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DROID2 Rooting Method Works for DROIDX Running Froyo

The same rooting method used for the Droid2 that we told the world about yesterday also works on the Droid X running Android 2.2.  So anyone that upgraded their DX to Froyo the other day and either lost root or never had it, prepare yourselves to gain control.

All you need to do is follow these directions exactly and superuser access is yours:

*Warning* – As always, when you decide to root your phone, you understand that it voids your warranty.  You also take all responsibility should something permanently damage your phone.  Droid Life will not be held responsible.

– Install adb/Android SDK and Motorola drivers for windows(32-bit or 64-bit)
– Download this file:  Droid2Root.rar
– Extract to a directory, I used c:\Droid2Root
– Make sure you have USB degugging enabled
– Change connection to PC Mode

1.  Open command prompt
2.  cd c:\wherever-your-sdk-tools-folder-is
3.  adb devices (to verify the connection)
4.  cd c:\Droid2Root
5.  adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk
6.  adb push su /sdcard/su
7.  adb push busybox /sdcard/busybox
8.  adb push rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin
9.  adb shell
10.  cd data/local/tmp
11.  chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin
12.  ./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

13.  let the process run until it returns you to c:\Droid2Root (be patient, it may take a bit)
14.  cd c:\wherever-your-sdk-tools-folder-is
15.  adb devices (to verify the connection)
16.  adb shell (you should now have a # prompt)
17.  mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system
18.  cp /sdcard/Superuser.apk /system/app/Superuser.apk
19.  cp /sdcard/su /system/bin/su
20.  cp /sdcard/busybox /system/bin/busybox
21.  chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
22.  chmod 4755 /system/bin/busybox
23.  mount -o ro,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system
24.  exit
25.  exit

*Note 1* – If you get to step 16 and do see a “#” then something has gone wrong.  I was able to simply start the process over and the second time through received the “#”.

*Note 2* – Should you run into other issues, hit up our comment section or the XDA Forum link below.

And this is just a guess, but you have to figure a 1-touch method is in the works already.  Stay tuned.

All credit goes to Sebastian Krahmer and XDA Forums.

  • Gregory Massery

    Every time I get to step, “./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin”, I get kicked out as planned.  When input “adb devices” it returns the device’s S/N but says it’s “offline” and I can’t access the phone until I reboot my phone.  After I reboot my phone I re-access the adb shell but I still only receive the “$” vice “#”.  I redo step, “./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin” but the same thing happens again.  I can’t get past that.  Out of curiosity, I moved on to step, “mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system” but as planned, the “operation is not permitted”.    Can anyone help me?

    • Gregory Massery

      oh yeah, I’m trying to root a Motorola Droid 2, v 2.3.3

  • Kinegos

    I did this some time ago, but have been unable to figure out how to unroot the phone so I can apply the latest update – and now I get update pushes almost every day without the option to ignore them. Can you post instructions on how to unroot the phone if you rooted it with this method??? THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    Droid2Root.RAR is a virus according to MS Security Essentials lol

    • You_People

      yeah…so is it legit?

  • Person

    adb is not recognized 4 me.

  • Person

    adb is not recognized 4 me.

  • I would like to say thanks to provide link,warning,setup and process.It make very easy to download process….

  • Here is my own version on how to Root Droid X. If you can’t get it to work, you might try doing the things that I tried.

  • Lvslim42

    Where do i get the driver for the droid x

  • Lvslim42

    adb is not recognized???

  • I harmonize with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great lucidity in your writing.

  • There are a couple of spots where a space isn’t overly obvious unless you’re somewhat familiar with shell commands.

  • Coronelac

    Ok so I followed all the steps but when the command ./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin finishes I get
    -“adb connection will be reset. Restart adb server on desktop and re-login.

    The usb debugging icon is still active after this.

    So after that I ran the “adb devices” command and got
    -List of devices attached.

