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Fixes Available to Bricked DROIDs after Froyo Update

If you received the official FRG01B Android 2.2 update for your Motorola DROID and ran into a frozen device after installation, Verizon has fixes available.  While we have yet to hear from even a half dozen people with “bricked” devices following the update, we are aware that it is happening in rare instances.

With a non-bootable Droid in hand, feel free to reference the following files when entering a Verizon store’s tech support desk.  It might at least help them get in you the right direction a little quicker…

Files for FRG01B: Mot.RSD.A855_1.0.6.msi  |  Mot.Verizon.A855.Firmware_1.2.6.msi

And if someone were to stumble upon these specific file names in the wild, using them in RSD Lite as we’ve done in past rooting posts, should fix your device.  (Just saying!)

I’m curious though, any of our readers run into a frozen M logo after updating?

Cheers Matt!

  • Guest

    Happened to me. Stuck at the M logo after updating my X from 2.1 to 2.2. Just removed the battery, took out the SD card, and turned it back on and so far everything works. It's even running 2.2 now.

  • Cy

    Yes Matt!!! My Droid totally won't boot. Stuck on the M! Ugh… I was so excited to get the 2.2 update and I thought I was in luck because my connection was good and it downloaded to my phone in less than 5 min. then installed in about the same time. when it restarted and began to reboot it even got to the droid eye… then froze. I hate false hope. I am not much of a techy… what do I do???

    p.s. I tried pulling out the battery and replacing it probably more than 20 times…. keeps getting stuck on the M.

  • Slipvball

    I had my alarm set on my phone and it brought it back to life somehow. Figure that one out!

  • Slipvball

    So I was at work and all excited the update was available I proceeded to run my update and of course it froze. Nothing worked. I removed the battery several times. So during my break which lucky for me I had my alarm set my phone started to work. Figure that one out.

  • Soba525

    My Droid1 (not even 1 year old) bricked, died, fried, bit the dust, was irreparably damaged.

    The “fix” from Motorola didn't work.

    It took Verizon 7 full days to replace it with a refurbished Droid1, despite my request for expedited delivery or the use of a Droid2 in the interim.

    Since this seems to be a rare situation — they should have bent over backwards to be accommodating. Instead, they treated me like a 2nd class citizen. That really makes me mad.

    I think that says a lot for both Verizon and Motorola, and their LACK of customer service.

  • Soba525

    My Droid1 (not even 1 year old) bricked, died, fried, bit the dust, was irreparably damaged.

    The “fix” from Motorola didn't work.

    It took Verizon 7 full days to replace it with a refurbished Droid1, despite my request for expedited delivery or the use of a Droid2 in the interim.

    Since this seems to be a rare situation — they should have bent over backwards to be accommodating. Instead, they treated me like a 2nd class citizen. That really makes me mad.

    I think that says a lot for both Verizon and Motorola, and their LACK of customer service.

  • I ran into that problem. I had a frozen M! Verizon couldn't help me. They just wanted to replace my phone. I usually don't give up that fast and found out that you can get into a recovery menu by pressing the x button on the physical keybaord while turnig on the phone. It first show a little triangle symbole and then I had to press the camera button and the volum up button at the same time to get into recovery menu.
    That menu has the option to update manually from the phones sd card.

    The update file for froyo was avaiable online (don't remeber the link) as a zip file. I put it on the sd card with a card reader (not into a folder). Then put the sd card back into my phone enter the recovery menu again and then selected update from sd card. The update took a few minutes but worked fine. After that my phone was working and I didn't have to send it in to verizon.

    Maybe they should hire me as tech support person!! 😉

  • I ran into that problem. I had a frozen M! Verizon couldn't help me. They just wanted to replace my phone. I usually don't give up that fast and found out that you can get into a recovery menu by pressing the x button on the physical keybaord while turnig on the phone. It first show a little triangle symbole and then I had to press the camera button and the volum up button at the same time to get into recovery menu.
    That menu has the option to update manually from the phones sd card.

    The update file for froyo was avaiable online (don't remeber the link) as a zip file. I put it on the sd card with a card reader (not into a folder). Then put the sd card back into my phone enter the recovery menu again and then selected update from sd card. The update took a few minutes but worked fine. After that my phone was working and I didn't have to send it in to verizon.

    Maybe they should hire me as tech support person!! 😉

  • Droidie

    When attempting to “update now” Droid immediately went to frozen M logo. Three hours later, I disconnected battery then reinstalled battery. Droid immediately booted up with 2.1update1. Runs as before however having intermittent problems with keyboard and screen. Droid when pressing X and Power On or factory reset, does same thing… goes to frozen M logo forever. Recycle battery takes unit back to 2.1update1. Verizon says they have no more reconditioned phones to trade.

