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DROID 2 as Warranty Replacement for DROID Continues, Surprises Customers

We broke the news last week that Verizon was sending out Droid 2 and Incredible devices as warranty replacements for Droid 1’s and it looks like they aren’t stopping any time soon.  After another 2 dozen confirmations from readers, we received this shot of the letter that’s included in some shipments.  What’s interesting, is that customers are assuming that a D1 will be in the box and are instead opening it up to a nicely upgraded surprise.

+1 Verizon.

Anyone else?

Cheers Alex!

  • FormerCustomer

    I’m on my 2nd “certified like new” replacement DROID from Verizon, this one is also a piece of junk.  Keyboards jump and do whatever they want.  The battery falls out the back.  HEY VERIZON- you’ve done me no favors with this “service”.  Your “customer service” is horrible!  They just repeat the same thing: “we can send you another certified like new replacement”.  REALLY?  If the first two don’t work, why would I want another one?  I want a new phone!  So I’m willing to break my contract and pay for an iphone on AT&T just to never have to deal with your “service” again.

    What is that statistic about the cost of replacing a good paying customer?  I’m taking my $200 a month and 10 years of business to AT&T. And I’m taking my friends, family and anyone who is willing to listen with me. 

  • I got a Droid 2 to replace Droid. I love it.

  • damn i just called to make sure. they have sent me a droid 1 refurbished which sucks, was hoping for a new one at least, will probibly have the same dead pixel and headphone jack problem, should be here on monday

  • im getting mine on monday but i dont know if im getting a droid 2. in the email from verizon on how to activate my replacement phone it says “almost new” a855, i know that the droid 1 model but has anyone gotten the same email but received a droid 2? also i thought that i would get a brand new one?

  • Anitguru4u

    I am getting a droid 1 for replacement. I will confirm after I actually receive it.

  • Future USA Soldier


  • Future USA Soldier


  • someguy

    i think half of you that are “having issues” just want an upgrade for free… i was able to get a free d2 after a 3rd refurb but i honestly just wanted a new d1, youll have far better luck to actually go into a store and talk with a manager… just my 2 cents

  • Future USA Soldier


    • Future USA Soldier


  • someguy

    i think half of you that are “having issues” just want an upgrade for free… i was able to get a free d2 after a 3rd refurb but i honestly just wanted a new d1, youll have far better luck to actually go into a store and talk with a manager… just my 2 cents

  • Nesedesigns

    Received a droid 1 in the mail yesterday as a replacement but this one won't charge and the battery meter has a ?
    Anyone else have this issue???

  • Gregd538

    I'm supposed to get a droid 2 in the mail tomorrow to replace my droid 1….the Verizon rep. said the system indicated this to him. I'm praying.

  • Jspec1594

    I called for my replacement today. The guy said they have the Droid 1 back on stock (?) and sent me one. It should be here by Thursday. Whats the location to tell if its a Droid 2? Also If I get a refurbished Droid 1 and there are defects can I get another Droid 1 or possibly a Droid 2 or X?

  • Josh H

    finaly after talkin got the supervisor and after 3 consecutive DOA droids, theyre sending me a droid 2.

    • Future USA Soldier

      Im a do that to lol wat did u say to them

      • Josh H

        didnt use an eligiblity or anything, just told the tech guy i wanted to speek to his supervisor cause i kept getting these DOA's.

    • Mike

      Did they make you use your eligibility?

  • Iwgyms

    I had to have mine replaced and I received Droid 1 and will call tomorrow since this one has issues as well. Just my luck

  • Brarelabben

    Just went into a Verizon store to see if I could get a warranty replacement on my second phone and got a free upgrade.

  • Mrgac29204

    wow i called about my droid1 yesterday so they said theyd send me a replacement droid. i was hoping it would be the droid2 like everyone else, but i ended up getting the droid 1 again. i was quite upset. i actually had a reason to get a droid 2. the update messed up my droid. but someones headphone jack breaks(9 times out of 10 its there fault) and they get a droid 2? thats kinda messed up…

  • Future USA Soldier

    So yesterday I went to Verizon store because the mic on my girls droid1 “BROKE”. So they sending me a replacement phone Tuesday for her phone. Today I called technical support telling them my phone is over heating for the past couple days. They are also sending me a replacement phone for me. This will be the second replacement phone ill be getting in 2 months. I also told them how I already payed for 2 screen protectors & how im a need to buy the invisible shield again for my girls phone. So they are also sending me the 3 pack screen protector. My original droid, the power button stopped working. Hopefully we get the droid 2

    • Future USA Soldier

      I got 2 droids again like new. what should I do to these ones.

      • Future USA Soldier

        P.S. I'm in Vegas

        • Future USA Soldier

          so on one of the droids the “z” button doesn't work. they sending me my 4th droid

  • Jrigga22

    i called and complained because me charging port was loose, got sent a refurb d1. D1 doesnt charge at all, got another replacement coming tuesday

  • Donkey376

    Just called last night for a replacement as my micro usb port is fubared, and I was offered either a D2 or DX. D1's are out of stock I was told.

    • SjB

      What region are you in?

  • Josh H

    i got my replacement today. refurb droid that was messed up bad. didnt slide open. didnt vibrate at all. speaker didnt work. and they said theyres not chance of me getin any other kind of phone. even though everyone else is saying that if it comes messed up on arrival theyd ship u something else. ugh

  • After my third like new D1 which had corrupted code on bootloader screen on arrival. I complained to verizon customer service and I am not getting a new D2 because they said they were out of stock. Im getting a brand new Droid Incredible instead. Shipping next day and ill have it tomorrow!! YAY

    • Mike

      I'm on my forth replacement and they refuse to budge. They want me to use my upgrade and new every 2 promotion, but I don't want too. If this replacement isn't good, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm really getting tired of them

  • Sad

    my replacement was a Droid… Did not get the Droid 2… Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Sbello81

    has anyone had their shipment start from Fort Worth and then switch to Memphis? I'm in CT, so i'm not sure how that'd make sense… see below:

    Sep 8, 2010 1:50 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Sep 8, 2010 5:10 AMDeparted FedEx locationFORT WORTH, TX
    Sep 7, 2010 7:05 PMArrived at FedEx locationFORT WORTH, TX
    Sep 7, 2010 6:45 PMLeft FedEx origin facilityFORT WORTH, TX

    • J Denny1987

      yes, both of my replacements started in TX then transferred to TN


    • josh h

      same here

    • Ken619

      That happened to me too. Just got my phone today…it was a certified like new D1. I'm in San Diego

    • Rodney Silva

      Same here

    • Fedex has a major HUB in Memphis and thats why it goes there

    • Sbello81

      i did indeed get a D1, flat keyboard. They shipped it to the wrong address, so I had to drive 45 min to chase down the FedEx guy, who it ended up showing up a half hr late. Turns out the charging port is loose, so I'm sending it back. Just got a new tracking #, Fort Worth TX again, 1lb. Oh well.

  • louis

    I just was at verizon today because my battery kept over heating. They gave me a brand new battery for free and said if your phone keeps over heating right under the camera, call *611 and they'll send you a replacement droid. I called and they said they would send me a replacement droid. Does anyone think that they'll send me a replacement Droid or send me a brand new Droid 2?

    Please comment!!! 🙂

    • T3lancer2007

      I just called CS for a new phone also, hopefully I get one.

    • Rodney Silva

      Mine will he here tomorrow. Rep said it was a Droid. No talk of Droid 2

  • Rodney Silva

    Apparently they have stopped sending the d2. And started sending all those broke d1 that were getting replaced….

  • Demoltionman427

    I just called verizon complaining that my droid 1 replacement was locking up and they said they were going to ship a certified like new droid 2 with no back cover which they will ship at a later date.

    • rals

      They told you they were shipping out a Droid 2?

  • Irishpeter64

    I have a replacement being delivered Tuesday. E-mail said I was getting a Droid 1. Hoping for a 2. Sent this e-mail to Verizon tonight. It will be interesting to see what their response is.

    This communication comes in reference to whati feel has become an Unfair Replacement Process for Verizon. I have been made aware that several coworkers who got replacements for their Android were sent New Android 2 with no contract extension due to shortage of replacement Droids. The e-mail that I received concerning my current replacemnt (second time) states that I am receiving a Droid. While I ubderstand this is the normal procedure. I feel extremely under appreciated by this. If you look back at my account, I has a lot of trouble with my LG Touch, that is why I paid Full Retail for my Android. Now, here I go angain with the Droid. I have three phone on my account and have been a long-time customer, I again say that I feel extremely under appreciated.