    Wth? I tried all the different modes, tried quickly disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable after the./rage command but that only resulted in a $ and not a # after the “adb shell” command, reinstalling different kinds of drivers about twenty times now, did a couple factory resets, I even tried to do it in safe mode. I need Help, any ideas?

    • Coronelac

      Ok after spending almost two days on my second Droid x I finally got it with this method;

      Step 2 option A: rooting without a pc.

      My first root wasn't nearly as difficult as this second root. My only guess is that maybe RDS lite messed around with the drivers.

  • Jberry

    I managed to get all the way through step 15. When I do a “adb shell”, however, I get a normal $ prompt and not a super-user prompt. I have tried changing Motorola drivers based on a comment below. I have switched my USB connection from Windows Media Sync to Charge Only. I have disabled and reenabled USB debugging. And I continuously try doing a “adb shell” in the hopes that I will eventually see a # prompt. I'm running out of options. I tried executing the mount command (in step 17), just in case it might work; but of course it won't until you're running su. Next thought is to pull the battery out. I'm running out of ideas. I checked the forum thread at http://forum.androidcentral.co…. Nothing there really helped either. FYI, I'm running Android 2.2.1 on a Droid X.

    Any other suggestions?

    • Coronelac

      Try rooting without a PC, it worked for me. http://www.droidforums.net/for

      • Jberry

        You are THE MAN (whether you're male or female)!! I hadn't known that you could do this from within the Droid X itself. Worked like a champ. For everyone who is stuck trying to get a # prompt after the execution of the rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin, follow the link that coronelac referenced. Just be careful to follow the instructions exactly as indicated. There are a couple of spots where a space isn't overly obvious unless you're somewhat familiar with shell commands. For example, on the 'mount' command, there is a space before the final '/system'.

        Once again, thank you for your debugging efforts and sharing the information you found.

  • The droid x and did the update the the leaked 2.2 froyo and figured a one click root would be out for the 2.2 by the time I needed root…Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  • Boola

    Step 15. adb devices (to verify the connection)

    always return a blank list of device offline then I have to restart the phone and redo all the steps but I always end up with the same problem can't get past step 15. I tried two different sets of drivers reinstalled SDK. by the way sdk r8 adb is not there by default you have to download it using the manager. great work pissing me off why I can't get it to work mine I had the pre froyo version rooted on 3 phones easily.

    • Boola

      Sorry my previous post should have said

      Step 15 always returns a Blank List of devices OR device ###### (number) offline. I tried all USB connection types PC mode, Windows media sync, USB mass storage, chage only. I have debuggin enabled.

      once I get to step 15 the only way to get adb to find my phone is if I restart the phone and plug it in again.

  • From the Terminal Emulator (On your Droid), you can start at step 10 once you've placed the files on your SD card.Thanks for alot for sharing with us..

  • HackFaster

    Does this work on the original Droid 2.2 FRG22D Froyo?

  • I never rooted my 2.1 droid x and did the update the the leaked 2.2 froyo and figured a one click root would be out for the 2.2 by the time I needed root.
    But, found myself needing the wifi tether today so I did some searching and came to your post.

  • Easily, the article is actually the best on this laudable topic.the Superuser Permissions app just shows you what has access to Superuser. I harmonize with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great lucidity in your writing…

  • Jclausen4

    Can you unroot?

  • MicahW29

    Know lots have been struggling with this. I was getting hung up on the reboot adb section every time. I finally got my Dx rooted this morning…what finally helped was a) having bluetooth on and b) rebooting phone AND computer. When I tried after rebooting both, root pushed through very quickly with no problems. Hope that might help some others

    • Mjwangerin

      whoops, wrong 2.2 root post…argh. sorry about that folks

  • Soccerfire92

    I did this and it worked. I have the app and everything. But everytime i try to open the app its blank. Just a black screen. help?