  • Gregg

    Yes, my Droid is currently Bricked after 2.2. First it would only show the M logo, then, it stopped turning on at all.

  • Helowzrd

    Guess what. I am an owner of a brick. I got the phone a little over a month ago and hadn't gotten around to rooting it yet. Odd thing is, the store I went to said that I was the 8th one to come in so far and they were out of the phones because other stores were out due to this issue. Me thinks that Google is keeping the fact that this is a bigger issue under wraps. I will get my new phone sometime this week.

  • CC

    My phone bricked and I was rooted. I had been rooted for a bout a month with no new changes. I don't ever recall getting the Verizon message for an update to Froyo, but I assume that is probably what caused the issue. I just rebooted my phone last night because of a frozen screen and it was stuck on the Motorola logo. Power button whole holding down X didn't work. Verizon is sending a replacement Droid.

  • trex1989

    idk if froyo did this to my phone but most likely it did

    but my phone is basically possessed it types my it self it moves screens by itself calls people and it all happened after i updated from the ota

  • wowowzer

    ne1 gor a link for the location of the files?

  • droidguy92

    i work for verizon as an indirect dealer and we have had three people come in today with the same issue

  • Unearth777

    Happened to me they tried flashing 2.2 several times but no luck and sent me a refurb phone

  • Dakingred1u

    I know this not related to the dx but I'm having a hard time changing roms. I did tried flashing to an alternate rom install from SD. And everytime it wont load pass the Motorola symbol. Please help

  • Nuclearjen

    Mine did!!! Froze with the M screen. Spent over THREE hours with different tech support people in-store, and over the phone. Had to get a new phone. All my info was lost. Effin Verizon would only replace with a certified pre-owned Droid, when I payed over $400 for my brand new Droid in April. NOT FAIR to me, when they basically sent me a virus.

    • Jham2323

      Same exact thing happened to me. Also, I was told the replacement unit would likely come with 2.2 pre-installed. It arrived with 2.1 which really bummed me out at first. Then the 2.2 ota came after having it on for a few hours. Finally back in business and the 'refurbished' device seems like brand new to me but it did suck having to be without a droid for a couple of days and not being compensated in any way for the inconvenience.

  • DD_Droid

    I had to use RSD Lite to UNBRICK my phone – Tried installing Liquid Frozen Yogurt and it froze on startup, unrecoverably.

  • My Droid (not-rooted) would not boot up after an OTA update to Froyo. I called Verizon and when they could not get it going with recovery mode they arranged to ship out a refurbished phone.

    Preferring not to use a refurbished phone I tried the manual installation for Froyo. I was traveling and didn't have a microSD adapter so I simply used my wife's phone to place the update.zip file on my card, and it installed without difficulty.

    Considering how easy it was, I was surprised they were not set up at the time to have stores place the update.zip file on cards and fix the problem that way.

  • Laxpanther

    Frozen M logo for me…this sux.

  • Skytek65

    Mine probley took 10 mins to get past the moto logo and after that it leads to an incredibly slow startup so i've rebooted my device and everything worked great you have to restart the phone to get it to work good

  • Nick Legger

    My roomate has a bricked device also.

    • thetango

      Nick, My phone bricked as well. I received a new phone within 24 hours after going to a Verizon store …

  • ScottK

    2.2 bricked my phone. I called Tech Support who after one hour told me to take it to the store. The store made me wait for one hour and didn't even look at it. They just mailed me a refurbished one for which I had to wait 4 days for. Overall, a BAD Verizon experience. None of the usual things worked (i.e. pulling the battery, pressing the power button and X key). I have refurbished Droid 1 now, but it was a major disruption. Verizon's handling of it has been disappointing.

  • kweb

    I did and my hubby was able to fix my phone. He also has a Droid, that he hacked. We put my SD card in his working phone and then connected it to the laptop via the charging/data cable. He wiped my card completely and then re-installed the official download file.

    Once that was all set up we put the SD card back into my phone and then manually booted and installed the files. We did have to following the steps like we were rooting the phone.

    The only thing I had to so was set my shortcuts back up (all my apps were there) and call the 1800 number for Verizon so I could make calls. Basically re-activate my phone. We found the number by doing a Google search. That is also how we found all the official files.

    The forum on the Verizon site is helpful too….there is were we got the correct build number for the 2.2 update. So my phone is legit and not rooted like his.

    I guess I would say it will take a fairly tech. savvy person. My hubby works for one of the largest computer companies in the word and is very familiar with Linux. I hope this helps!

  • Po-d

    tried update this morning & after 2 hours…still stuck on the 'M' screen. Battery was full…not sure why it is frozen. Received phone from asurion (insurance) after original was stolen. Will be going into vzw store at lunch..

  • John

    Just tried to update and this happened to me … 🙁 I'm headed to the verizon store today on my junch break to see if they can do anything.

