2.1. Will Froyo still install and keep you rooted after the 2.2 install?

    • Ecffighter7232

      No one knows the true answer to that yet until it starts being installed… my bet is you will loose root though, I’m just hoping that the D2 method will continue to work to root the X on 2.2

    • Mrpicolas

      Umm no not till the developers tweak it

  • dylan84

    One thing I dont understand is this….why bother putting VZ Navigator on the phone when Google Maps Navigation is already there and a million times better?

    • Anonymous

      Because Google Maps/Navigation is free.

    • cjsorum

      I just used Google Maps on a family vacation, and it worked nearly perfectly. actually better than any Tom Tom I ever owned.

      • Anonymous

        Thats because Tom Tom sucks ass, use garmin if you want a good gps

    • Your gonna have the suckers that will pay… $$$

      • Rain_king46

        That is right. They are counting on the users who dont know any better who will pay for VZ Navigator because big red told them they is what they should do if they want GPS.

  • Ikagi

    About time!

  • Kraymanbauer

    Kinda rough saying he shouldn't have upgraded huh? Easier flashing an update than it is reverting…. way to be friendly jubba.

  • igotadroid

    When we can get the ota…will it be able to get it to be rooted? I previously used one click root then 2.2 then flyx with revolution theme. My question, Can the new ota be rooted and themed?

    • igotadroid

      Think ill try getting 2.3.15 on here and stay with root and flyx. Too nice not having bloat and to loose root just to get official ota. Or until I find out if root/theme is possible with ota.

  • There's no mention of GIT in the update change log, do you guys think that will be in there as well? The two things I was waiting for was GIT and FLASH, they got one right but no word on the other. Is there a more complete list of changes and additions or is this page the final one and they leave out an important update to my DX….

    • Mrpicolas

      Yes jit is a 2.2 tweak to the java code it'll be there

    • JIT is part of the dalvik VM in the 2.2 kernel.

    • Mark Paul

      Git er done.

  • Uncle paul

    The smart way to upgrade to “official 2.2” if your on the leak would be to .sbf back to a fresh 2.1 for a nice clean 2.2 install…

    • kellex

      That's the only way to do it currently.

  • Sandeep

    Great News Mike!! But I tried pulling it, but no Luck!!

  • blswan

    I'm excited.

  • MikeCRock

    Why does the screenie above not have “MBxxx.Verizon in the file name?
    Not calling BS, just asking what's different…

    • kellex

      Because that screen probably doesn't have enough room? That screen is from the Verizon site.

      • MikeCRock

        Gotcha… Thanks man.

  • Finally!!

  • Jake

    Tried pulling the update. As of 10:14 am EST it says “Youd device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time.” Damn you, you damned, dirty apes. Damn you!

    • Same here

      • Anonymous

        Yea i got the same message going to keep trying though

      • Johnsonc

        I just tried @ 8:32am PST. no luck either.
        I guess the rest of the posts will be posts trying every hour until it finally works.

    • bizarospeak

      I got the same thing, is the add perhaps premature and we’re getting the update tomorrow?

    • Clif

      Check again tomorow, starting as 12:00 PM, EST. That is when Versizon says to start checking.

  • what are the linpack scores and quadrant scores on 2.2 for droid x?

    • kellex
      • t0ni

        Hey Kellex, I saw your X on one of the posts, but can’t find it anymore. Your screenshot showed just big white words like gmail, juice, etc. Where did u get that? I love it.

        • Mkelleygcsi

          Haha i asked this yesterday and he never responded, (maybe its a secret 0.o)

          • Anonymous

            I want to say maybe it’s the desktop visualizer? Try going back a few pages, I think there was a post not too long ago describing how to get his exact setup

      • thanks…sorry for being lazy this morning 🙂 guess i need to research first, then ask questions.

  • Austin

    wonder if my rooted droid x 2.1 would lose its ability access the system root level.

    Any one got an update? not me so far…hm…

  • Charliej36

    No luck on pulling it for me.

  • Ryath

    I pee'd myself a little.

    • WPD805


      • Ahh! Coffee!!!!! 😛

        • Mrpicolas


  • Mthscesarfranco

    Can you put the update zip on droid life please

  • Xjkrcx

    Just tried on my DX…no update available at this time.

  • MikeCRock

    On leaked 2.2. Anyone know if we NEED to go back to 2.1?

    • kellex

      Yes you have to go back to 2.1.

      • Hogasswildmc

        Just because Motorola said that doesn’t mean it’s true. Look at what they’ve done to us for the past 2+ months. I think that threat may have no teeth.

        • Dellbx

          True, I think Matt was just trying to scare people out of updating to the leaked Froyo. You may not need to go back to 2.1. Although it is probably better if you upgrade from a nice clean 2.1 install.

  • bravoleader2

    Get excited

  • Any updates on what we should do if we are running the leaked 2.2? Should we go back to 2.1? If so, does anyone know how? Or, is there a work-around to get the OTA even if you're running the leaked 2.2?

    • Anonymous

      Really helpful post jubba…..You need to find the droid X original SBF, if you search google for it long enough you should be able to find it. Posting a link here is a sure way to get that link taken down with a cease and desist from Motorola, sorry can’t point you in the right direction with that.Second thing you need is RSD lite to allow you to flash your phone with the SBF file. I can’t remember what version of RSD lite you need at the moment but chances are wherever you find the SBF it will be posted too.

    • JubbaTheHutt

      For the time being, you should revert back to 2.1 before attempting to download the latest 2.2 build. And if you have to ask how to do that, you shouldn't have upgraded in the first place. Google is your friend.

      Oh, and like 20th…[/sarcasm]

      • Thanks, I’m sure I can get it back to 2.1. I didn’t know if there was a quick and easy way I didn’t know about. Thanks again.

      • Anonymous

        If you want more people to care about encrypted bootloaders and locked down phones you need to make things like this accessible to the people who don’t know technology as well as you might.

        Congratulations, clearly you’ve never had to ask a question about anything.

        • Anonymous

          What are you going on about? I answered the man’s question, sarcasm or not, it was legit.

          And I have asked questions before, but I also attempt to do some research before I attempt to.

      • Anonymous

        I am always amazed that people take the itme to post such smarmy comments. Do they make people feel more clever, or do they just think they are so important that people need them to chime in?

        • Anonymous

          Jebus, what a smarmy thing to say…

  • mhoe

    I need my swype. I never realized how much I'd miss it after it expired…

    • Anonymous

      Swype doesn’t expire on the X.

    • Ron

      Expired?! WTF! Is this spam?