Milestone 2 Makes Brief Appearance? Does HD Video?

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The Motorola Milestone 2 made an unexpected appearance today and one that wasn’t planned by Motorola from what we can tell.  A full on intro video was found by Android Central then quickly removed only to re-appear again from some a sneaky Engadget reader.

Some interesting facts from the video:

  • Opening credit mentions “Motorola Milestone 2 with MotoBlur”.  Yuck.
  • HD video.  (Yep, the same feature left off of the Droid 2.)
  • Flash 10.1.
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • Up to 40GB of storage.
  • 3G mobile hotspot.
  • New Droid 2 keyboard.
  • Improved camera with dual LED flash.
  • Seriously, MotoBlur everywhere.

Check out the video after the jump before it’s pulled!

Video Action:

This is definitely interesting and semi-frustrating stuff.  If it really takes HD video with the Droid 2 is stuck with “DVD quality” video, that is extremely unfortunate.  And the MotoBlur stuff is funny.  We told you the Droid X was running MotoBlur and after seeing this phone with it, you can tell that Moto simply change the launcher to look more Droid-esque, but is all about the Blur.

No release date, but we’ll see what else we can dig up!

Via:  Engadget, Android Central

Cheers RacecarBMW and Orlando!



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