  • thetango

    I'm one of the unlucky few who have (well … had) a bricked phone. I took it back to Verizon day-before-yesterday and they sent me out a new phone.

  • Williamdurham81

    Got the D2 last Friday, this thing is sweet!! Now crack the bootloader and i'll be back to flashing roms again

  • Suttonce13

    and mine was the frozen moto screen

  • Suttonce13

    My droid froze when trying to update this would have done me some good if i had it when it happened but took it to verizon and they sent me a new one. Nobody at verizon could fix mine. Losing everything sucked but got a brand new phone.

  • painterking

    DROID 2

  • [email protected]

    i did n it suxs i was getting out of work when ma droid ask for an upgrade so i was excited to see the outcome instead i have the M logo on ma fone for the past 7hours freezed up, i removed the battery like 3 times n nothing………………………. but thanxs for the info ill get it fix later on today

  • skltr21

    have to say….. im running ultimate droid's froyo extreme 7 and holy crap! this is by far the best ROM ive run so far. super smooth…… incredibly fast….. stable…… ROTARY LOCK SCREEN!!!!! love it…….. its like its got the speed of BB and the customization of cyanogen. absolutely amazing ROM. if you people haven't checked it out yet its definitely worth looking at. and people that haven't rooted yet…… this ROM is worth rooting for. i promise.

  • givemesomeadobo

    man im sorry everyone with the bricked droid. one good thing-get another free droid to actually root and have fun

  • ally

    Mine was frozen for hours…

  • Mattpurkey


  • Tomboy2111

    since my update the phone has assigned some stupid, long and loud ringtone for text messages. i have done everything to try and delete it and it won't go away. I'm ready to slam it against a wall!

    • Chris Nimon

      hit menu key, settings, sound, notification ringtone. then pick a new one.

    • Jus4mee

      Mine was doing the same thing, even when I went to the setting it still wasn't right, so I went to my Handcent and went thru each name of my texters in the setting to change it and it workks thus far.
      That was my only thing (knock on wood) after my upDate.

  • lakerzz

    Why is it that rooted 2.2 seems to be working so well? (at least as far as I can tell) You can't even say that Verizon is trying to “kill” Droids in hope that people will pony up for the Droid 2. because it seems that they are replacing them like crazy, basically no questions asked. I hope everything works out for people that are having problems…it really sucks.

  • Charmpeddler

    i have mine running the Froyo 2.2 Build #FRG22 and this morning i started getting the “Froyo 2.2 Update” restart & Install” message. I was under the impression after rooting this prompt would not show?

    • lakerzz

      You can go ahead and let it “try” to install…at that point, it should be blocked, and never to be seen again. 🙂

      • Charmpeddler

        ahh, thats much better than my thought of it causing a crash/brick.
        i'll give it a try.

      • Charmpeddler

        Seems to have worked. Thanks Lakerzz

        • lakerzz

          Youre welcome. 🙂

  • Clee4654

    Got Froyo update message this eve on my Droid. Tapped on screen to accept update. It went to Motorola M, but now screen is black. Nothing will get it to turn on, not battery removal and replacement, not power button, nothing. Little pissed.

    • Clee4654

      Oops. It's all updated now. I guess the phone just completely shut itself down while it was updating to Froyo…but it did take a LONG time to complete the update process.

  • Pipe1411

    I want to go bak to 2.1..my phone been acting weird since ota update…too many bugs…is like if had an iphone…can't rely on it…

    • lakerzz

      Do it, then do the manual update, or even better…root it.

  • Nonethewiser85

    I have and I have no idea how to fix it.

  • Ddbrown

    Yeah, I'm stuck with a Motorola logo instead of a home screen. Im pretty frustrated. I use my phone for work every single day.

  • john

    frg01(b) is for bootloop?

  • Bricked

    Mine is bricked after the Froyo update with the M logo showing. No luck on a fix tonight. Anyone know a way to get access to phone data from recovery/bootloader mode? It would be nice to recover some application data before wiping the phone or getting a new one.

  • Kkmoney15

    i thought i should let everyone know that i went into verizon tonight and told them that my buttons on my internal keyboard were not working. Which is true but its only like 6 buttons and i dont use that keyboard anyway. So they sent me out a brand new droid 1 and now i get to keep my og droid as well. so i now get two droids. YES!!

  • Jim

    Yes, bricked on the initial M screen. Will look at the manual update.

  • Dooby23

    Just got the update today on the wife's phone. She can't recieve phone calls… Beginning to think that Froyo wasn't ready yet…

  • Smish

    Well, add me to the list of “bricked” droids while updating to Froyo — stuck on the M logo for hours…

  • Donaldrke

    Just got the update on the wife phone, no problems, Thank you Verizon. works great.

