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Custom Theme Monday: Watermark’D

We are fully aware that we skipped last week’s Custom Theme Friday and wanted a chance to make up for it by bringing you 2!  The first one for the week is from themer stewart1champ and is called Watermark’D, one of the more polished themes I’ve seen in quite some time.

Watermark’d has been ported to work on just about every major ROM on the planet including Bugless Beast, CM6, Sapphire, Lithium Mod, and a few more.  How can you beat that?  We chose the Sapphire version for this round, but hit up the “thread” link at the bottom for your ROM of choice.

Theme:  Watermark’d

Download:  WatermarkD3.2Sapphireupdate.zip


*Note 1* – This is for the original Droid ONLY.

*Note 2* – For the download above, you must already be running Sapphire 1.0.

1.  Download the file from above and place it on your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD card.”
3.  Scroll down until you find the file from above and tap on it.
4.  Check the box to create a backup if you do not have a recent one.
5.  You can skip “wipe data and cache” if already on Sapphire 1.0.
6.  Tap “OK” to reboot your phone and allow it to work some magic.
7.  When it boots back up, you will be Watermark’D!


To get versions for Bugless Beast, CM6, Lithium Mod, etc. head to the official thread.

Let us know if you run into any issues!

  • Marcusc

    I want to get this theme but I cant find where I can get sapphire so I can get this theme. Please help

  • Marcusc

    I want to get this theme but I cant find where I can get sapphire so I can get this theme. Please help

  • Pac_boy_got Br34d

    ilove your site

    im running sapphire 1.0 watermarkd and lately ive been experiencing problems w. my music skipping and my fone is haunted by a ghost… meaning itsz touching things idont touch… also my baqk touch button doesnt work…

    please help me… is my fone broken inside? or is it the rom… s.o.s

  • Brich66

    am currently running sapphire 0.6.2.

    will this conflict?

  • Devlish1977

    anyone have any idea where the background pic for this would have went when i did this to my phone i didnt get the pic of the droid life logo and allit kept my live water wallpaper thanks

  • Devlish1977

    just downloaded this i am already running saphire 1.0 so far i love, i love the icons mostly no crazy about all the little gems however that comes down with the scroll, but that is my only complaint really, just gotta get used to all the new logo's. i made the move from att and the iphone about 4 months ago to verizon and the droid 1, and havnt regretted that since and the people here have just made it even better, great work keep it up

  • C Henry94

    Yea….I screwed this one up on my Droid. My droid wont go past a dim lit screen right after the start up “M” screen. It will go to the boot screen if I take out the battery and start it back up again, but I think I just got a new paper weight. 🙁 Anyone know a fix? I was trying to install sapphire and the WatermarkD theme. Now it seems like I lost all of my software for the whole phone.

    • yahtzee

      Did it happen installing Sapphire, or Watermark'D? I don't see how you could mess up your phone that bad with just the install of the theme.

      • C Henry94

        Well anytime I tried to install sapphire, but I figured out that my phone wasnt rooting properly when I would reboot it. So I force rooted and then rebooted the phone and that worked, but I forgot to try to install sapphire again and just tried installing watermark'D, and kept looking at too many different peoples ways to install it, and just tried installing the Watermark'D. In the end I kept trying to clear cache and didn't do a backup of the current rom because I was too excited that I had finally got the phone to root and tried doing the kernel instead of doing all of the proper steps to download the ROM first. But Verizon could reflash the old software on it and also couldn't tell that I had rooted the phone so they are sending out a replacement.

  • dankykong

    what's up with the notification bar? besides that it's an awesome theme.

  • spyder00

    awesome theme but have a question the shade is pitch black i can't read my emails and any other notifications how do i lighten it up? please help 😉

    • dankykong

      settings/gem settings/user interface tweaks change clock/date/notifications etc…, then REBOOT!

  • Rjfrank

    I would use it but the cheezy chevy logo on my power widget (running simply stunning) and the cheezy chevy logos all over the place on my notification pulldown is a deal breaker for me. Not crazy about the g3 icon for simply stunning rom either. What is that, a Buffalo Bills logo? Not complaining, just saying it's evidently not a theme for me. Some pretty nice stuff otherwise…

  • huskerjack

    i've been running his themes since first released, and on EVERY rom i've used – just amazing work!!! he puts a ton of effort into his themes – try them out, and DONATE for his hard work!

  • Gmiko

    does your droid have to be rooted to install this theme?

    • huskerjack


      • Gmiko

        how can i root my droid?

  • Flyinion

    Woot was hoping this would get featured. Been running it a few weeks since v3.0 on Sapphire and love it. I've tried a few others and always roll right back to my backup. I just wish he'd theme LP as well but he did post an icon pack in the thread at droidforums.net so I was able to yank out the app drawer icon to use when I want with LP.

  • skltr21

    i was running this theme for a while and i feel like it's way to cluttered. i feel like there's just too much going on…… just my opinion. cool icons though….. but the notification bad just seems way too cluttered.

  • Pac_boy_got Br34d

    Running bb watermarked and the phone force closes

    Any fix?

  • dylan84

    Been running this theme on Lithium Mod for a couple days…its really really nice I'd have to say. Really well done.

  • SFC Airborne51

    I know this was posted before somewhere but I cant find it. I would like the Black Droid Life Wallpaper posted in the background if anyone can upload that please. Thanks!

  • Rodeojones000

    This is an absolutely amazing theme. I'm currenlty running it on the Liquid Frozen Yogurt ROM (which might be the best ROM I've used thus far). He put a lot of time and thought into this one.

  • droidwolf

    Anybody else having force close issues with the the gem settings

    • Flyinion

      This is caused a lot of times by not wiping data/cache when you first install Sapphire. If you were running fine and it started after installing this theme, not sure what to tell ya there except roll back and try again if you made a backup.