    • Uplink

      Plug your phone to your PC, open a terminal (command prompt) and go to androidsdk/tools and type “adb shell” you will get this $. Now type su and you will get a popup on your screen asking for permission. Tap allow and your done.

  • Mark

    As with other posters, I couldn't get the ADB to connect. The key was using these drivers instead:


    Then it worked like a charm.

  • Droid

    how do you actually get the USB drivers? the link to it just keeps you going in a loop or to some addware

  • Evldead123

    Im running a DX with leaked 2.2
    I've gone through everything seemingly successful. Superuser Permissions shows up in my applications draw but no root apps work.
    When I click the Superuser Permissions app it opens up to an empty menu. Not sure where I went wrong.

    • Hezzdown

      You need to install the Android Terminal Emulator. The Superuser Permissions app just shows you what has access to Superuser.

  • Abc

    i m stupid

  • GulMiguel

    The one-click method wouldn't work for me – kept crapping out. Then I decided to use the above step-by-step process and on the first try, it worked!!! Now I'm so psyched – if only the sales rep @ my Verizon Wireless store hadn't broken my camera button. Now I'm waiting for them to send me..(wait for it)…another Droid X phone. So I'm going to end up doing all this over again. Oh well, good practice I suppose *LOL* Thanks Sebastian – you made doing it the hard way worthwhile. I'm extremely grateful. Give me you PayPal account ID so I can send a donation.. Maraming salamat (many thanks)

  • Traviswaller7976

    Can you tell us how to do this without ADB???

    • Hezzdown

      You can do it without connecting the phone to your computer and using ADB, you just need to install the Android Terminal Emulator easily found in Android Market. However you will still need to copy the files mentioned above to your SD Card. From the Terminal Emulator (On your Droid), you can start at step 10 once you've placed the files on your SD card.

  • mphunter995

    got it to work with these instructions without a hitch

    didn't get it to work with the version above

  • Yyroushdy

    how do you put droid 2 into pc mode

  • Yyroushdy

    how do you put droid 2 into pc mode

  • Gotfondue

    awesome works great thank you so much super easy to do!

  • Chrisss

    *ATTENTION* anyone having problems with “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program of batch file”, check out this edited method…worked PERFECT for me


  • Kevin

    are there any 1 click roots for droid2?

  • Worldnate

    Sweet!!! i got it after weeks of trying! lol Thanks everyone!

  • Scottslinux

    If you are using a pc make sure that your droid is in pc sync mode for the usb connection and that usb debugging is enabled on your device (settings/applications/devolpment). Once these things are done you should be able to get through the procedure. If you still cannot see your device listed, try the other usb modes on your phone (ie mass storage or charge only). Charge only worked for the mac but from what I have hears pc sync works for pc's. Good luck.

  • Worldnate

    oops. forgot to paste it. here it is

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:Usersowner>cd C:Droid2Rootandroid-sdk_r06-windows(1)android-sdk-windowst

    C:Droid2Rootandroid-sdk_r06-windows(1)android-sdk-windowstools>adb devices
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached

    C:Droid2Rootandroid-sdk_r06-windows(1)android-sdk-windowstools>cd c:Droid2R

    c:Droid2Root> adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk
    error: device not found


  • Worldnate

    Im trying to root my droid x. I have the needed files downloaded and installed. I get to step 5 and I get an error: device not found. Please help if you can. I have pasted the dos code below if that helps. I want root! lol

  • End

    Stuck at step 12 it says “./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin not found” how to correct the problem?

  • End

    Stuck at step 12 it says ./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin how to correct the problem?

  • Rain_king46

    How do i know if it worked?

    • NorCalGuy

      You will have a super user application in your app drawer.

      • Rain_king46

        I have the app in the drawer. Is the app supposed to do anything if you open it?