  • cameron

    Yes, bricked on the 'M' screen

  • Andrewtraiano

    Get a droid 2 love it!

    • john

      lol i hate typen on my phone i jst got done reading my post and seen all my type o's. i have the d2 on fri the 13 when my droid 1 bricked( after i unrooted comen from jrommy and did the ota update) i went to the verizon store they did not know what to do bcuz rds lite would not work to fix it thay told me at 1st that i would have to buy a new phone bcuz when he took off the back of the phone that dot in the back was red so he said i had warter damage on the phone. i never got that phone wet.. rooted yes but wet no. (i did not say it was rooted) i made a big deal out of it i was verizon sent my phone a update that brick my phone and your telling me that i have to pay for a new one (wtf) i was like if i have to buy a new phone than i am going to att and get a ione thats when the tech said let me keep the phone over night (i was there at closeing) and to come back the next day at 11 he would do every thing he could to get me a new phone.. i was ok so i come back on sat and you will have a phone for me at what cost? he was like no cost free you will have a new droid 2… i was (wtf yaaaaa) but any ways.. that d2 i got on sat the camra broke about 48 hrs so i took it back on monday got my 2nd droid 2 that was working all week untill last night i was on the phone it trun off and went into a boot loop.. so i went back to the store last night lol i was the same tech he said my name as i walked in and said you goto be kidding me i can't beleve your luck. i told him i was goiing the run over my phone with my car. so i am on my 3rd droid 2… i am kicking my self in the ass i shold of made them give me a case or something for going out of my way 4 times in one week over this… i know its hard to beleve i don't wish this on any of you…. i had my d1 for a year and had 2 droid 1 in a week… it's a good phone but i think something is wrong with android 2.2 it's not just the d1 its also the d2 i would love to see how meny ppl phones this update f up.

      • painterking

        I have had my d2 since release and works and runs great. Not one single issue. Think you may have some bad luck man!

  • john

    i am starting to beleve that i was one of the 1st phone to brick with the ota update on fri the 13th. the hole time i was thinking that i did not unroot all the way befor i did the updater but after seeing all of your post i now know it was the ota updater bricked it.. i do like the droid 2 but i do like all of the cust roms i want my d1.

  • Saxyelektra

    Update came this morning. The phone can't get past the “M” and also has no options when I go to the screen to reset it. Verizon tech I spoke with on the phone immediately said I can either go to a store or have them send me a “new” one. I went to a store and they weren't able to do anything. The tech said that when he tried to reinstall the factory defaults it didn't even recognize my phone as a droid, and only saw the sd card. I'm on vacation and am now out of a phone until I get home and get the one they're sending me.

  • Tuna

    Hey Question…. I have an X…rooted…. When Froyo drops will it autoupdate??? I understand that it will kill root but I should still get the update right??


    • Sslayer22

      Yes you should get the update prompt since you'reonly rooted. Its the custom roms that suppress the ota update

      • evltwn

        no, it's the custom recovery that blocks the OTA.

        • Mrpicolas

          Ummm. There is custom rec available for the x koush has clockwork running on it

          • Anonymous

            I know Koush has been working on it. I’ve seen the pictures and postings here, but until today we really haven’t seen it out there for DroidX users to use. Mad Props to Koush and all the Devs who have worked so hard to crack the bootloader.

  • Matt

    why isnt flash in the market? im running froyo

    • Sslayer22

      Google adobe flash 10.1 apk. You should find a download. Then you just have to enable “unknown sources” under applications in the phone settings. It'll prompt you during install

  • Gorman Larry0

    I just got the Froyo update notification… but I'm running Bugless beast.

    Will it brick my phone if I update?

    • If you sprecovery or clockwork as your recovery it will block it from installing

  • Kfancher031

    I have a “bricked” droid, so happy to be one of the half a dozen!

  • well mine didn't freeze on the bootup logo but i do have issues with it force closing apps and freezing upon returning to the home screens and then taking a while to load them so i can do something else. also my battery drains a lot faster then it did

    this these files might help this issue as well? i'd hope so i might just ask my friend to send a copy to me since he works at a verizon tech desk

    • Kusheil

      My reception is horrible after ota update. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem. It is constantly fluctuating between 4 and no bars even though I'm sitting in the same spot. Using stock internet…that freezes everytime I try and pull up the menu. And I hate the new text screens. And internet seems slower after update.

      • My reception is horrible and I am getting dropped calls like crazy after the upgrade to Froyo.

    • Krfior

      I have been having the same force close issues and freezing up. My Droid is unrooted and I have the official 2.2 update. I uninstalled a bunch of apps and it seems to be going better, but the problem still sometimes happens.

      Looking for an answer, too, if anyone has one.


  • Meweird

    i came here cus i have a frozen M great what dose this mean for me?

