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DROID X Theme Friday: 928Droid Black Glass

It only seemed right to start featuring some custom themes to other devices now that the entire Droid family is rooted and has a huge community of developer and themers behind it.  And once the DX, DI and D2 get enough, we’ll probably pick a day for each device to feature a new theme to keep you up on your custom look and freshness.  Friday’s is already taken by the D1, but we’ve still got 4 other days to play with right?

We are pleased to bring you the first of many Droid  X themes today, and damn is this one pretty.  Say hello to 928Droid Black Glass, which many consider to be the first full theme for the DX.  They’ve included themed widgets, framework, apps and so much more.  This thing really is something to marvel at.  Let’s get to it!


Download:  928DroidBlackGlassX-DroidX22DeOdex-r2b-THEME.zip


1.  You need to be rooted and running a 2.2 deodexed ROM.  (Ex:  FlyX)


2.  Download the file from above and drop on your SD card.
3.  Open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card.”
4.  Locate the theme file that you just downloaded and tap on it.
5.  When prompted, make sure to check the box to create a backup.
6.  Skip “wipe data and cache.”
7.  Your phone will reboot and apply the theme.
8.  The first boot could take a REALLY long time.  Be patient.
9.  Once it boots, you’ll be running 928Droid for the Droid X!  Enjoy!

Hit up our IRC support channel to talk about issues that you’ve run into.

Special “Cheers!” to MrPicolas aka Dr. Root for this one!

Visit the 928Droid site now to donate!

  • Great post! Well I believe he has a version for the Droid 2 as well. This makes my D1 look super clean. Way better than stock or any solid color rom. Your blog seems interesting.Regards,

  • Not to sound like an a$$, but he did respond to this question already a couple of posts above yours and it was to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS via the link that was posted as well as read the thread.

  • Monroene

    I have this Theme & absolutly LUV it greatest one out there so detailed a lot of work put into to it you can tell… Great Job guys keep up the wonderful work and keep them coming!

  • Greasymuttonchops

    love the theme. wondering how i get back to original fonts- i installed the invertino and went back to your theme, however the fonts did not load. have any ideas?

  • Kblack07

    First of all, this theme is amazing! Excellent work, Mr. 928.

    However, is anyone else having severe battery issues? Mine drains crazy fast, and it was very long lasting prior to installing this theme.

    Running newest froyo leak (2.3.13) and p3droid's Tranquility 2.3.5.

  • Anyone download and use this theme notice that battery life tends to not be as good and that Quadrant scores are worse than the froyo leak??

  • Anyone download and use these theme notice that battery life tends to not be as good and that Quadrant scores are worse than the froyo leak??

    • Kblack07

      Roger that. My battery life is much worse, and my highest quadrant decreased by a little more than 100.

      I'm running the newest froyo leak (2.3.13) and p3droid's Tranquility 2.3.5.

  • For some reason i installed this rom and now my battery percentage is never correct. Any thoughts??

  • superchachi

    still my favorite theme. love the full color notification icons.

  • superchachi

    still my favorite theme. love the full-color notification icons.

  • bessemer

    I have a Droid 1 running 2.2 and the Flash Player 10.1. From what I can tell, my processor is just not
    fast enough. My startup apps are only mail oriented so that doesn't take much processor speed away.
    I am ready for the next generation phone. The question is Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Incredible or the new Samsung Fantastic?

    I don't carry a man purse but keep my phone in my pocket. My eyes are bad and I wear “strong”
    reading glasses. I use my phone a lot for browsing internet but I do talk on it sometimes and it can
    be difficult to hear what the other person is saying. With all things considered and the best
    technology out there, what should be my next choice of phone?

    Thanks for your “wise” input ahead of time and please hold the aging comments that are off
    topic for another more appropriate site.

  • Roger Zoul

    Did you mean DI or D1 in this post?

  • Aaron Vannett

    I downloaded the theme for 2.1. unzipped it in metamorph and it says its an invalid file type.. Any suggestions?

    • Kblack07

      Yes, read step 1. 🙂

  • Brackett666

    This theme is AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! Good work.

  • Antwaun84817

    whoever thinks an inc is better is crazy

  • dshizzel

    Serious question, will this theme work on a rooted D2?

  • feztheforeigner

    Wish this guy worked at motorola to fix up motoblur

  • Stephen D

    That's a nice theme. I want it on my Droid, especially that lockscreen.

  • Towelie420

    Usher? Wow, gay.

  • droidrev71

    Voice mail will not connect to server.

  • Joegrant46

    Its got bloatware!!!!!!!!!! get rid of it.

  • Droiddoes

    got to love the OP. Not one mention of DF where 928's themes are posted and exclusive. Nice work on the spin there

  • Do not want.