        • NorCalGuy

          Right now yours will be empty but when you download root apps they will request super user permission, then that permission will be logged into the super user app. You can try it with drocap2 it's a screen shot app, there are also others like wireless tether that gives you free wifi thethering instead of paying for vz hotspoting. You will see more in the market if you search for “root”. Good luck

  • Scottslinux

    this worked great !!!!! I did it on a macbook with OS X. enabled USB debugging and ADB'd to the phone in the charge only mode. All other modes either did not enable usb debugging or allowed finder to link to the sd card resulting in a permission denied error when pushing files. Had to run rage 3 times to get to the # but in the end I once again have root on my Droid X with the leaked froyo build. All apps including shoot me and wifi tether are functioning normally. Thanks again. Motorolla can keep their OTA updates. BTW….how do I turn those off now.

  • kraftacular

    I got to step 13: let the process run until it returns you to c:Droid2Root (be patient, it may take a bit)

    it seem to run okay… cmd prompt displayed some messages and at the bottom had:

    [*] adb connection will the reset. restart adb server on desktop and re-login.

    so am I still waiting for something? or did an error occur? I've been waiting about 10 minutes…

    • Mattmatics11

      try pressing ctrl-c, which should quit out of the adb shell and put you back at the c:Droid2Root prompt. Then enter “adb kill-server” (no quotes) and once that's done, enter adb shell. You should now have the # prompt.

      • Liamjbman10

        still have a problem that i get $

  • Emilio3435

    Loaded this, got root, and then read that that silly motorola wouldn't give phone's with the leaked version the official update. SWEET. for those who want to know how to get back to 2.1 build on the X, it's simple flash the droid sbf file, which is not available online, pm me, and flash your phone back into life 🙂

  • Anyone have any instructions on how to remove bloatware such as blockbuster etc after rooting?

    • Hezzdown

      1. Connect your phone to the computer and successfully log into the adb shell. (refer to the adb setup)
      2. su (Login as root)
      3. mount -o rw,remount -t rfs /dev/stl5 /system (the ‘rw’ allows you to modify the system directory.)
      4. rm -r /system/app/[AppName].apk (or apps) … You may repeat #4 for other apps.
      5. mount -o ro ,remount-t rfs /dev/stl5 /system (Set system to read only, ‘ro’, to prevent malicious activity.)

      If you need to look up the AppName:

      1. cd /system/app
      2. ls *.apk (This will provide you with a list of APKs aka. droid executables)

      If you need to backup your app:
      1. cat [AppName].apk > /sdcard/[AppName].apk (This will backup the APK specified to your SD Card. Do this if you are unsure if it is safe to remove.)

  • Dont want restate something that has already been said but there is a typo in Note 1 it should be : If you get to step 16 and *DON'T* see a “#” then something has gone wrong. I was able to simply start the process over and the second time through received the “#”.

  • Drmanhattan57

    stock at step 11 says no such file exist when i try and chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

  • Drmanhattan57

    stock at step 11 says no such file exist when i try and chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

  • I just tried to do this but it said the file (droid2.rar was temporarily unavailable.

  • Can we Unroot with this?

  • I'm having a problem i can't get adb to reconize my phone i need help

  • fifo

    on DroidX with Froyo 2.2 still get “operation not permitted” when trying to mount.

    • BaldyPal

      Well, I have Droid X with Froyo and i did not get that message. Like i said, i made it all the way through with no errors. none. zip. nada. i assume it worked, but the hoptspot is still giving me the verizon page asking me to add that 3g hotspot to my plan so i am also assuming i havent done everything correctly.

      • Also, Superuser is on my phone and comes up when i run PDAnet.

  • Baldypal

    ok, I feel like a virgin. I've never rooted before. Made it through all 25 steps. Rebooted the phone. Phone looks the same. What's a quick test to know if it worked? It didn't brick, that's for sure.

  • “*Note 1* – If you get to step 16 and do see a “#” then something has gone wrong.” should read “*Note 1* – If you get to step 16 and do NOT see a “#” then something has gone wrong.” ?