    • val

      Go to your local Verizon store. Have the rep call tech support. Most likely a new phone will be issued

  • val

    I just read your article.. and I guess I am one of those customers. My phone is on the M logo and then a black screen. I went to a Verizon store.. the employee called tech support and I will be having a new Droid arriving by Fed Ex Monday. I wish Verizon would have informed their customers regarding the update before hand.

  • Mike

    My wife's Droid froze on boot up at the M logo. You can't do a thing with it. Took it back yesterday and the store played with for half an hour with no luck. Ordered her a replacement phone. Should be here tomorrow.

  • Pslking

    Question…If I'm being prompted to install the OTA update, can I still root now? It seems like if I just reboot my phone, it will automatically install 2.2. I would rather root and install a stock ROM than be rooted by the OTA update. Is there anything I would need to do special to root now, or can I still just follow the same instructions that have been posted a while?

    • Pslking

      Meant to say “bricked” by the OTA update…not rooted.

  • Bricked in SC

    Tennessee customer bricked in South Carolina. Update offered around noon today, bricked to M screen. Verizon store tech tried factory reset, no good. New phone coming tomorrow.

  • F1Matthew

    I bricked.

    They sent the “Like New – Refurbished” Overnight.

    As much of a pain as it was….The Customer Service was EXCELLENT.

  • I had no issues, as I has root, but my wife's bricked this morning when she got her update. Had to take it in, and we took it to the store, and we are good to go. Took them less than 10 mins.

  • Guest

    stuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk on the moto screen. flying somewhere tomorrow so I can't really deal with this right now. what a crock.

  • john

    mine froze last week it would not even goto the m… when i hooked it up to RSD Lite it said my model # was xxxx1xxxxx when i try to flash sprecovery ese81 i would not let me hit the start button i got the droid 2 out of the deal but after geting 2 in a row that stop working i really starting to want my d1 back.. if this on act up i going to try my hardest to get a d1

  • Leobautista 91

    Lol I got the frozen M, but now I have another Droid

  • RenegadeKill

    Lmao, I'm sitting here laughing at you tards while my Bugless Beast 2.2 ROM works flawlessly without problems even with Flash 10.1 installed. 🙂

    • belsonc

      And I'm sitting here, laughing at how you sound like an arrogant ass. So you rooted your phone. Congratulations. That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. 🙂

  • ellisredding

    mine froze on the home screen, and now it's off and bricked. thank you, verizon, for a great experience.

  • Jeff C

    It happened to me and VZW sent me out a refurbished Droid overnight.

    • Robinfriday2

      does your newly sent droid have 2.2??

  • bumby

    Happened to me. Tinkered, failed, and called Verizon. Within 30 seconds of reaching an actual person, a new Droid was en route. Bummer that the OTA update I had waited so patiently for bricked my phone, but looking forward to the scratch-free unit in the mail tomorrow.

  • Mumstojaz

    Phone works after update, however if I take a phone call that lasts longer than 2 minutes, the screen goes black and I can't hang up the call, or bring the screen back. Only way I can get the phone to work again is take the battery out and restart.

    • Anonymous

      a lot of droids had this problem and its the sensor on the phone that makes it go black when you put it to your face. its just a bad sensor. take it in or call customer service and theyll replace it. happened to me twice……

  • Princesstasha1019

    Yes my husband updated his phone hours ago and it is still stuck on the “M”. What should we do? Should i download the update onto my phone?

  • cris

    i havent even got froyo

  • cris

    i havent even got froyo

  • The update bricked my Droid (I did the manual update on here 2x). I just went back to 2.1 and waited for the ota update. I received it on Saturday night and it has only froze up once since then. The rest of the time it has been running alright. Not as good as I thought it would with froyo, but at least its usable now. Oh, and I'm in Chattanooga.

  • Charlie

    Off topic but…. Trillian for Android beta has been released. http://www.triallian.im/learn/tour-android.html

    • JosueD

      OMG, Greatly appreciate that piece of information, I have been waiting for the beta for a longgg time! =D Thanks again!


  • AJ

    Yep. My phone was bricked. I didn't realized for a while, but after waiting for it to boot for 1 hour, I called tech support. We were (eventually) able to get to the 'reset to factory' menu, but that didn't even work. Tech sent me out a refurbished phone (cost me 8 bucks to next day it.) I spied the sdcard: update.zip option while following instructions, so I bought a sdcard adapter from kmart and found a froyo update.zip on a internet forum. It loaded up nicely, and even activated, HOWEVER, after activation, I still couldn't user texting, phone, or internet. (Note, my refurbished phone came, and the slider was a bit loose. I wasn't pleased.)
    Anyhow, back on my original phone… I went to a Verizon store and a friendly sales rep was able to call a tech support guy, and then we got some results. Some super secret magical codes (one was ##7747426) were typed in somewhere ( don't know where) and then some new menus were unlocked that let them set the phone number, id, appropriate channels and addresses, etc, and then my original phone was fully un-bricked. Whew. And froyo is great. 🙂