  • Josh H

    Just got off the phone with verizon about replacing mine because the vibrater stoped working all together. they finaly did. no talk of a d2 and i know i prob wont but hey i can be hopeful lol

  • Called in on Thursday morning, because the bottom of my screen had gotten dead pixels and was starting to not work. Got another D1 on Friday afternoon shipped from TX. As soon as I got it activated, it got really hot and I could barely touch it. Today I went into the menu and couldn't scroll…screen and bottom buttons wouldn't work, I couldn't power it down, and it was really hot. Guy told me pull the battery after it cools down and take it to the store. They ordered another and said it may be a D1 or D2..they weren't sure.

  • Mike

    I got replacement Droid 1 with major cosmetic damage. I called them back and their shipping me another replacement phone 🙁 They wanted me to upgrade since I'm eligible

    • rals

      Where did it come from? TX?

      • Mike

        Yup…Fort Worth, Tx

        • rals

          I wonder the d2 would come from TN?



  • Californium89

    im so bummed i called in because my keyboard was shorting out….. i get another droid one refurb …. and the slider is out of wack… so i call back and the guy wasnt specific but they are either sending me another refurb d1 or a new d1… either way. im heated right now i told the rep to ask the manager and they said no go…. this one better be right or im droppin my contract

  • David_93552

    Just set up a claim for my D1 having a crack inside the screen. just got to wait and see what happens.

  • Cchorner1975

    I tried this yesterday and another Droid came, so bummed, especially since this is the second one i've returned.

  • MudRacer

    I called in 3 days ago about having problems with my D1, heating issues.

    The rep said she will send out the same D1 as that is the phone I carry. But since it is backordered it may take more than 4 days. I said ok no problem.

    A day later, I get an email stating my Droid X is on the way.

    Today I received the Droid X without the battery or the battery cover. Awesome right?

    Me being a genius called back the warranty department asking for the battery cover and battery, the lady on the other end says, “Oh, I'm sorry, that droid X was sent to you in error, we will have to send you the correct device so please send it back with the return label along with your original droid.”


    Are they gonna send me a Droid 2 now?!

  • Mchiklis

    Just got my Fedex from VZon, and…. it's a R2D2!!!!! Thanks Verizon!!!!


    Not really. But I did speak to a former neighbor who seemed to b e familiar with the process and he told me that the reps won't know what you will be getting, it's a warehousing issue. What the warehouse has in stock at the time the fulfillment order is being filled is what you get. The rep can tell you whatever, but it's apparently all on autopilot. Second your order hits, inventory is autochecked. If there are D1's, that is what you get. If not, a D2.

  • ankit199

    I just got a droid2 as a replacement for my droid. I called VZW customer support last evening about heating issues when I am talking on the phone. she said she'll replace it with a refurb droid but I got a droid2 today morning without the battery or the cover. the package said it weighed 1 lbs.

    • moyni1129

      Does the D1 cover and battery fit?

      • ankit199

        I havent tried it yet. it was delivered at home an my roommate told its a D2 w/o the d-pad. I should be home home soon to try it out. Cant wait!

        Does anybody know if the D1 and D2 share the same battery?

      • ankit199

        yes. the battery and the cover fit. although its now a black cover on a bluish back body

    • Dride20

      Where did it ship from??

      • ankit199

        it shipped from Memphis, TN

        • rals

          Yeah if it's new D2, it will come from TN. Otherwise, refurbs come from Dallas.

  • Irishpeter64

    I just called Verizon about issues with my Motorola Droid. I hopeI get a Droid 2

    • Irishpeter64

      The e-mail I got from Verizon about activating my replacement was for a Droid. I am hoping I get a surprise and get a Droid 2.

  • Josborne06

    I didn't receive a droid 2 for my replacement. but oh well my droid actually works now!

  • androidaddict

    I just got my replacement D1 today. 3rd phone, already has problems. Strange 3g fluctuations that have been killing battery and headphones come out with a static-y sound over the audio. Going to call again on Tuesday and get my D2, had enough of this BS

  • x auto detail

    ok all sorry by i have the d1 remplacer no luck for mi is ok

  • Heathcliff

    I just called to replace my Droid, and the rep told me that they are shipping a Droid, not Droid 2. I'm in Los Angeles, and the customer service guy was in Salt Lake City.

  • Called yesterday for a replacement because my headphone jack never works… it shipped @ 1lbs do you think im getting a droid 2.

    • Jmswim35

      so did i… it was 1 lb. got a d1 in the mail… *sigh*

      • sad I hope i get a droid 2 my room mate had a prob with his and he called and complained today. so i hope i get one i mean i think its unfair that only some people are getting it and others are not :-/

        • magdroid

          It's not unfair. You have to think, all these people with false claims are shipping back their D1's, and Verizon is getting their stock of D1's back. Plus, after the news broke everyone started complaining just to get a D2. So Verizon had to put a stop to it. Don't blame Verizon, blame the greedy people making the false claims. This is probably why the other news sites didn't post this. It's unfair for Verizon for people to complain just to get a D2. Not knocking on Droid-Life, they are just reporting news..but maybe this is something they should have kept under the rug, and people with genuine complaints would have gotten taken care of.

  • Gbarnwell

    While I don't condone someone making up some excuse to get an upgrade, this is welcome news for me. I've had an ongoing issue where my D1 turns itself off randomly, forcing a battery removal and hard restart. Been into the Vstore at least 3 times, did the prerequisite hard reset and then battery switch with no change, though it did take two weeks to do it again. After wasting two days and listening to countless excuses from the in-store V people, I simply called the custserv number after it happened again today. Miraculously, the rep was not condescending nor doubtful. It was noted in my account notes about my problem (I asked one of the nicer in store folks to please note..) I simply told her that I couldn't take any more time off to go do battle at a store and was there any way I could just exercise the warranty and get a replacement?

    She agreed without incident. I was like, huh? What a difference from the in-store people. It honestly doesn't matter to me if I get a D2, but it sure would be sweet!

    Phone's going out today for Monday delivery, so assuming that the posts about V's inventory are correct, my fingers are crossed.

  • robey

    I just went to the store and they said they would have to send me a new one since it's been laggy since the 2.2 update. I explained my dissapointment since I would have to buy a new Invisishield for the new Droid and asked if there was anything else she could do to save my D1. The lady said she would send me the upgraded D2 to make up for me having to buy a new screen shield.

  • felkdogg

    My girlfriend put in for a replacement Droid on Sunday (her first and only replacement since her launch week buy) and the box that showed up today was a new Droid 2. FYI, it was shipped as a 2 lb box.

  • adam

    received d1 with flat keyboard 🙁

    • Patrick64

      Same, the keyboard feels so weird, and I swear the slider is different…

  • moyni1129

    And it is….refurb D1 – Don't have time to set it up at the moment, but by looking at it you could never tell it was a refurb.

  • Lance

    is call verizon cause droid 1 is aacting up for example getting a black scream. they say they are going to send me a new one tomorrow but i ask n they say they still have droid's 1. hopefully i get the droid 2 😀

  • magdroid

    It seems that the overwhelming calls after posts like these have driven Verizon into replacing their Droid 1 Warrenty Replacements back to the old Droid 1's. They will no longer be shipping out Droid 2's / X's as a Warrenty Replacement. You should thank all the people that called in with false claims to try to get a free upgrade.

  • Jimmy81jh

    broke my screen on my d1 and the insurance company said they are sending me a droid eris what the hell?

  • disappointed

    Received a Refurbished D1 today for my warranty replacement. :_ – (

    • Captain Obvious

      Shouldnt be too disappointed. After all you should be happy to have a working D1. If you take your toyota corolla in for warranty work you dont get a lexus do you? I have seen lots of people faking issues in hopes of getting D2's. Big V did this as a coutesey when they were out of D1 stock. I wouldn't complain if I got one, but would not expect a D2 for a D1.

  • Flipnlatino24

    Called yesterday 9/1/10 for an issue i had with my phone having a very wobbly screen since i first go it. Received my replacement today 9/2/10. Received a “like new” D1 with the same issue as my old 1….

  • Kfath1978

    I am waiting on my replacement droid to get here….i will update if its a d2 or not..nothing was mentioned about getting a d2 by the VZW rep.

  • Blackanese

    my droid one takes blurry pictures and this recently started happening, before it took crystal clear pictures…i read online this could be a hardware issue…could i get mine replaced?

  • SuperpiffMGD

    I just got my droid 2 warranty replacement for my droid 1 and to be quite honest I hate moto blur i think its garbage and thats one thing i honestly miss about my droid 1 🙁 but when i opened up the package it came in 2 boxes one carrying the droid 2 in a white (which i think that means its refurbished and not new) and the other box was a brand new back and a battery. And once i hooked the phone activated it and started making phone call the phone got extremely hot to the point it shut off so i called verizon back said my concern so now they are over-nighting me another droid 2 so all in all not a good start for me and the droid 2 unfortunately so now i can officially say this will be my second droid 2 replacement LMAO

    And mine was shipped out of Fort Worth TX and i reside in Pennsylvania if that helps any

    • s1nner

      How much did it say it weighed when coming from FedEx? 1lb or 2lbs? Did you get an e-mail saying you would receive a Droid or Droid 2?