  • Pac_boy_got Br34d

    i downloaded saphire 1.0 now my account(gmail) sync doesnt work…. also my market opens and closes…. HELP!

    • T_Droid

      You need to download the additional gapps from the sapphire website to get all the goggle goodies

      Link http://sapphire.ccroms.net/wiki/releases/sapphi

    • Travillion

      A similar thing happened to me when I tried a different ROM. Going into Settings->Applications->Gmail and wiping the data fixed it for me. IDK about the market issue, though.

  • Gnath9

    Hideing the clock is an option… I have been on this theme and lithium mod for a. Month.

  • The_Other_Ray

    I've noticed that when I install 3.2, it has a newer version of google voice, which is weird. I can't even uninstall it to install a previous version of voice. Deleting it from root explore doesn't help.


  • tbaybe

    I just started using this on friday!

  • memnoch73

    Holy F'in Amazingness!!!!! THIS. This right here is why I rooted my Droid. I salute the Themer. This is by far the best custom theme I have ever seen. This sets the bar high.

    Nice work!!!

    • YankInDaSouth

      I could not agree more!

  • already installed it and it's hellza sexy. Schweet! 😉

  • Love this theme, and Stewart1champ is extremely friendly and helpful and very open to suggestions. He definitely works hard to make this beautiful theme work perfectly.

  • Jason w.s.

    Off topic, can anyone tell me if i use rom manager to get froyo on my dx, can i just use my backup in clockwork recovery to get back to 2.1 if need be? Or do i HAVE to use sbf and rsd lite to get back to 2.1? I've heard different things from different people

  • EC8CH

    I'm running Gala on Sapphire now and like it, but I'm eying up Revolution or maybe even Matte Grey if someone ports these over…


    Matte Grey:

  • I can not get the file to download on either megaupload or the official thread.

    • Chris Nimon

      Do you have “Unknown Sources” checked? Menu, settings, applications, unknown sources.

      • Nevermind i guess the server was just too busy before

  • Dcferg

    Just a quick question, I have sapphire 1.0 stock loaded on the new FroyoFRG01B, and then i downloaded this sweet new theme. When it loaded i also could not see the pull down menu or the clock up above. I went to settings and looked for the GEM settings, and whenever i try and hit that, it shows me this

    (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly.

    I get that EVERYTIME. why wont it let me open it?

    • The_Other_Ray

      You might have to wipe if it pooped out on ya.

  • nkhex19

    Nice looking theme.

  • Morbid_Realities

    Im already missing my rooted Droid….waaaaaa

  • NorCalGuy

    Very nice it looks super clean, favorite part is the lock screen, as well as the chevyss watermark.

  • RevolutionX

    Love the Icon Pack on this ROM. I'm On a DroidX so if I wanted to at least get a hold of the icon pack, where could i get it???

  • Jimmy

    noob question, but how exactly do i install sapphire? this is all kinda confusing for me.

    • Jimmy

      err, i forgot to mention i am rooted.

      • Morbid_Realities

        There are a ton of walk-throughs out there. It took me awhile to get used to the whole process. Been doing it since I got the G1 when it released. Best thing to do is just read it about 20 times until you feel comfortable. Just be glad you can't really brick the Droid like you could the G1. I personally had nightmares that I would brick that phone..lol

    • The_Other_Ray

      easiest way is to download and install rom manager from the market and then follow the above instructions.

  • Chris Nimon

    I really like the icons, get tired of staring at the same ones while waiting to refresh DL 🙂

  • Will someone plz tell Martell Webster to get a darn Droid!!!! 😛

    • Mrpicolas

      You just did lol…

    • skltr21

      question??? my wife is getting a replacement droid for her broken one…… if it comes with froyo already installed can i still root it using the same old fashion sprecovery and sbf file way???? or does that method only work for 2.1??

  • Looks nice!


  • Smallsz

    I love this theme! I have been running it for the last 2 weeks. If you run into any problems with the theme, go to the official site above and the developer will get back with you usually that day.

  • YankInDaSouth

    I've been running this theme on Sapphire for a while now and it is very nice! It is unreal all the icons he changed!

  • bravoleader2

    Looks awesome

  • xshadowxec

    Any1 know what makes a difference in battery usauge?do kernels chamge anything?

  • themonkley

    It's nice, but just as shown in your screenshots, you have to customize a lot of the colors of the clock, dropdown bar, etc. before you can effectively use it.

  • themonkley

    It's nice, but just as shown in your screenshots, you have to customize a lot of the colors of the clock, dropdown bar, etc. before you can effectively use it.

  • themonkley

    It's nice, but just as shown in your screenshots, you have to customize a lot of the colors of the clock, dropdown bar, etc. before you can effectively use it.

    • jawa5636

      What do you mean? What you see above is how the theme loads. “Stock” if you will.

      • themonkley

        Yea, look at the top right. You don't see any clock, and I'm betting you wouldn't see a lot of other text that defaults to black in android either.

        Here's my use of the theme, with colors set to white so I can see the clock: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/GxY1iris1i

        • jawa5636

          Oh, I see it. Missed the missing clock. On UD mine defaulted to white.

    • Flyinion

      This is probably only going to be true if you are using Sapphire (or any other ROM with a similar settings app). With ANY theme in Sapphire you have to go into Gem Settings in the main phone settings menu. It’s a new app they put in there and allows you to change among other things the text colors in the notification bar and the pulldown.

  • Jayrod718

    ive had this for quite a while rocking the Lithium Mod.

  • Jayrod718

    ive had this for quite a while rocking the Lithium Mod.

  • Jayrod718

    ive had this for quite a while rocking the Lithium Mod.

  • Rizzidy