    • AJ

      One more note… after I successfully installed froyo (from an Inet forum), but before receiving the 'new' phone or going to the verizon store, I called Verizon technical support again to figure out why it wouldn't work after giving me the 'activation successful' message. The support guy told me that I had put corrupt software on the phone. I HAD to correct him, “No sir, VERIZON put corrupt software on my phone this morning and left it in an unbootable state. I have put uncorrupted software on the phone, and now have it booted and running…” Moral of the story? Tech support is way more helpful to the store reps and to consumers.

  • The Update

  • Amy

    mine bricked last night. verizon gave me a new phone today.

  • Vhedges

    Yes, my daughter's Droid has it. Going to the Verizon store tonight.

    • Vhedges

      Replacement Droid is being sent via overnight. The phone was definitely bricked.

  • Tonicfeline

    Launcher pro tried to brick my phone :/ evil froyo….

    • Anonymous

      launcherpro???? how on earth would that have bricked your phone???

      • Ron

        Like I said in my post, my friend’s phone froze every time it booted with LP on it. Works fine on mine.

      • I have a funny feeling that people say “bricked phone” when they mean frozen. If you can get into recovery you do not have a bricked phone.

  • JamBonMot

    Still waiting for 2.2. Called VZW. Upgrade was frozen a second time and restarted again yesterday. Rep stated it could be another 2-6 weeks. They keep finding bugs. True…not true? Dunno. It's what I was told. In Myrtle Beach, SC.

    • JamBonMot

      Update: Got froyo last night…yummier, quicker, evolutionary not revolutionary

  • NorCalGuy

    I have gotten stuck at the m twice now with custom roms built from the official release, don't know if its rom manager or due to the new build but I have pulled the battery and then booted into recovery (power button+ hold x) then did a nadroid restore… back to normal after that.

  • Koob33

    i got this bug the first day they restarted froyo, the tarded tech guy in a verizon store could'nt even put it in recovery mode, if this happens to you ur best bet is call insurance or get a new droid. I got my refurbished moto droid 1 in the mail and immediately manually updated to avoid these problems with the very slow ota

  • Ron

    It happened to my friend's DROID when I updated it to Froyo. I ended up just clearing the cache to make it work, but he still had problems with Launcher Pro crashing his phone. I don't know why… mine updated fine and LP works fine too.

  • brain550

    With the earlier post about DX and D2 warranty replacements for the D1, has anyone been able to get their bricked D1's upgraded? My contract is under a year old and I might actually think about trying the OTA Update in hopes of bricking my phone, that is if I can get a upgraded replacement. That would be sweet!

  • Love_always_4ever

    I ran into my moto droid freezing with the moto symbol frozen on the screen after it restarted after the update. Tried all the ways to reboot and still had not success. Went to a Verizon store and they held my phone for an hour to do something with my software and then re-install the update. Let me upset and frustrated because it seemed everyone elses update worked fine.

  • Uwsguy84

    Mine died and a new one just came that didnt have the problem.

  • Robinfriday2

    MINE bricked awesomely…sits useless…no phone all day, now “hopefully” tomorrow and I am sure it will be stock 2.1 and brick again after the update again..infinity..shoot me

  • Scuff

    Add another bricked D1 to the list. My brother's phone went dead after a few hours of performing the 2.2 OTA update early this morning. He was told to go to the nearest Verizon store for the fix. He's back in business, I but didn't have a chance to ask him what they did.

    My D1 upgraded this morning without a hitch. So far… so good. I'm in SoCal so, I think everybody with a D! should be upgraded by now.

    • brain550

      I'm in Central PA, no OTA upgrade yet, though I doubt I'll flash it anyway, rooted is the way to go.

    • mark

      not in Hemet,CA….no ota yet

  • Zeebrra

    mine has been very very slow since the update but it does boot up…

  • I had something like that. What was odd was I pulled my usb cable into my computer and it continued to load, albeit it was a corrupted install. All I did was reboot and flash the SPI Recovery back onto it

  • sehismith

    Yes, I had a bricked Droid after the Froyo update. I just received my new reconditioned Droid via second day FedEx (none available in Albuquerque)

  • youngnamlee

    It's funny how you read all these warnings before you root your phone saying that it could brick your phone, but I have yet to hear of a phone bricked from rooting.
    I like how it was the official update that was bricking peoples phones.

    • Evermour

      I've only heard of one case. But i have bad luck so id rather not push it.