  • HELP?

    Did anyone else get an email saying your getting DROID 1 but ended up getting a DROID 2??????

  • David

    Well that sucks. They replaced mine this week with the first one.

  • Evilkokonut

    anyone who get the droid 2 receive the email about the guide to setting up your replacement device showing the droid 1?

  • monorailmedic

    just got my tracking, one pound. oh well, if this fixes my issues at least I'll have that going for me.

  • Wise-Guy

    What was the weight showing for the online tracking?

  • x auto detail

    well i guess i not have the same luck my the other the d2 for d1 remplacer i have track # said 1lbs is cam front TX

    i have tomorrow by is fine i give the galaxy s sume is out

  • Evilkokonut

    good news guys, I did some research about the shipping weight and it seems as though 1lb is the initial weight listed by fedex and can either change to 2lbs as it travels to your house or stay at 1 lb. This is according to this thread:


    • moyni1129

      Will keep my fingers crossed. I did get an email though about “activating my like new replacement A855.” Did you get that too?

      • x auto detail

        yes i have the same later how kwon let see

    • moynihan1129

      On truck for delivery and still 1LB. Will have to see what I end up with.

  • derpdederp

    I called for my replacement today. Pretty sure I got a droid1, but still hoping for droid2

  • Justin

    I see a ton of posts on this topic about warranties…
    What issues are you having with the phone to constitute a warranty replacement?
    I saw a bad earpiece in one, and fails to boot on another…

  • Jrowell2323

    has anyone received the email about getting a like new d1? and still got a d2? cause i just got the email for that today

    • x auto detail

      Yes i have the email from vzw is said a855 unit not said the d2 i guess not have luck

    • Mmmm

      i received an email like that but i havent received my phone till tomorow let me know what you get

  • Evilkokonut

    no one has answered if they received their droid 2 with the tracking displaying a 1lb weight

    • Patricia Edmonds

      nope, 2lb weight

  • Mike

    I just got an email saying Im getting a certified like new motorola a855 🙁 “Getting Started with Your Certified Like-New Replacement Device.”

    • moynihan1129

      Me too. I was hoping to see someone that got that email and still received a D2.

  • moynihan1129

    Has anyone got the email stating “How to activate your refurb like new a855(droid)?” and still received a D2 in the mail?

    • Sbello81

      that’s what i’d like to know! i’m dejected lol

  • Patricia Edmonds

    Can confirm receipt of a droid 2 as replacement in the mail today as well, complete with the same apology letter. Time to get it all set up.

  • jiggaman508

    Yes! My dreams have come true droid 2 replacement in mail today

  • jnasty84

    yup, i got lucky and they sent me a droid 2 🙂

  • Washilla

    i can confirm that SOME people are getting droid 2 replacements.

    i took my droid back last thursday because the earpiece quit working and i could only make calls from the speakerphone or a pair of headphones. the store rep had no droids in stock so he gave me a receipt saying a droid (A855) would be sent in a few days. monday i got my package and inside was a brand new droid 2 with the same letter above apologizing for the inconvenience and upgrading me. boy was that a surprise as i only wanted a working droid, i never asked for anything special!

    so monday, after hearing of my luck, my buddy takes his droid back for replacement but he just got a droid 1 in the mail today. im guessing they had some droid 1's in stock, so thats what he got. luck of the draw i think.

  • I just called up to ask about issues with random reboots and the headphone jack and the rep I talked to said that although there is a small chance that I might get a D1 refurb, he had none in his current inventory and I should get a new D2 by Friday.

  • MAK

    @Brian Alfono – I had the same issue with my replacement phone. I’ve tried 3 diff headphones sets and they all do it – it’s definitely the port on the unit. They are sending me a (err) replacement.

  • MAK

    Just called VZW about an issue with the headset port (legit issue)…they are sending me a new unit, should have it Friday. This is my second replacement. Person on the phone said it was a D1 though (which I expected).

  • Devin

    I had to call in for a warranty replacement yesterday, and the tech on the phone said let me check and see if we have any Droid 1s available first, he checked and said yes we have one in stock but it will take 3 days to come in. Has anyone been told the same thing and then recieved a D2 instead of a D1?

  • Jinxedpirate

    just got my tracking number for my replacement and it is 1LB from fort worth tx is it likely to be a droid1 or droid2?

    • moynihan1129

      Mine shipped from there and is 1LB. I get it tomorrow so I can post what I receive. The only other post I saw referencing a shipment from that location and weight was a D1 refurb….unless it could also be a new D2.

      • Jinxedpirate

        curious to know what it is I tried to find my old tracking when I bought my droid1 to see the weight and stuff but couldn't.. time to play the waiting game.

  • Whenever i listen to music on my droid with my headphones its all static and i have to turn my headphones in a circle until i cant here the static. Would this be considered my phone defective?

  • Your Comments I had the droid x and was disappointed. After locking up and NO customer support from Motorola nor Verizon I returned the unit . The kids at Motorola support had no training in the Droid X and were not able to help with the most basic requests. I will never buy a Motorola product again.

  • cpeter753

    Hey guys quick question. my droid has been having muffled speaker quality for some time but thought it was just the design of the phone. is anyone else having this problem? for instance if i move my phone slightly away from my mouth it gets really muffled badly. Grounds for a warranty replacement? i dont want to unroot for mo reason.

    • Justin

      Look in android forums, there was an old issue that was able to be fixed by changing settings in the phone.

  • I went into a V Store last Wednesday with my D1 with a broken power button. Was assured they would ship my a D1 within 2 days. Of course it didn’t show, so I called V customer care on Saturday. Was then told there is a back order and they could NOT guarantee when they would ship a replacement. I went round and round with the guy demanding a current model as replacement but he wouldn’t budge, saying I had to get a D1 and I have to wait for it. I called on Monday again to see what the latest status was and the girl told me a phone was on a FEDEX truck out for delivery that day. Before I even hung up with her, I got a knock on the door. Inside the box was a D2 with this same letter posted here.

    It’s no Droid X, but I’ll take it. Plus I paid ZERO out of pocket for it.

  • moynihan1129

    Just saw in a forum someone got a replacement today. Shipped from Fort Worth, TX and weighed 1.0LBS. It was a refurb D1. Just got a tracking update on mine. It was just picked up in Fort Worth, TX and weighs 1.0LB.

    • hoosprojectpat

      Mine shipped from Fort Worth as well, but the listed weight is 2.0LBS. We'll see today when i pick it up if it's a D2…

    • Mike

      Mine is saying 1.0LB and I ordered yesterday

  • I actually called Verizon today about this “inconvenience” and they gave me a $50 credit. 🙂

  • Cuppa-Coffee

    My replacement is on the way……..Hope this is true for me.

  • Seanflynn420

    just got home from verizon they told me D1 is on backorder they don't have any in stock. so they will overnight me my replacement when they come in…. fingers crossed for D2

  • monorailmedic

    Those that have requested warranty replacements, do you get an email once it ships or do you have to call/chk the website for a tracking number?

  • My droid 1 was replaced with droid 2… +1 for Verizon

  • Josborne06

    I went into a vzw store on august 25th and they told me they had D1 in stock and that I would be receiving it within 3 days. Now its Sept. 1st and no phone. I called vzw and the rep told me they were back ordered 48 hours and that I would be receiving my replacement D1 any day now. I asked about the possibility of getting a D2 and he said no cause they had D1 in stock.

  • just got mine 😀

  • Mysticist

    I just got a Droid 2 as a replacement for my Droid 1. I had the replacement scheduled at my local Verizon store Monday 08-30-10. Since they sent a new phone do I have to send back the sd card from the original? It has all of my stuff from the last 5 months & isn't going to fit on the 8gb card that came in the D2.

  • Evo8

    just called and there shipping me a phone, should be getting by Thursday or Friday. Hopefully a d2

  • Jnasty

    im pickin up my droid replacement at fedex today after 4, so ill let u guys kno if i got luicky with a droid 2

  • Bryan

    how do i get a Droid incredible for a droid 1?????

  • Heather

    same thing happened to me yesterday. about time verizon does something nice for their customers.

  • Joemoore3

    I just got a warranty D1. Had hoped for the D2 when I read about this a week or so ago but no dice here in Michigan.

  • moynihan1129

    I just got off the phone with verizon (I am actually having issues with my droid). I was told they have droid 1's in inventory and I will be getting a refurb. We will see… Those of you that got a D2, what did they tell you that you would receive?

  • monorailmedic

    On one hand, if you go to VZW's site right now you can order a 'certified pre-owned' Droid 1. On the other hand, several people were told there were D1's in stock and still received a D2. Who knows.