  • Jonathan Gilbert86

    For some reason my phone says 'Cannot Download. Content is not supported on this phone.' Im running FlyX Rooted 2.2

    Please Help? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

    • Open Astro File Manager (install it if you don't have it) then Menu>More>Preferences then scroll down and check “Enable Browser Downloads” this will let the Browser download zip files and anything else.

  • clvbrowns453

    I don't even k ow what deodexed means..?

    • From my ” Theme FAQ” at http://www.droidforums.net/forum/928droid ….

      ODEXED ROM or DEODEXED ROM??? – You must know this before selecting a Theme for your “Stock” Android ROM.

      The only way to know for sure is to look at the files in your system/app and system/framework folders. If you have files in there with the file extension of “.odex” then you you have an Odexed ROM,.. IF there are NO “.odex” files then you have a DeOdexed ROM.

  • PigHeaded

    now THIS is a damn good theme!!!

  • Freshour8586

    Best theme out there. Capitalizes on the greatness of the X.

  • droidrev71

    very nice!!! have to say this is the best one soo far..

  • Bxrider117

    This is the best theme made for the Droid 1 and Droid X. I believe he has a version for the Droid 2 as well. This makes my D1 look super clean. Way better than stock or any solid color rom. The next best theme is Watermark'd, but that is only for the D1. I can wait to put this on my DX when I get it next week. 928 even has a version of this for the Stock DX, you still have to be rooted.

  • Brendan

    When will there be a root method for 2.2 droid x without adb or can you at least get us back to 2.1?

  • Mrpicolas

    Wow you would think people would be happy this can even bee done lol everyones a critic

    • Djspikezz

      Yeah people who bitch and moan only do so cause they haven't figured out how to do this yet. It took me a few rounds of RSDlight/SBFing to get my droid x set right.. whats nice is learning how to unbrick your phone.. I probably have Bricked my Droid X at least 15 times, tweaking and re-doing things til im happy or get it done right. Bootstrap is definitely win!

      I love this ROM btw soooooooooooo SICK!

      • quiklives

        Mine is rooted, but I haven't made it past that yet. Scares me. (But at least I'm not complaining about what's being offered, right? It's y choice to wait until it feels easier/safer to me, but I have a lot of respect for those of you who are kicking ass and taking names now.)

    • PigHeaded

      People suck.

  • +1,000 rooting community, motorola = 0

    • BAoxymoron

      hey motorola gets +1 … they did make the Droid1 you know…

  • Cynic

    Nice theme. The build.prop breaks VVM on the X though. Birdman's fix sorts it out.

    • Djspikezz

      I had a question for you or anyone who reads this and has used Birdman's FLY theme. Does anyone else have a problem with their phone exiting phone mode when you press voicemail, from the dialer mode? When I hit the Voicemail Button from the dialer screen, it resets the phone back to my home screen instead of dialing voicemail. Otherwise everything is cherry! I made a shortcut on my homescreen to dial voicemail in the meantime.

    • Can you be more specific?? Never heard this before and VVM works fine on my X.. Please give me details so I can investigate.

      • droidrev71

        the visual voice mail doesn't connect to server. also apk upload won't work now. is there a fix??

        • Most likely due to ERI change…Verizon has their apps coded to only work on Verizon phones (sucky), either (A) – use Pulldown Editor to change the ERI display back to “Verizon Wireless”. (B) Visit Matt (Xeudoxus) at http://www.droidforums.net/forum/xeudoxus/ …he unlocks most of the Verizon apps (NFL, Nascar, etc) … (C) use something better (most Verizon apps won't work when Roaming either because of the ERI lock) …or (D) contact me at DF and I will create a custom Update zip or MetaMorph to change it for you.

  • pir800

    that theme is straight nasty.

  • i have flyX so i AM deodexed right?!?!
    Droid X 2.2 leaked, FlyX w/ rEVOlution theme.

    • lol, considering you already say you have a theme installed, then yea, you're deodexed (not to mention Kellex said in the post that FlyX is an example of a deodexed ROM) 😉

      • i saw that… thats why i put AM in caps.. and finished with right… cause i was double checking…. thanks for quick response….

  • LM Sessoms2

    great jooking theme. is thier one for stock dx 2.1

    • Yes there is basically the same theme (minus a few of the later updates) for Droid X 2.1… also a 2.2 Odexed r2b version ….and the identical Theme for the Droid 2 – Odexed and DeOdexed … and 5 or 6 version for the Droid 1. They are all on my webite ready to be downloaded.

      Thanks to Droid-Life for the article..COOL! Nice to have a mention in my favorite Droid Blog!!


