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Motorola Tablet to be Called STINGRAY?

Just received this cached VZW page which shows MOTMZ600, the same model number as the leaked Motorola tablet we saw this morning, only the name STRINGRAY is attached to it.  We have no idea if this will continue and become the official name, but at least a Spanish Verizon site listed it.

Liking that name?

Cheers Neil and NAM!

  • Randall Cosse

    Name it MaxiPad

  • Randall Cosse

    Name it MaxiPad

  • I think “iDroid” would be more awesome.

    • insert “douche bag comments here ____________________________”

  • Isnt it ironic the apple android war could come down to a carrier?

  • RoninX

    I like the name. Much better than everyone else's whatever-Pad.

  • a1locjaw

    Don't like the name at all.. Bryan on here last week came up with the PERFECT name.. it's more apt than any other… “Tabloid”……

  • Brad

    Okay, how the heck can everybody completely miss the fact that the Samsung Fascinate is listed on this web page? I've been watching the news like a hawk for the last couple weeks, looking for any little tidbit of information about the device that's guaranteed to be my next smartphone. I know this isn't much, but hey, I'll take anything at this point.

    • joel

      Exactly what I was thinking! Know gimme my Fascinate Verizon!

      • joel


  • Ricky

    They could call it mud, I just want it now. LOL

  • Eh not the best and does divert from their wining marketing strategy. Hope its an early codename like the X's “Shadow”. Though shadow wasn't bad X is just better 😛

  • Sput

    Stingray? Phew that's bad…I don't think they'll go with that. If they do, I think it would do a lot better if they named it Sperm Whale.

  • Patem10

    Crikey Mate!

  • Evermour

    I like the name Tabloid better..

  • If it keeps that name I am getting it.

  • doesn't exactly sound like a marketable name

  • Chris Nimon

    Any word on pricing?

  • I don't care what they call it.. I just wanna see it and its possibilities.

  • spaceman

    How about the Droid Tablette

  • First

  • something weird about this site, like only 5% of the comments are actually intelligible, the rest are talking about rooting android 3.0, people dying, and people saying first 4 times. and half of the other comments are people with terrible taste in naming, humor, or design suggesting things. i love kellex and the news that is solely about verizon droid material, but wtf people can we have some common sense ?

    • scruggie

      exactly what i was thinking reading some of these comments

    • StephanC

      You must be new here. Hi, I'm Stephan C. What specifically is it that you dislike about my comments?

    • Amen! Though I think for strictly marketing purposes they would be stupid not to use the Droid branding, of course Ole George might not like that but I'm sure Verizon would pony up whatever amount of $$$ he wanted for another round of Droid copyright infringement (albeit legal)

    • So your saying rooting is not intelligent ok sir.

      • haha rooting android 3.0 when literally no one has a build of it is not intelligent. and do you guys forget that the droidX was called the shadow ? everything has a codename obviously they're not sticking with stingray

    • you missed the other part were 10% of the posts are ppl like you complaining about everything u just said.

      • Octotron

        Hey now… he had a completely original, helpful thought that neither myself, the other mods, or Kellex had ever noticed or discussed!

    • Jdstell

      I agree. 90% of the comments are off topic now or pointless “First!!1!!” posts.

      IF the codename, “Stingray”, really is the first Motorola Android Tablet on Verizon, I REALLY hope they change it to match the whole “Droid” brand thing they have going. How about “DroidPad”? haha or just the “Better than an iPad Pad”?? I would buy an Android tablet that's called the “Motorola Droid Better than an iPad Pad”

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Here's an idea. Read the news. Stop.
      Seams you feel your opinion matters as does everyone else.
      I don't see you posting on topic here so get over it and take your own advice.

  • Why do we think this is going to be “Droid” in the name, instead of just a tablet?

    • themiracle2012

      the devour is an embarrassment.

  • lifesign11

    Hey guys – Is this it? NVidia was showing off a “motorola-verizon” tablet at CES back in January. It looks appx. 7in, has a front facing camera (from what I can see), and has Tegra onboard.


    • Neo1738

      Correction: Based on information provided by Nvidia, this story incorrectly reported that the prototype was a Motorola-Verizon tablet. It is not a Motorola-Verizon tablet but a tablet supplied by ICD running a Motorola-Verizon interface on top of the Android operating system.

  • Awesome name! Better than iFad … I mean that stupid iNaming convention.

  • so is Gingerbread or Android 3.0 rootable yet?

    • holy crap man its not even out yet how would anyone be able to root it??? lol

    • Sri

      do you know what th enext version is called…? starts with “ho…….”

  • Donstpete

    I don't care what they call it, just produce the damn thing so we can get one!!!

  • could always just get the augen gentouch from kmart. it's a 7″ tablet running on 2.1 and it's only $160

    • thats like saying I could get a ferrari, or i could go get a friggin hyundai sonata for way less

      • i have no idea what that means….

        • ok lets go back to phones than, getting that is like getting a Droid Eris when you could get a Droid X

          • we don't even know the stats of the stingray yet….so you can't really compare them. the gentouch has decent specs for it's size and what it's for. here's a link for it on the kmart site showing its specs for those interested


            more then likely though the stingray will have better specs…but then it'd also be stuck on a verizon contract…possibly…unless they are going to sell it contract free (doubt it though)

        • Just make sure you get the warranty, lol

      • Fawzi94

        Did that make sense to anyone? hmmm…..

  • Droidzilla

    We all know the Spanish name will be “El Androide Guapo.” We English speakers will just have to live with a tablet named after a bottom dwelling fish who's claim to fame is killing Steve Irwin with irony (seriously, how does a dude who wrestles crocodiles get killed by a stingray? I've been stung by one, and it sucked, but it's by no means crocodilian in scope).

    • Neo1738

      cause the stinger freakishly plunged threw between his ribs and into his heart puncturing it. crazy freak accident basically

  • spyder00

    I think Stingray is pretty B.A.
    although all the other possible titles are pretty sweet too guess i'm just a sucker for the ocean

  • Not likeing the name. Here is a question, will we be able to buy it without having to go threw a carrier? That will be my hang up, if thats the case.

  • StephanC

    I like the name “Droid Slate”

    • That's what I was thinking. Slate sounds so much better that tablet or (snirks at *pple) pad. Reminds me of a slab of granite instead of… well… feminine products

  • EggoEspada

    Probably just a code name. Does not seem much like a Droid name. Like plain Droid it the X.

  • Muhhhhh could be better but if its got enough power under the hood to kill an Australian crocodile hunter than i guess i cant complain.

    • thedonxr

      Steve Irwin is a Saint!

      • spyder00

        Steve is my Hero

        • steve irwin is dead…it was bound to happen

          • spyder00

            a little cold don't you think? did someone sh*t in your cereal this morning?

          • no…it's just true. he did a pretty dangerous line of work…the odd were it would happen at sometime…just the logical conclusion

          • spyder00

            you have a point it was dangerous and a matter of time…yer comment seemed a little numb is all dude no worries 🙂

  • joesred

    It worked for Corvette

  • Mike

    Yeah thats pretty awful.

  • Droid Stingray.

  • tbaybe

    i like!

  • sjm614

    I like the name…I may have to pick this up when it comes out!

  • I think it should be called the Motorola Tabloid!!

  • JosueD


  • First!


  • ajavgeek

    Not a good name, did not like it

    • Glitch

      not a good avatar, did not like it.

    • I guess thats not the final name!!!

      But will be iPad in specs like it or not.