    • SWEradf

      Can you? All I see under cerified pre owned is a droid x and its out of stock (?)

      • monorailmedic

        I was going to post a screen cap but now that I look back it appears I may have taken more than my daily dose of mescaline today. My apologies.

  • SWEradf

    Hmm…just called to check on my replacement that I ordered last night and get a tracking number…asked if they had replacement droids in stock, guy checked and said they had…15,000 in stock. Guess they got that problem resolved. I'm guessing everyone that tried calling yesterday to get a free D2 is gonna end up disappointed

    • monorailmedic

      were they able to give you a tracking number already?

      • SWEradf

        Nah, said not till tonight or tomorrow.

  • Yesterday, I went into the VZ store for them to check some issues my Droid1 was exhibiting…and they determines that it was warranty related and put in the request for a new unit to be fedex'ed to me. When it arrives, I will let all of you know whether it is a 1 or 2…
    I had reverted back to stock 1.0.2…when the tech's took a look, they could not get it to OTA update…not sure if it was the rooting that was on it, but it was another issue for them to qualify it was warranty work…

  • Zalyia38

    Good surprise!? Depends on who you ask. I would be very upset to get a D2 instead of a D1.

  • Patricia Edmonds

    I have a warranty replacement phone coming in the mail today. Let's see if it's a Droid 2. That would be a nice surprise!

  • So i tried to get one with my broken “j” lol and i think they are sending out another droid 1 🙁

  • they told me I would be getting a “like new” Droid and 2 days later I got the apology letter and a droid 2. I was pretty excited about it, but this battery seems like it dies in half the time and the charge seems to be double the time and the ringer seems pretty quiet. Not sure I'm happy. The phone itself looks sleeker than the droid 1, but I didn't buy the D1 for it's looks.

  • kulz

    bastards!!! they refused to send either a DX or D2 and after haggling for 45mins, they settled on giving me the DInc!!!

    gosh darnit mother flunkers!!!!!

    • Marcmorano3

      last thursday i sent back my second droid 1 and was shocked when they sent me a brand new droid 2 with a letter of apology lol

      • kulz

        AND a letter of apology?~!?!~? >:O

    • Bryan

      did you have to pay for the droid incredible replacment? if so what did you ask?

  • Maniaci Thomas

    I just got a warranty replacement last week…Droid 1 in the box….at least this one works

  • ScottK

    The OTA to the first build of 2.2 killed my phone, wasted my whole day, and Verizon thanked me by making me wait for 4 more days without a phone. Just to rub salt in the wound, they sent me a refurbished one. Thanks for nothing Verizon.

  • Anon

    I officially love Verizon, thanks!

  • I just went into the VZ store yesterday for a couple of issues with my Droid. They decided it was warranty and put in the request to have a unit FedEx'ed to me. As soon as it comes, I will tell you if I got a Droid 1 or 2 for a replacement…good thing I restored to stock before I went in…they where rooting around, trying to get it to auto-update but it wouldn't from the 2.0.1 that was installed.

  • ChrisSBU

    I just had my D1 replaced a week ago, and they sent me another D1 refurb…I was a bit disappointed.

  • Glassb314

    I got my Droid 2 as a replacement on Monday. Best thing Verizon could have ever done for me.. especially with the crappy customer service I got on the phone. This totally redeemed them in my eyes.

  • Jay

    After my son was told there were no replacements available, and a week went by, I asked what our options were and they said replacements were backordered but that they we now available and we would get one in a week. 2 days laetr and he got the droid2. Only problem is that I only have the original 🙁

  • niceperson

    So this means people are going to be calling and saying their D1 is defective so they can get a droid 2? Nice scam 😀

  • Kfath1978

    got a replacement last week and it was a Droid 1.

    • Kfath1978

      got my 2nd replacement and it was a D1 again….hopefully this one works.

  • Damn, I'll have to keep my OG Droid for a while. Forget that locked bootloader crap. {{-_-}}

    • Henrystrawn

      I just got the last D1 they had for free with a 2 yr. I'm with you, I think this is just a way to get all the unlocked bootloaders off the street. I will hand on to mine, and insist of a refurb D1 if I have a problem.

  • magdroid

    The thing is, your Droid has to have a legitimate issue with it. If it is a hardware issue (that wasn't cause by mis-use of the phone…dropping it exc…) then it is a possibility. I had gone through 4 droids, which is uncommon I am sure. And they sent me a Droid 2. But, I did have legitimate issues, and Verizon did more than held their own and sent me a new one. I just hope that people don't abuse the system so people with Legitimate issues will get their problem resolved. If people abuse it, then I am sure they will end this Droid 2 for a Droid 1 switch. They also fooled me as well, I was told that I would be getting a Droid 1 in the mail.

  • ZeroX20

    Got one too! haha the messed up though and sent me two on accident, kinda hoping they would send me something new too. I was on my 6th Droid 1…Froyo wouldn't agree with any of my phones

  • Bob M Meriden CT

    I got one too yesterday. I got the same letter also to bad it wasn't a DX.

    • Bob M Meriden CT

      I went verizon on 8/26 and recieved it 8/30

  • Cedwards_famu

    Keeping the Droid 1 is better than the Drtoid 2? WHY? Someone please explain!

    • Heien

      Droid 1 is better then droid 2 if you root, because of overclocking, custom roms, and things like that.

    • Also Wifi tethering… Big difference!,

  • Osucowboy2k8

    I can confirm this, I had my replacement ordered on wednesday the 25th and got my droid 2 on monday the 30th, I had no idea I was getting a new phone, I was just expecting a refurb

  • slyOlo

    Yes, happened to me. Actually it happened to my wife, who had a D1. They first replaced it with a refurbished D1, it was no good. I called them back and asked for another replacement. Much to my surprise, a brand new D2. I had to ask her nicely, but she let me give her my D1 while I took the D2.

    I have to say that Motoblur is horrendous. I immediately rooted the thing and uninstalled all the crapware they load on it. I am just waiting for a rom so that I can load stock android on it.

    I have been very impressed with Verizon lately.

  • my boss just got the same thing today… SO jealous!!! worst part is i just got a refurb 1 on warranty exchange last week b/c os was tweaking!!!! grrrrrrrr

  • M42technic

    Just got a Droid 2 in the mail today as well to replace my D1 as well. Anyone know if I can keep the 16GB microSD card and battery out of my old unit for the D2? As I recall you usually swap over your existing ones with the refurbs these days anyways dont you?

  • Normanb20

    Mine is 1lb Shipping out of Ft Worth.
    Anyone have insight as to whether it is a D1 OR D2

    • Heien

      Droid 1 is 1lb, Droid 2 is 2lb

  • Ron

    I had my D1 replaced last week, and the replacement had major issues with the screen, so they sent me out another replacement, which happened to be a brand spanking new D2. I'm super excited!

  • Cjreyes666

    what i like is that verizon apologizes for sending a d2 instead of an original d1. yeah verizon im so pissed of that u sent a d2 i want my d1 and i want it now lol.

  • neggie

    well i had issues with a droid 1 and they are sending a droid 2. In 2 packages one will be the phone other will be battery and accesories which is weird but yeah

  • Lostsolvtec

    I guess we'll see what happens. I just dropped my droid 1 on the hardwood floor and my screen stopped working…can still make calls just can't see anything lol.

  • Jeffreymeyer99

    quick question i downloaded sms2pc and it seems like a great app from what i hear the only issue is i have tried to get it working on my own and i keep getting connection refused…. i am running it over wifi and have put my ip address in and neeither have made it work any ideas thanks guys

  • drathos

    Chalk up one more D2 warranty replacement. Kinda nice to get a free upgrade, but I'm not liking some of the “enhancements” Moto threw in.

    Would've rather gotten a Droid Prime so I could throw CM6 on it.

  • jds5445

    Got my suprise upgrade today and im so happy. 😀

  • Dave

    I got an Incredible as an Eris replacement, so none of this is really shocking.

  • La'Wayne

    yea..happened 2 me today…i had been havin problems wit my d1 …then i was readin about how some ppl got a d2 as a replacement so i was like….let me call them and report my problems lol….i asked if there was anyway i could get a d2 instead..the lady lied 2 me..told me i probably could if the batteries and the back of the phones were alike…she said they were different…i got the phone today and everything is the same lol..but hey….THANKS VERIZON 🙂

  • ANTONkoolaid

    Well I know never to trust reps but when I was having trouble with mine about ten days ago, she said there was “thousands of D1” in stock when I asked if they were going to ship me D1 or D2. Then overnight shipping took four nights. How convenient. Opened the box to a refurbished D1.

    When I plug in any headphones, I get A TON of static if I move the cord at all… would this count for another replacement or would the headphone jack need to be completely inoperable?