        I've been running this theme for about a week now and love it! Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • That was one I modifed from “Black and Chrome” by thebowers, it is on the BW skin server. You can simulate it close to mine by setting the background transparency to approx 60-70%

  • JG

    get the droid x drop theme or the galax from rom manager…beautiful

    i have the droid x red drop theme on mine….just goes with the whole droid red vibe i think 🙂

    • yea even though the gala x is not completely themed, i think it still looks better than this. this has too many colors, and their like super colors. not your normal colors. too much going on.

      btw, anybody used the 220 lcd density thing ? i like it !

      • JG

        yea i use 220…. 200 is just too absurd

      • Just an FYI, every color I use is taken somewhere from the stock Droid X software….with the exception of the translucent blue in the Twiiter Does app “New Tweet notification” dropdown..

    • Low023

      I was using Gala X this theme seems more polished TBH, Only thing I don't like is the branding on the lock screen.

  • Hank

    I have this on my X and it really is nice.

  • PsychoticPenguin

    This is without a doubt the best and most complete theme for any Droid.
    I ran it on my D1 and now on my X.
    The developer updates as new releases arrive and it looks incredible.

  • Steven Ramos Sr

    Looking for leaked 2.2 for droid x any assistance would be great

    • Steven Ramos Sr

      Any information. Steven.ramos.sr@gmail.com

      • Hank

        Google is your friend.

      • E-mail sent, you should be good to go.

        • Steven Ramos Sr

          Time for custom themes 🙂

    • MOTOX

      Ill send u the file in a lil.

      • Steven Ramos Sr

        Thanks! That would be great

    • Gg101

      go to rootzwiki.com and look for “the bomb”

      • Steven Ramos Sr


  • DGamer

    What about the Droid Incredible? Its been fully rooted and not one mention of anything related to it besides a new back? Come on do you have a grudge on it? Honestly its the best Droid and there are plenty of roms and themes for it just look at xda.

    • Disguy

      Honestly, it's not the best Droid.

      • DGamer

        The Incredible is equal to the X. Sorry but ill take an amoled display and Sense UI anyday over a bulky phone and blur.

        • Low023

          I love how people fight with others to defend the phone they have. Sorry to tell you this though the Droid X is better. = (

          • DGamer

            I love how people defend themselves without logical reason. I had the choice of both the X and the Incredible and the Incredible was better in my eyes. Maybe you like the “Drooooooooid” sound when you turn on your phone and the fancy commercials, its your opinion. Neither phone is better!!! They're practically the same ones got a bigger screen with a blur (crap) skin and one has a amoled screen and a sense skin. Its choice and opinion.

          • Anonymous

            Logical, Okay you can change the notification sound to change the boot sound to whatever you want and I don’t use Blur. Here is what my X looks like now. http://i.imgur.com/0r96Q.png (Please tell me you realize that Android is configurable I’m also running 2.2 with the FlyX rom) I personally wanted the X for bigger screen ,faster CPU/GPU, more storage space, better battery life, HDMI and the far better hardware build quality (Metal). If you think its better just because of the smaller AMOLED screen I think the Galaxy S with Super AMOLED displays kill the Dinc too. At the end of the day “To each there own” but claiming a phone is better that is clearly not is kinda a bad move. You will not see me posting on Dinc theme comments complaining anytime soon. Logical enough?

          • Mr_ewe

            who’s the hottie in the lower left tile? 😉

          • Kblack07

            I thought this thread was for 928’s theme? Take this stuff elsewhere. I’m looking for info, and this is wasting my time sorting through all the garbage.

          • Riverjao

            And we have a champion. You sir, win this debate 🙂

          • Anonymous

            There’s no need to argue over phones especially android devices since the software experience is usually the same more or less.

            The x and incredible are great phones I’ve dealt with both personally. In reality though, how much are you really going to be using HDMI? And more storage? Doesn’t the x have 8 gb of internal space just like the Inc? And truthfully that doesn’t really matter they both support 32gb SD cards.

            Everyone has preferences saying one is better than the other isn’t justified. It may come to a surprise to some but most people aren’t worried about HDMI, gpus or cpus they use it as a PHONE , I game on my ps3(better than Xbox by the way,that’s right I just started another debate in this biatch lolol) not my phone .

            No one here can tell me the x wasn’t motorolas attempt to 1up the evo and yet I still see way more evos/Inc’s in public than x,s, even though it has a “weak” processor like some of you would say.

          • RJM

            Right sylent10,

            It’s why they make red cars and blue cars.

          • Lorenzokellogg
          • Ok guys no need to start a fight. Both phones are great, The incredible has several great features, and truly does deserve to be in the DROID family, but The best is a matter of opinion. I agree the Inc isn’t displayed on here quite as much as it should be.
            But u also need to understand that this ability on a droid X represents a huge relief to owners that bought it and worried about the locked bootloader.