      • youngnamlee

        I was scared to root to root my droid at first because of the strong warnings they put in the tutorials. So for a long time I held back. Then one day I just decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. There are truly so many ways to customize your phone to make it unique and perform at its best. I rooted mine a while back now, but if you decide to root maybe you should try the one of the “one click root” apps in the market. They seem pretty straight foreward.

        • Anonymous

          i think that the people that “think” they bricked their phones didn’t really brick them…… just didn’t do something right at one point in the rooting process or something, but it could have been fixed.

    • Matt

      my droid was bricked after 7 weeks of it being rooted, it just restarted and went into the recovery mode and wouldnt start or anything. it sucked.

      • nal13

        THen you did not properly make a backup when rooting your phone.

        • Plhowey

          VZ tells me there is no way to make a backup on the Motorola droid. There is not even an after-market program you can purchase. I can recover my contacts and email, since they were synced to Google. Lost everything else.

    • DD_Droid

      Bricked last night after flashing LFY 1.4. Used RSD to fix it tho.

    • Plhowey

      Well, you are hearing from one now. I chose (stupidly) to allow the update last evening when I first got the notice. My phone has been unusable ever since. The only thing that happens is a black screen with the Motorola logo. The only way to shut the phone off is to remove the battery. Just returned from an official VZ store and they were unable to restore the phone even with a hard reset. Sending me a new phone tomorrow. Last time I will ever do this.

      • C Henry94

        This is exactly what just happened to me. I am getting my replacement droid on Thursday…probably going to try to root it again, since I finally figured out the process after tinkering with my old one for awhile, just didn’t follow the instructions exactly and cleared all software out of my phone.

  • Whitakerbainbridge

    Mine froze and the Verizon store could not unbrick it. New one coming in the mail!!

    • Robinfriday2

      thats what happened to me

      • Koob33

        same with me, just manual update it, screw the ota

  • Dupijuez

    My wife's phone froze last night after the update. Called verizon and all they offered to do was send a replacement. Going to the local store to see what they say.

    • Dupijuez

      They just said they would order a phone since they were out of stock for the droid.

  • Michael_NM

    Brick Score for Froyo Update: VZ: >6 — Droid-Life: 0

    The victory is awarded to Droid-Life. Perhaps a new motto is in order: Droid-Life: We'll update your phone faster and safer than VZ! Who Rules the Air now?

    • briderx


      • Anonymous

        Haha! Thanks for completing my thought. Nicely done.

  • Originalme8

    I have a rooted device and I have been running that kernel on a lot of custom ROMs and even on the stock with root ROM and I had my phone brick on me a few times. Using the RSD Lite I would have to revert back to 2.0.1 and then root and re-update. Wonder if using this on a rooted DROID would cause it to become un-rooted?

    • Porschephile2k3

      You don't even have to flash in 2.0.1, there's a 2.1 as well as 2.2 SBF file available at Pete's site. I've only tried the 2.1 SBF file and it worked for me. Just make sure to wipe data and cache to prevent any activation problems.

  • this is why it's better to root and have your device completely under YOUR control.

    • B-Do

      Al, serious question here: How are you so confident in the security of a given ROM? What are the guarantees that the developer has not included any sort of malicious code in the ROM, giving them access to your entire phone? If your answer is, “I don't have privacy concerns”, that's great.

      However, some of us do. And until we get a straight answer on this, which to this point I have never received, rooting and installing ROMs is not an option.

      • well, to be honest… i wait for a build to come out and have others test it out. once a decent amount of people give positive feedback on a build i try it out and tweak it. i understand that some people are reluctant to root their devices and that’s cool, it’s risky. i just think if people are educated enough on rooting and like to have full control, rooting is the way to go.

        • B-Do

          Thanks Al, this was a straight answer. I appreciate it.

      • Anonymous

        the guys that make these “bigger and more popular ROMS” are not in this to get anyones information……. that’s just ridiculous. being paranoid sucks…….. and as of yet i haven’t heard of ANYONE that has had personal information stollen and used.

        • B-Do

          It’s not out of paranoia. The fact of the matter is some of us have jobs which require our corporate emails to remain secure/confidential. Some of us are lawyers, analysts, accountants, and executives. The fact that personal information has not been stolen YET isn’t too reassuring.

          I hope that the guys that make the “bigger and more popular ROMs” are benevolent in their intentions. However, the reality is some may not be. Which is a concern. Especially when these ROMs float around and can be downloaded from different sources.

      • nal13

        If security is really a big concern then you should not own a phone. A android phone is connected to everything and you know your location all the time anywhere you have signal and GPS is on you can be tracked.

        • B-Do

          Nal13, thanks for the reply. It still avoids my question, and isn’t a straight answer.

          My location isn’t a concern. The integrity of the data, (emails, messages, etc.,) is.