    Anyone with similar story/situation?

    • ANTONkoolaid

      In Portland, OR, by the way.

      • Rant

        Hey, I have a new one purchased from a corporate store about 2 months ago. I have the same static issue with the headphone jack. I'm going to call the local corporate store and find out if they have any D1s in stock if not, I'll be taking it there hoping for a D2 replacement. I would tell them you want a new replacement. It's a manufacturer's defect and you shouldn't have to deal with it.

        • Mike

          i have the same problem, whenever i even move the phone with headphones in, all i hear is static

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem and i want to know if i can get the D2

  • VitsDroid

    I moded my droid 1 car dock to fit the droid 2 and it works perfectly. All I did was just file the 2 tabs on the bottom and made them very thin, thin enough to slide in between the 2 screens, kinda like the snap on back covers, they are now only 1mm tall and super thin and works like a charm. I did go out and buy the Droid 2 car dock for the second car though. The Droid 2 car dock is awesome by the way. Considering without contract its $550 and with contract you can get it for about $150 a car dock purchase isnt a bad bone to throw Verizons way if you get a free warranty upgrade.

  • khaf

    Im waiting on my fourth Droid to arrive on thursday. I really wanted a new Droid one instead of the Droid 2, but I am tired of getting referbs that dont work omg verizon just give me a working phone that is the same or comparable!!!

  • guesy

    looks fake to me..also i received a diff phone as a replacement for my old HTC and i never received a letter…

    • Chris R

      Received same exact letter from Verizon…not fake!

  • Setul

    i wanna know do they do the same for the d1 people who have insurance n drop it n they replace it with a d2

  • VitsDroid

    the tech guy at Verizon said my Droid 1 was on its way on Thursday and on monday morning when I opened the fedex box there it was in all its Droid 2 Glory. Thanks Verizon!

    by the way i never asked for an upgrade or anything, so it was an awesome surprise 🙂

  • Got a warranty replacement for my D1 last week, was a D1… no fair. And it's a D1 with the lame flat keyboard.

  • what if i Got mine through ebay? if it broke could I get a Droid 2? anyone try this?

  • Marcmorano3

    hello i sent back my second droid 1 last thursday and on monday my fed x shipment came i was shocked to find a brand new droid 2 i called verizon to confirm they said enjoy the droid to and to just send back my old droid one but i can keep the battery what a sweet deal

  • Andy

    I also got one… now I just need custom ROMs to become available… still, though, twice the processing power? I'll put up with Motoblur covered by LauncherPro for that.

  • my replacements comin tomorrow……hopin for the D2 😀

  • DroidFan

    I have had the D2 for about a week now. I was indeed surprised when I opened the box to find a new D2. I am however disappointed that my otter box wont fit it though.

  • Morbid_Realities

    The best thing to do is call your local VZW store and see if they have any Original Droids in stock. If they don't then that's where you need to take your defective unit in. That's what I did for both mine and my wifes. We had broken Droids after the 2.2 update. My rooted unit was fine but both stock units suffered some major issues. The assistant manager on duty gave us both the D2 as replacements and told me that official stores are being told to do this if they do not have OG Droids in store stock. While it was a pleasant suprise I honestly did not want another Motorola phone that I wouldn't be able to root if I saw fit. He offered me an Incredible but said that they wouldn't have any in stock until the next week. As I couldn't go that long without a phone I had to take the D2.

    So on that note…anyone wanna trade me a Dinc for the D2..lol

  • Steven Pavick

    This is bullocks! I brought my D1 in for replacement the other day and was told I'll be recieving another D1 in the mail! They ARE still in stock!

  • Chris R.

    Got a Droid 2 as a replacement with the same letter…my buddy called on Thursday got a Droid 1 yesterday…called again yesterday and they sent him another Droid 1. Don't get your hopes up everyone! I'm in South Florida btw.

  • Phunter286

    Saturday I received my Droid 1 replacement in the mail (after 4 days of overnight shipment?) Spent all night changing over—had to reload all my applications and set it all back up again. Have been having all kinds of problems with the replacement Droid and just got back from Verizon. They are sending me ANOTHER replacement Droid 1 (I don't have insurance). Lets hope this one fixes the problems. And while I wouldn't mind if they replaced it with a Droid 2, that just means having to replace my two car docks and two desk chargers. Could be an expensive replacement.

    • Smokeyjoe

      You can use the desk charger from the original Droid…only reason I know this for sure is someone I work with has a D2 and I popped it into my D1 desk charger…worked fine. I've heard the car mount doesn't work though, but that's a small price to pay for a new phone…

      • Chris R

        I have the desk charger for the Droid 1 and I can confirm that it works on the Droid 2…

  • Pdxfrolfer

    If you are experiencing an issue but rooted do you need to unroot before returning the phone for the warranty exchange?

    • Morbid_Realities

      Yes you'd need to unroot. Not difficult. Takes approx 10 min. And id do a complete factory reset and backup your sd to your comp and format that too. I didn't have to take my rooted Droid in only my stock but a factory reset is recommended. You don't want other people knowing your business. Btw they did let me keep my 16gb sd card when they replaced my Droid with the D2

  • billn

    I just recieved a refurbished device and it was a D1… Don't get your hopes up. It also came preloaded with FRG22D… No rooting for me 🙁

  • Smokeyjoe

    To those that have recently gotten a replacement, where (generally, of course) do you live and where was the shipment from? Wondering if it's a regional thing determining who gets a D2…might be able to narrow it down for those interested…

    • Also, if you requested it specifically or not would be nice.

    • Chris

      live in North Carolina…Droid 2 came from TX

    • Chris R

      Live in Palm Beach, Florida…received Droid 2 yesterday…did not request it they told me factory like new device…Friend had similar issues and they sent him a Droid 1 twice…Shipped from Ft. Worth Texas…

    • drathos

      DC area from Ft Worth, TX. I didn't request a D2.

    • Heather

      In New York. I asked if i could get upgraded over the phone and she said i couldn’t unless i paid the MSRP for a new phone. Was surprised to see a droid2 in the box.

      • Were you eligible for an upgrade?

        • Heather

          No, i had purchased the original phone in Nov. (about a week after the droid rolled out) and am not eligible for an upgrade until Aug. 2011.

  • WhosToBlame

    Same thing happened for one of my Droid 1 replacements. CS rep specifically said we would be getting an Droid 1 and to our surprise we got an Droid 2. Also, this wasn't a refurbished one. It was brand new. They might feel bad that Motorola Stopped making a phone not even a year old.

  • x auto detail

    about d2 my phone the secreen is off if i have d2 is good by i give the galasy s a sume is came out now i not have phone to trut friday is cost me lot money be out the phone is run all my business is kill me i hope i have good phone this time the d1 or d2 i can give the galaxy s we the money i lose to day to friday i can buy 3 phone a retail prices

  • Jim

    Those who received a d2 in place of a d1 what was the shipping weight on the fed ex shipping info?

    • Heather

      2 lbs

  • faber

    thats the kind of customer service that will keep me willing to pay just a little bit more and staying with them as a carrier. way to handle your business verizon….:)

    • Their customer service is actually pissing me off.
      Hopefully though, my second replacement in the past two weeks because of problems on their end will be a Droid 2.

  • This happened to me just yesterday!!

    On thursday, i went into Verizon because the headphone jack on my D1 broke. They said they'd send me a new one (my SECOND replacement) so i said “whoopdy doo, another long and agonizing switch process!” Yesterday i was surprised to fine a shiny new Droid 2 in the box!!! The funniest part is that there was a letter in there endlessly apologizing for the new phone.. LOL!!

    ..So far i LOVE this phone, but is there a way to strip off the stupid motoblurish thing??

    • MAK

      Same scenario for me actually. I just called vzw to get another replacement (last one was 3 mo ago because of the charging port not connecting to the puter) because the headphone jack is FUBAR. They told me I’d get a D1 though. We’ll find out friday I guess

  • This happened to me just yesterday!!

    The headphone jack on my D1 broke, so Verizon shipped me a new one, and as the article says, i opened up the box to a shiny new d2!!! I was so happy!! The funniest part of the whole experience was that there was a letter in there endlessly apologizing for the phone, LOL!

    • JinxedPirate

      did you ask for the d2 or like me and just needed a replacement? lol

      • haha nope! I was expecting another droid 1

        • Heien

          I’ve had like 3 “remanufactured” phones now, and I called up asurion when the last one nearly exploded out of the box (overheated then crashed constantly). Hopefully I’ll get a nice snazzy Droid 2

          • C Henry94

            Dont get your hopes too high, you dont want to be let down if this doesn’t happen. I am one of the ones that received a Droid 1 replacement with another Droid 1 (Like new). It isn’t too bad, it does seem like it just came from the factory, and like before I rooted it and put my own custom rom and bootloader on it. But if I had the Droid2 I wouldn’t be disappointed, we all would like the 1GHz processor, even though being rooted I got mine to 1.5GHz. Thanks to Sapphire 1.0 ROM, and Watermark’D kernel! Runs extremely smooth!