  • Jim

    Can someone tell me how to install ADB? and also Everytime i put the phone in PC mode and i type “adb devices” in cmd. it doesn't give me the device numbers. it just says “lists of devices attached” and doesn't show me anything underneath it = what am i doing wrong here?

    • In 2.2 media sync mode works like pc mode
      So what you need to do is first turn debugging off and put it in media sync and let your computer install the drivers, then turn debugging on and let it install the drivers again
      You should be good to go after that

      • Tjbender

        my phone does not install these drivers when I do that… ??

  • Warren Peace

    OR…………………Flash back to 2.1, move the SU file & update to 2.2 from the other day, run Titanium back up & save yourself this 25 step process

  • NathanK

    cant wait for a one step process for my DroidX

  • Mrsense70

    OMG, I've done it. This brings back the memory of DOS time.

  • Darioh

    Got it working on Droid X. Had some trouble getting the ADB drivers installed. Had to turn off USB debugging and reinstall the drivers. Seems to be working great!

  • Jay

    can someone tell me what exactly i'm looking for? (- cd c:/wherever-your-sdk-tools-folder-is)

    • G37

      You need to cd to the directory where sdk tools folder is installed. In my case is:


      Let me know if it helps.

      • Jay

        Now i can't get passed the first adb push superuser.apk sdcardsuperuser.apk any help would be appreciated =D

        • RJM

          Say what the problem with push is.

          • Jay

            Its saying: adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program of batch file. =

            what am i missing? i downloaded the Sdk and moto drivers. adb devices notices the device even gives me the device number…

          • RJM

            Sorry Jay, I am at work and everytime I start an answer someone walks in. This is what solved it for me, and if it works, it works forever (on that computer). Add the tools directory to your path.

            This is for WinXp but all are similar:
            My Computer, right click
            select Properties
            select Advanced tab
            select Environment Variables
            under System Variables
            highlight Path and select Edit
            Don't lose anything that is already there!!!
            At the end on the path add a semi-colon )if one is not already there) and (no spaces or quotes) add
            c:”directory where sdk-tools is located”

            That did it for me. Hope it helps.

          • Jay

            grr not working for me = when i put the phone in pc mode and then i try to do adb devices..it doesn't give me the device number. but when i do it in “charge mode” it works.. i think i have adb drivers wrong or something =

          • Kbjhon


          • Thanks, this worked for me!

    • Jay

      ok once i get to adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk it tells me adb is not recognized = i want to cry haha

  • G37

    Got it to work on my Droid2 yesterday…

  • ill wait for the easier way to do it lol

  • Once I get to C:Droid2Root then adb push to the SD card it fails for me.

    • the article is actually the best on this laudable topic.the Superuser Permissions app just shows you what has access to Superuser.

    • the article is actually the best on this laudable topic.the Superuser Permissions app just shows you what has access to Superuser.

  • antintyty

    I wish i could get this to work….:(

    • antintyty

      guess, i'll have to wait for the “one-click” to come out…i can't figure out all this c: crap!!

  • Lol. This is awesome…. Don't know why Motorola is making it so hard to install superuser permissions/ (eventually custom roms ) on their devices…. They know we'll find a way sooner or later..

  • Cant wait to get my DX!

  • Mjtgs4

    I now could care less if the ota ever comes out! Leaked 2.2 + root FTW!

    • Guest

      *couldn't care less

  • Hoppie2828

    Tried it last night and got my root back..works like a charm!

  • Lexone27

    What about rooting a Droid1 running stock 2.2 Froyo? Any new methods?

    • Easyroot works. Androroot as well i think.

  • Gardner24

    I still like my Incredible

  • The_Other_Ray


    • The_Other_Ray

      It's gonna be a beautiful day.

      By they way, for Note 1, is it suppose to say “don't see a #”?

      • NorCalGuy

        Haha ya I had to re read that and I was like r u suposed to see it or not…