            Honestly, and I am in no way trying to sound rude, if it is such an issue, u could just contact the authors requesting some more Inc themes to be posted, lay out in a calm and reasonable manner why you feel that way instead of simply starting a flame war in the comments of a Droid X specific page

          • Anonymous

            +100 “The best is a matter of opinion.”

            Perhaps it would be “best” to say, “My favorite Droid is X.” Coincidentally, for me X = X… My favorite phone right now is the Droid X. YMMV, and that’s okay. That’s the beauty of Android, were not forced to pick the “tiara-wearing, digitally clueless beauty pageant queen.”


          • Not hating on your DInc, but I find it much easier to type/navigate/etc on the huge screen of my X. I have played around with both and would not consider a phone with less than a 4″ screen from now on (honestly, I could see myself go bigger than the X…but I have to see what’s out.)

            Regardless, you know in a month or two something is going to come out and just take a huge droid dump on both of our phones…so relax…enjoy your 2nd or 3rd in line phone while it lasts.

          • ron

            now you can put htc sense on any rooted phone so it doesn’t matter

          • Paul

            Yeah…….. if your a female and carry that big thing around in your pocketbook !!!

          • How exactly is the Droid X better? Sense > Blur. AMOLED > LCD. The Droid X doesnt suck, but the Incredible is better IMO.

          • Dboombuki

            i have to say yes as well, the droid x kicks the shit out of every other phone out there and i dont care what anyone says

        • DROID VADAR

          Launcher pro plus is way better then having sense.

    • PsychoticPenguin

      Only Droids at this point he doesn't have a DInc

    • Djspikezz

      Naw, I just think the Incredible is HTC, and there is a biased against anything HTC atm. HTC kinda shits on people if you ask me.. You know why it took soo damn long for 2.2 to come out over OTA? It's HTC's fault completely. HTC Incredible's battery life sucks.. I think there's not much love for the incredible due to not as many people using it…. We have Samsung to thank for that, because they are hogging their Super AMOLED screens for themselves… but Samasung Galaxy S OWNS Incredible. Sorry, my advice to you would be to get a new phone as soon as you can…

      I upgraded from Droid 1 to Droid X after only having Droid 1 for 8 months.

      • DGamer

        Mostly agree with you but i'm starting to get 7 plus hours of heavy use out of my Incredible now with overclocking and underclocking at the right time. Sense 2.2 drains so much battery its a joke i would get 3 hours out of it 🙁 Currently running CM6. And the Galaxy S screens are only really better in sunlight. All though i love the way the captivate looks minus touch wiz.

    • It is in the works…one of the Forums said they would send me an Inc so I could create a whole new Theme for it…BUT in the mean time if you decide to run CCroms new v1.1.1 ROM for the Inc ….my Theme for their Droid 1 ROM version will also work on the Inc…same goes for the Evo. Those guys are way smart to make their ROMs, inter-platform compatible in that way….most impressive.

      BUT… the “Best Droid” debate???…..not gonna touch that one….but I could have any one I wanted…and I really, really like my X 🙂

      • Low023

        Love this theme BTW got it up and running even though the install instructions here didn't work. Great job.

    • sylent101

      He tried to post about the Droid incredible more a few months back.. but most of the people here are childish. When he first got the Inc people called him a sellout,traitor etc.

      I don't see how a grown man purchasing a phone hurts anyone mentally but whatever I guess.. just shows what kind of mindstate they have.

      I have a Droid and an incredible and I personally think the incredible is a great phone, very nice looking.

    • Anonymous

      First off, if you had read the first sentence of the post, we could have avoided this comment war altogether.

      Second, I own every single Droid device. The problem as someone mentioned in a reply to your comment, is that Incredible received a nasty welcoming when introduced on this site. Now that it appears to have settled and the ROM crowd is blowing up for it, we plan on featuring it much more often again.

  • BKTee

    Damn. This almost makes me want to make the jump up to the X.

    Almost. I think I'll hold onto my Droid until we have some LTE offerings.

  • tkc122


  • Wow, I FEEL SPECIAL! A double feature on the Down Low in this post! WOO HOO!

  • Rizzidy



      Wow I’m surprised. I thought it looked great!

  • Edgar


  • Aleksmilosevic96


    • KyubiDroid

      First to say Nobody cares….

      • PsychoticPenguin

        +1 really why bother

      • MuddyB00ts

        First to say that you probably spent more time putting a firster down than the firster spent looking for first. If you're going to have a freakin fit over every first “nobody cares” about then you have to spit on everybody post that isn't as informative as yours, oh wait…

        • Aleksmilosevic96

          Thank you