          • dre

            wow 1.5Ghz? how’s the battery life on that bad boy?

          • C Henry94

            Pretty good, I dial down the power when I dont need it. So the battery lasts about a day and a half as long as I am not playing games or surfing the web for awhile on it.

    • Steven Pavick

      I just applied for a replacement of my D1 three days ago, which'll be here tomorrow. I'm hoping I can ditto your story!…although i doubt it because the customer service lady seemed to think I was dillusional when i alluded to the possibility of it.

  • JinxedPirate

    just called VZW and i'm getting my replacement in 2 days I didn't bring up or ask for the d2 so whatever happens happens.


    i called up yesterday and told them i had problems with my droid 1. they said similar phones were replacements so i told them i was interested in a droid x and its coming tomorrow i have the email if no one believes me.

    • Really hope I get the same news.

      • Anonymous

        good luck

    • Let's see the email.

      • OBEEZIE
        • But it's only “like-new”?

          • OBEEZIE

            they said new on the phone but this says otherwise.. i guess we'll find out tomorrow

          • Alright, let me know.
            And what region/state do you live?

          • Anonymous

            connecticut. i called 611 though so i dont think that would make a difference not sure though

    • What you posted was their offer for you to purchase a Certified Like New Phone, If you have numerous issues with replacements…They allow you to switch phones. Providing you PAY for the “certified like new device”. I just went through this same conversation with tech support 2 days ago when trying to figure out a resolution for replacing a droid for the fifth time. I was given a different alternative, which I chose, but you’re still going to have to pay for your new choice. =(
      I believe they give you the deal for already being a customer, so you’ll end up paying $299.99 and having to get a rebate of $100, so you’ll still spend $200+ on that new Droid X….Don’t forget if you want to enjoy the HDMI capabilities…that’ll be an addition to your bill. You have to buy a cable for that. I was on the phone for hours going over the options. That phone is also backordered. Quite a bit. Just a lil FYI

      • I doubt it would be possible, but I found that a lost of Wal-Marts have them in stock. So, if they somehow let me purchase it from there.
        Doubt it, though. And the Droid X is worth the wait.

  • sc4fpse

    Great news for most people! But for the few who would prefer an unlocked bootloader and a device that they could do whatever they pleased with, my condolences, truly.

    But a kind gesture on VZW's part nonetheless.

  • balthuszar

    if i'm rooted and something should happen to my phone…will being rooted cause me to not be eligible for a replacement?

    • lakerzz

      You would just have to make sure it can't be turned on so they wouldn't be able to tell you were rooted. And keep you're sd card of course. You didn't hear that from me. 😛

      • balthuszar

        hear what from you?

  • Just got off the phone with customer service about my old droid 1 and they confirmed sending out a new droid 2 replacement phone. YAY!!

    • s-girl

      What kind of warranty plan do you have? Mine is a limited warranty 1 year. Does it depend on your warranty status to get the upgrade?

  • Pretty cool, I guess. But since the OG droid ran Vanilla, I'm sure a lot of people are going to HATE how droid 2 runs.

  • Mudads

    I'm one of the 2 dozen confirmation people. Here is my story:

    First Droid: kept losing the icons on the screen and wouldn't unlock. I would have to do a battery pull to get it to work right. I happened to be in my local mall when it happened once. I took it to the Verizon store. They looked over it for 10+ minutes, then told me that they had never seen a droid do that so they ordered a replacement.

    Second Droid: One day after getting the replacement (which looked brand new mind you), I was prompted for the 2.2 update. I went through the update only to be greeted by a screen that had a triangle with an exclamation point in it. The screen stayed on for a while like that so I let it sit. About 5 minutes later I went back to check on it and the screen was black. So I hit the power button to wake the phone only to see that same screen for a split second then the phone restarted. I later compared my phone information with my wifes droid and the baseband number didnt match. I called Verizon to inquire and they told me my phone didn't update properly. The ordered another replacement.

    Third Droid: This replacement was bad. It felt like the screen was going to fall off of the lower keyboard part. It was really loose. I called Verizon to express my concerns with this replacement being able to hold itself together for any length of time. I didn't want to be denied a claim down the road if they thought I did something to it. They said the phone shouldn't be like that at all and ordered another replacement. (I figured out the next day that the base of the phone was actually bent which caused the screen to be very loose.)

    Droid 2: I called a couple days after the order was placed to see if I could get tracking info so that someone could be at my house to sign for the package. No information was available. I was told at that time that 3 of the 4 warehouses across the country that ship the refurbs were out. The warehouse in California had them, but with me being on the east coast that was the reason for the delay. I called this past Saturday to check again and there was still no tracking information. All I had was an order number stating that an order was placed. Monday afternoon FedEx showed up with a box (much heavier than the previous refurbs). I opened it up and to my surprise, there was a brand new Droid 2 with a copy of the letter shown above in this post.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to give a complete story as to what happened to me! I'm very happy and kudos to Verizon for going the extra mile!

    • m

      what is your location? did your package come from TX? did u receive an email from Verizon to activate your droid 1 but when u received your package it was really a droid 2?

  • andrewcweaver

    After I received a few Droid Incredible's, Verizon decided to send me a Droid X.

    • I EnV you.
      (Points if you saw what I did there)

    • putterk

      same here, except i nagged my retailer.

  • D-lifer-me-from-evil

    i bricked my phone with no way of fixing it, spent hours trying anything and got lucky and got it to load onto the main log in screen where you have to tap the android to start but when tapped it just blinked and did nothing, so i was sent a replacement but it was a d1. even though they say they are out of stock there is alot of certified like new phones in stock just not new ones. anyways i lucked out on getting a replacement.

  • Painkillajoe

    Just called the big red and they told me that they'll send me a droid 2 as a replacement for my droid 1 yay

  • Ebwan

    I too got a Droid2 as a replacement…

  • Zubie18

    Well i Just did a warranty clame today and i am receiving a droid 1. 🙁 Boo i would of loved for an Incredible or Droid 2!

  • Robinfriday2

    thats bull 2.2 bricked my gf's and my droid and we both got refurbished droid 1's

  • x auto detail

    well i call today my d1 is of screen not picture i have friday my remplacer by the C.service said is be the d1 no the d2 i hope i have luck on friday

  • chris

    whatt i couldnt even get a incredible s a replacement

  • pinotenvy

    i had to complain, but i got a incredible

  • chris

    thats bullshit i broke my droid yesterday and they could only replace it with a droid erris or devor!! maybe only if it has technicol problems??

  • Rkero88

    I just filed a claim for my D1 online…..offered me a Eris or milestone….or for me to wait untill my phone is in stock……said they would call me when it is…..hopefully they call say they are sending a d2

  • Ben Myton

    I requested a warranty replacement after the cell radio in my D1 stopped working (constantly searching for service) last Monday evening. The units were back ordered 48-72 hours which meant that after my free next-day AM shipping I didn't get the replacement until last Friday morning. It was a D1 refurb, however as far as I can tell it is as clean and mechanically sound as a new unit. All of the buttons work, the keyboard is more responsive and easier to click than my original brand new D1, and the headphone jack works fine.

    I would have liked to have been surprised with a D2, but truthfully I'm glad I didn't have to replace all of my clips/docks/car mounts.

  • Mwildberg2

    Funny this was just said. I received my third warranty certified like new Droid 1 device today to have the audio during phone calls muffled and distorted. I called Verizon Customer service and was on the phone for a good 45 minutes in and out of hold. Finally the rep I was speaking with told me that she had great news and that they were going to replace my Droid 1 for the Droid 2. She ran through her things she must say and placed the order. She then told me that there is a small possibility that I could receive the Droid 1 instead, but it is slim. Before all of this she had advised me that the Droid 1's were currently out of stock. Well within the next hour I received a tracking number stating that the device had shipped. I called Verizon customer service to ask them if they could tell me whether or not the phone sent out was a Droid 1 or Droid 2 and all 4 times calling the 3 Customer service reps said it is the phone A855 (which is the Droid 1) and the Technical support rep said the same thing. What my question is is how can that be when I was just told that the Droid 1's were currently out of stock and that I was going to be receiving the Droid 2 for replacement? Is there a way that the rep that told me that I would be receiving the Droid 2 ordered the Droid 2 but on the account it states that the phone being replaced is the Droid 1? Meaning that I would receive the Droid 2, but to the support reps it says I am receiving the Droid 1.

    I sure hope my replacement is a droid 2 when it arrives this thursday keep your fingers crossed!!!!

    • Hyphnx

      What is the weight of the package?