  • Tbdroid

    No problems here when I was forced to install it. Just a (!) When it couldn't install then a reboot…

  • Tbdroid

    No problems here when I was forced to install it. Just a (!) When it couldn't install then a reboot…

  • zach471

    I just tried to help someone that got stuck on M. Even tried booting into recovery and manually rebooting… no luck at all.

    • reboot into recovery, and wipe date/cache thats what i would do. 😉

      • Jaymez

        Yep, I recommended that to a co-worker, but they still had to go to VZ to get it fixed….

  • Ace Z.

    That's y I stay rooted =). Hey Kellex, did you defeat the Evil Empire (Apple and Steve Jobs) during your galactic battle accompanied with R2-D2?

  • no one that gets stuck at the “M” is bricked. Motorola should have wiped the devices when updating.

    • Porschephile2k3

      The idea of the update is to have you keep all your existing data. Wiping cache and data should always be a last resort if you're not rooted with custom recovery.

  • PlayItGrand

    Mine didn't freeze there. I saw the M and then it shut down. For a while it wouldn't turn on, but then I left it for a bit and when I came back it was on and running already!

  • PlayItGrand

    Mine didn't freeze there. I saw the M and then it shut down. For a while it wouldn't turn on, but then I left it for a bit and when I came back it was on and running already!

  • DroidVsIncredible

    FROzen YOgurt gave me frozen M.

    • Bit

      That didn't work for me. Nor did Factory Reset. Had to take it back to Verizon.

  • Youngsam9

    Happened to me, during install the phone rebooted and froze at the Moto logo. My fix was to go back into safe mode and simply apply the 2.2 update again, which it did without issue. I was extreeeemely scared for those 15 min when i could only reboot into the moto logo

    • Robinfriday2

      how do i do safe mode?

      • Dupijuez

        Yes can somene explain how to reboot in safe mode and what to do? Dont really know too much about this stuff. Thanks

        • Hold x on keyboard and power key til you get to funny looking screen (recovery) … steps from there are kinda obvious, iirc… if not, google android recovery, you should find some pics and instructions…

          If can’t get to recovery, pull battery while phone on, then try again hold x and power…

          Also, holding delete on keyboard and rolling left thumb from leftalt to arrow up is kinda like ctl+alt+del, but doesn’t take you to recovery. Only power and x from off does that afaik

  • wolverinefan

    Hey, does any one known whats wrong with the new froyo, its killing my battery, EATING IT alive i went from a 100 to 40 percent in 3 hours does anyone know HELP with any suggestion. I've done the usual

    • itdaddy

      Just curious, were you running a stock 2.1 (no root) prior? And did you update via OTA?

      • wolverinefan

        No none root man its just rediculous its dieing i need to charge it

        • itdaddy

          I wish I knew, friend. Maybe try a factory wipe and do the update again? Froyo shouldn't eat the battery on a good install. Mine is just fine. I wish I could help, but I can't think of anything if you've already tried the usual:

          Exit unused apps
          GPS off when not using
          Screen brightness only as high as needed
          WiFi off when not using
          Bluetooth off when not using
          etc etc

          • wolverinefan

            Yes man I didnt upgrade for a few hours cuz i was taking a test i got in my car and update it. But It eat my battery. At this point ill probably take to them or call VZ

    • well the new froyo update does make your cpu run faster, but things like this should make you want to root and use setcpu so that you can have better efficiency and performance

  • Ken

    didnt have a froze but have been having it lock up yes. on first boot it locked up as soon as i unlocked it. waited 10 mins, then pulled battery. now eash additional lock up seems to be after i have opened up xscope. its slows to a crawl then finally stops responding totally until i pull the battery.

  • scratchiti

    Happened to me yesterday and someone else in the same Verizon store had the same problem (neither of us were rooted). The first tech support person was convinced we would have to get replacements (and no, they weren't about to give us Droid2s) but eventually someone realized they could basically wipe our phones and start over (re-flashing, I think they called it). Came back good as new, with 2.2 installed. So if a Verizon rep says they can't help you, let them know that's not correct.

  • Robinfriday2

    now i am probably getting a refurbed d1 and am without a phone for day 2

  • Robinfriday2

    what sucks is i already went to verizon and have to work at 6..for job two…and they are supposedly shipping me another droid by 3 tomorrow eastern..iuggggg

  • tjpeco

    How about those of us who, when upgraded to froyo, it actually made our phones SLOWER instead of faster?

    • JosueD

      If your rooted you may clear the cache partition, Which helped me alot!


  • Worm4603

    hey everyone

  • Lennyq


  • guest

    I work at an indirect verizon store in tennessee and we have had about 20 people come in in the last week with a droid that will no longer turn on past the m screen and I just worked on one that the touch screen was no longer working and pushing buttons and pulling things up on its own… I don't know what is wrong with it in our area, but it's not going well…

  • Robinfriday2

    yes me, this blows