      Mine was 2LBS and came from Ft. Worth, Texas

      • Mwildberg2

        Says 1 Lb and from Ft. Worth

        • Hyphnx

          More than likely a Droid 1 Replacement.

        • Heien

          They’re probably sending you a refurbed replacement and the new Stock Droid are out.

  • Dreamtheater993

    Can someone please answer these two questions for me? 1) For those people who have gotten replacements, did you have to pay at all or do they replace it for free. 2) What happens to your old phone – can you keep it or do you have to send it in?

    • d111795

      the only reason verizon would replace your phone is because of a defect, so yes, it would be free. and you have to send in your old phone, they give you the return shipping label in the box of the replacement phone.

  • Chris

    maybe i should “accidentally” drop my droid 1 out the second story window of my house. or forget to take it out of my pocket when i go swimming.

    • d111795

      have fun paying the $90 deductible for an insurance claim, if you have it at all. this post is about WARRANTY replacements, meaning the phone has a manufacturing defect or software problem that is causing the phone to malfunction. that's the only way verizon itself would send you another phone.

      • Would overheating, a poor muffled speaker, and slow charging possibly be considered software?
        Along with a laggy touchscreen, headphone jack that gets messed up if the headphone plug is moved, poor volume, and picture messaging errors, and activation errors when I first got it.
        All on a brand new refurbished replacement less then a week old (from an insurance claim.)

        And do you think once (if) I get a D2 replacement, I'd be able to swap it for a Droid X, by saying I dislike it? (Would think it would work since they are both the same price..)
        Or would I be able to get upgrade eligibility instead of a phone replacement, so I can just go to Wal-mart and grab an X for cheaper that's in stock?

        • Also, should I call, or take it into a Verizon store?

  • zachattack112

    My charging port is so jacked up… it only charges my phone when it feels like charging it. And its not my charger since I've tried 3 and they don't work

    • Same here. I brought it to the store and they wouldn't give me a replacement. If you try to get a new one, tell me how it goes.

    • Djlowproz

      my charger port is loose but it charges just fine

      • zachattack112

        Mine was loose, and then it stopped charging.

        • Anonymous

          Mine was loose too and just today charged my phone but if i moved it it would reset every time. They said the brackets on the sides of the ports must have broken off or something. Getting a replacement in 1-2 business days! The representative said he didn’t know if it would be a newer phone/replacement or a refurbished phone. He later corrected himself to say it would be a new D1 but he was so hesitant that i’m hoping it was a lie 😀

  • Bobsquarepants313

    Just got my replacement for my droid……it was a Droid 2! 🙂

  • Stephen D

    With the arrival of custom roms on the X, I wouldn't mind if something stopped working in my phone to warrant a replacement so that I would have a chance at getting a D2.

  • Honestly people. The more we post about this the more they'll stop it. Verizon is doing it out of a courtesy. They take the hit on each phone they send out like this. Granted they can afford it, but it just weakens the budget of theirs for other things.

  • Cory

    Does anyone know how i can break my phone and make it look like an accident? lololol

  • i got mine today, expected a D1 and opened the fed ex box to a d2, nice surprise

  • D2D1

    haha i hope this works just milked it and said my battery didnt work and that sometimes it didnt charge. There sending a replacement should be arriving thursday hopefully its a D2 and if its a refurbished D1 ill just return the refurb D1 keep my original lol

    • d111795

      but don't you think they'll look at your phone once you send it back, and see that there's nothing wrong with it?

      • D2D1

        i doubt it lol

  • droidfan2

    I got my D2 replacement in the mail yesterday. I had confirmed with verizon that it was going to be a D1 and even in the shipping instructions it said D1. It came with the same letter and a new D2 not a refurb. If they keep this up i'll never need to “buy” a new phone 🙂

  • JLeo87

    My charger port is all messed up on my Droid 1, maybe if I try to get it replaced I can get a Droid 2 as well?

    • Me too. Brought it to the store and the guy said it wasn't covered. Tell me if you get lucky, though

      • zachattack112

        Weird, if its the charging port, wouldn't that be covered by warranty?

        • I was surprised. I hadn't abused my phone at all and almost every other part is in perfect condition. He said it was “physical damage” which wasn't covered and was just trying to sell me a new phone.

          • MAK

            Go Back – that is crap – my charging port on my D1 was toast (wouldn’t connect to a puter) and was covered under warranty. Go back and talk to someone else as the momo you talked to doesn’t know what they are talking about

  • Kit

    Just got my D1 replaced with a D2 in the mail yesterday. Right side of the screen on my D1 stopped working, Verizon told me my replacement would be another D1, but low and behold a D2 showed up with the same letter in the pic above!

  • Cougz09


    just got my droid1 replaced with a droid2 today! the package came in the mail with that same letter in the picture.

    great great stuff!

  • jtwildman1

    Hope my Droid doesn't crap out. Not hating on 2, but don't want Motor blur on my phone.

    • jodytamar

      my Droid display kept crapping out. i expected a D1 replacement, got the D2. happy to have a faster phone, already annoyed to be without my vanilla android 🙁

  • briderx

    My droid1 replacement was a droid1.. Sucky.

    • Ashotharu

      when did u ask for the replacement? was it a while ago or what? maybe they just started having shortages

      • briderx

        It was about a week ago. I had called, and the guy was sending me out a replacement, but couldn't find any in stock.. So he “did me a solid” and tracked one down for me.. But told me it'd be a few days before he could locate one.. Stupid customer service.. Going out of your way when I really don't want you to. 🙁 Ha ha.. I'm happy though. I got my insurance plan through State Farm on my phone before they stopped doing it.. So, for $32.00 a year, i'm fully covered. They didn't want me to get a new phone, stating that they'd have to terminate the insurance once I switch phones.. So, I sent the new replacement back, and am just going to deal with my phone until something major goes wrong and then see how their insurance works.. Oh yeah.. ZERO DEDUCTIBLE.. Sweetness.

  • Beachnomad

    I got a original in return for my original as of 9 days ago. I think I'd rather hang on to my D1 then mess with the new one.

  • Jo

    Did two dozen+ people all just experience legit problems with their Droid 1s over the course of the past few days, or are people gaming the system? If the latter, please give advice on gaming the system. hehe

    Seriously though…anything to lose by calling VZ and asking for a replacement phone, whatever it may be? Chances are you dont get a D1…and if you did, couldn't you just send it back and say your original phone magically started working again? hmmm…

    • Anonymous

      My Droid started having touchscreen issues about 2 weeks ago (acted possessed and had dead zones where it was unresponsive). Finally got a chance to take it in to have it dealt with last week. Was supposed to get what I assumed to be a refurb Droid last Friday, but it didn’t show up. Got a call from FedEx today that they had it but the address was incomplete so they couldn’t deliver. Picked it up and was surprised to find a Droid 2 box inside.

    • Calculatorwatch

      My proximity sensor on my D1 has never worked well, it’s tolerable but occasionally it gets screwed up and I hang up or mess up calls with my face. So far I’ve been too lazy to get it warrantied but as time goes on it seems my laziness could give me a chance to get a new D2 instead. I like the D1 but the superfast processor is just too tempting.

    • Heather

      my droid 1 was force closing after every application. it also took a good 5 minutes after hitting the home button for the icons to pop back up onto the screen. they did a factory reset in the store which worked the rest of the day but started force closing again the next day (sunday). i called verizon this time and the very nice lady on the phone had me do a manual reset which restarts the phone. the first thing that came up was a force close screen. she told me that she would have a replacement shipped out but told me to keep the battery and the back cover so i was fully expecting a droid1. when i got the package yesterday (tuesday) there was a droid2 in the box with a letter stating sorry we are out of droid1 please accept our apology as we upgrade you to a droid2. totally unexpected and very nice.

      • m

        what is your location? did your package come from TX? did u receive an email from Verizon to activate your droid 1 but when u received your package it was really a droid 2?

    • I haven’t gotten a warranty replacement yet, I’ve had at least 2-3 problems that I know are flaws/defects. Most annoyingly is the static in my headphones (all of them) when the phone moves, It’s gotten worse with time and I probably wouldn’t have sent an email if it wasn’t for them dangling a new better phone in my face. I probably would have just forgot about it and lived with it.

      For the record, the other issues are my keyboard randomly types in 2 letters instead of 1, I’d say it happens 2-3 times a paragraph. Third and I don’t even know if this is a flaw but something on all Droids, serious grounding issues. I can’t even use my phone when it’s charging in the dock unless I have my hand on the back of it, if I have the droid charing flat on my desk it’s totally unusable, the touch screen jitters, is unresponsive, detects random fingers. Both issues are annoying, but I probably wouldn’t bother with getting a replacement if I didn’t have the option of getting a Droid 2.

      • BG

        My wife’s Droid started typing in 2 letters instead of 1 about two weeks ago.

  • A week ago, I fell into my pool with my Droid 1.
    Payed for the insurance, got a replacement. It was a refurbished Droid 1.
    I have had nothing but problems ever since.
    Activation took two days and hours to get to work and trying different approaches, after the normal way of it activating on boot didn't work, and the help lines did no help.
    Touch screen lags, overheats, picture messaging issues, bad speaker, quiet volume, faulty headphone jack and other little things. Not to mention the physical condition of the phone upon arrival, which was dust everywhere, dust under the screen and a few nicks, which I worked out after an hour or so of thorough cleaning with special wipes.

    Any chance I'll be able to work a Droid 2, or much more preferably, a Droid X out of this?
    I was hoping that they would set my line eligible for an early upgrade for the right amount of complaining, and then I could just head over to Wal-Mart, which acutally has X's in stock, and purchase one there.

    If so, how should I go about it?

    • Thinking about calling and complaining, and hopefully they'll send a Droid 2, then I can say I dislike it, and see if I can switch for a Droid X?
      But, if I end up just getting a Droid 1 again, I'm screwed, and if I complain again of a problem, it'll just look fake.
      So, should I call or take it straight to the Verizon store, and what's the best approach to end up with a Droid X in the end?

      • Well, I'm thinking about just letting it sit in the basement for a day or two, gather up some more dust and wipe it of sloppily. Play with the camera and volume rocker a bit to make them seem loose, shave the usb plug in a bit, and just do little things to make it seem like it was refurbished poorly to emphasize the problems.
        But seeing as so many people are getting replacements just by calling, I may try that, and with any luck, get a Droid 2. Since it's technically the same price as the X and all, I could hopefully just complain that I dislike the D2 itself, and see if I can just switch over to the Droid X, even if it's just a small fee.
        But just having the line made available for upgrade would be easiest, so I could just turn around, go to Wal-Mart, and grab an X.

    • Stephen D

      You shouldn't have even cleaned it. I would have put it in the box and went straight out to a VZ store.

      • Well, I'm thinking about just letting it sit in the basement for a day or two, gather up some more dust and wipe it of sloppily. Play with the camera and volume rocker a bit to make them seem loose, shave the usb plug in a bit, and just do little things to make it seem like it was refurbished poorly to emphasize the problems.
        But seeing as so many people are getting replacements just by calling, I may try that, and with any luck, get a Droid 2. Since it's technically the same price as the X and all, I could hopefully just complain that I dislike the D2 itself, and see if I can just switch over to the Droid X, even if it's just a small fee.
        But just having the line made available for upgrade would be easiest, so I could just turn around, go to Wal-Mart, and grab an X.

        • Another question, though.
          Would another replacement (hopefully a D2 since an X is extremely unlikely) be done through the insurance (Asurion or something?) that I got my replacement that I'm having the problems with, or would a new replacement be done through the warranty, since it's only been a few days?

    • Guest

      I used to have the warranty years ago with Verizon. Complete waste of money. It was for a Motorola StarTAC, and Asurion kept sending defective refurb phones over and over. I only had a limited period of time to return the refurb phone back before they considered it a new incident, which would have meant another $50 deductable. I finally thought I got a decent phone, but nope, 2 weeks after the cut off date to return the phone, the refurb acted up.

      I ended up upgrading to a new phone when my contract was due, and I cancelled the insurance. I am more careful with my cell phones, and I have never damaged one since. The $8 – $10 (or more now) they charge per month plus the deductable (which is $90 now) is not worth it. I would rather just pay the retail price if I damaged the phone, because it is cheaper in the long run. At least I would get a new phone and would not have to sign a new contract.

      Asurion are crooks. You are better off just setting that insurance fee on fire each month, or better yet, put that money in a piggy bank and voila, you would quickly have the money to replace a phone at retail price.

      Besides, if you know you would have to pay full retail, I bet you would take better care of your phone.

  • makes me wonder if i will receive a D2 tomorrow from Asurion, it says a D1 will come but who knows 🙂

  • Chris

    Got a Droid 2 as a replacement for a Droid 1 yesterday…definitely a nice surprise!

  • cucabueno

    it is true. it should arrive tomorrow!

  • do you think i could get one if i trade mine in? my “j” on the keyboard doesnt really work

    • Keithsmnr

      If something doesn't work on your phone, even something as a single key, the phone is defective and yes you can get it replaced just call VZ.

      • do you think they'll actually give me a new droid 2?

  • Matt4542

    The touch screen on my Droid 1 is all messed up so today I called Verizon and the guy on the phone said “Due to a shortage in the Droid we are going to ship you a device with a similar build and similar features, is this okay?” and they are shipping me a new phone overnight so I hope it is a Droid X or a Droid 2 :]

    • Anonymous

      i hope they don’t have the same opinion of “similar build and similar features” as asurion. you may end up with an LG ally if that is so.

      • They tried to stick me with an Ally or Eris saying they were similar. Bullshit.
        Waited for a refurbished D1 to get in stock, which turned out to have one problem after another.

  • I just got a “certified like new” droid 1 replacement last week.

  • Hyphnx

    I called Sunday to see what was wrong with my Droid 1. It would reboot without going to my home screen. The lady said, “let me patch you to technical support.” After about 5 minutes she picked up the line and said, “if you can't access your phone we can't either so we will send you a new one with all the updates on it.” Opened my fedex box and there was a full retail box of droid 2. I did get a letter as well. I will be returning my droid 2 for the R2-D2 Droid. (Verizon said its okay)

  • Andyu11

    haha i actually just milked the representative for a D2 as a replacement. should be getting it tomorrow!

    • Gunna' try to milk an early upgrade option for myself.

  • Yea, I got my D2 in the mail yesterday for my replacement. I had no idea i was getting the D2. They kept telling my that they couldn't do that for any reason. I told them I had read it online and they basically said that the “internet” was wrong.

    • andrew

      The Internet is never wrong!

    • Steve

      This is reassuring! I;m expecting a D1 replacement for my D1, but would be overjoyed if I got a D2 by some small chance!

    • Anonymous

      You actually told Verizon that you expected a D2 as a replacement for your D1 because the Internet said so? Wow.

  • steve

    how do you know if you will actually get the droid 2 or not?

  • EC8CH


    They are just trying to get all those awesome unlocked Motorola bootloaders off the streets.

    • motoblah

      hehe as exciting as it is to be getting D2 replacements, this may very well be true!

    • Cedwards_famu

      Hey, what do yo mean? So are you saying the Droid 1 is better than the Droid 2?

      • Anonymous

        In a way, it is. I wouldn’t trade my Droid 1 for a Droid 2 right now. Custom ROMs are too much fun.

    • niceperson

      I agree…

  • Brian Warner

    I got a DROID 1 as my replacement …

  • Soleicey

    hey kellex i had a question, do you think Verizon will replace my droid 2, it is one of the earlier models and i get bad signal at random times

    • Keithsmnr

      Call Verizon.

  • Andy

    So if I have had my D1 for 9 months now, all I do is call verizon for a new one and I will get a D2?

    • Keithsmnr

      No absolutely not. You MAY be able to finagle an early upgrade if you pay the MSRP, But if there is nothing wrong with your Droid then they will not replace it.

  • Papoose34328

    this actually works? you probably have to have a couple of warranty replacements before you can get an upgrade to a droid 2 right?

  • DennisthemennisN

    unless its the r2d2 version, I will wait for that shortage of droid 1s to be available. I will gladly take the DX as a replacement though 😀

  • Tehckotek

    I got mine after a D1 replacement!

  • And right avfter i just got a D1 replacement

  • I received a refurb Droid 1 in the mail today, but then again, Big Red is also shipping me a Droid X on September 10th.

    • Mrpicolas

      Lol you go ludda 🙂

    • Busted my Droid 1, they gave me a refurbished Droid 1 I'm having nothing but problems with.
      Going to bitch this weekend, hopefully I'll get a Droid 2, or much better yet, a Droid X.

      Was thinking about just asking for them to make an upgrade available on my line, then I can just run to Wal-mart and get a Droid X for the discounted Wal-Mart price alone with the upgrade price, and not need to wait three weeks for it to ship.

  • Haneygregory

    I'd be interested in this, but I'll wait for more rooting ability and custom Roms before I rock the Droid 2.

    • Haneygregory

      Also, I hop in posting here early on I can stop the stupidity of all the “first” comments. Seriously, those do nothing for the site or the article. Just pointless.

      • Portman200

        Yours is pointless to, has nothing to do with this. as for mine too.

        I have a D1 and it keeps force closing everything, bad single where i used to get good. Could it be the 2.2 update and do you thing they would replace it with a D2?

      • ^ THAT GUY WAS “FIRST”

      • Firsties^^^^^