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Download: Custom Droid Life LauncherPro Trays

Our very own Mrpicolas has modified a set of 5 LauncherPro trays plus a Droid Life launcher icon to help you completely customize your setup.  Included in his set is also a batch of custom app icons so you can really take this to the next level.  Check out the file and instructions below…

Download:  DL LauncherPro Pack.zip


1.  Download and install LauncherPro from the market or buy the Plus version.
2.  Download the LauncherPro pack and extract files to your SD card.
3.  To change the launcher button:

Long press the launcher button, choose App Drawer>Custom Icon.  Then find the folder in your gallery that you extracted in step 2 and choose the DL logo.

4.  To change the launcher tray:

Menu>Preferences>Appearance Settings>Dock background>Custom.  Then find the folder in your gallery that you extracted in step 2 and choose a custom tray.

5.  To change the app icons:

Long press the app you wish to replace, choose Applications, find the app you want, then choose custom icon and navigate to the “mrpicolas icon set” folder.  Choose an icon.

6.  Enjoy!

If you weren’t already aware that LauncherPro allowed this type of customization and the DL logo set isn’t your thing, feel free to check out the LP forums for a very active userbase that has been creating all sorts of goodness.


Cheers Mrpicolas!

And cheers to the original tray designers Sph1re, shimizu2005 and br_hermon!

  • Js

    how do you get the top bar to be black??

  • Js

    how do you get the top bar to be black??

  • Uh, where do I get that wallpaper? Love the icon pack!

  • How do I get one of those cool droid life wallpapers? When I followed the instructions my home screen just got a giant dl underneath the wallpaper I had some purple but nothing like the pics above. I must be confused.

  • Someone

    awesome :0

  • Andrewmchristiansen

    with all these apps I download i'm all out of space. How do i put the apps on my memory card?

  • how do you get the docks of the site? theres no option to download it just shows attachments do you just drag the picture of the dock you want to the root of the sd card on my droid or what?

  • Audmad529

    hey when i go to change the dock apperance it takes me to my gallery, how do i get it to astro?

  • Audmad529

    do u have to be rooted to do this?/

  • Ok I installed LauncherPro & love it. But now on draw pattern screen it says this phone belongs to , & I can't figure out how or where to enter my name. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  • OK I installed LauncherPro & love it. But now my Droid starts out with “this phone belongs to” on the draw pattern screen, but I can't figure out where or, how to enter my name. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • lvmydroid

    Found this pretty awesome theme. Someday I'll root. Love stuff like this. Having a hard time finding anything similar for us unrooters. 🙁


  • being new to Droid… how do I do a screen capture like the one above and have it save in my gallery?

    • Droidzilla

      You have to be rooted, to my knowledge. Once rooted, there are several, free apps that allow this sort of functionality.

      • Oh okay that makes sense. Thanks

      • ReebyWantsYoMom

        I believe quite a while back there's a tutorial on how to do it using your computer on a non rooted phone. I went threw the process and it worked nice just a little more work than if your rooted.
        ill try and find the link but disqus is a pain lol

  • Fireproof1905

    kinda off subject but the pics in the gallery on the bottom… I was curious when i download the pic how do i get the wallpaper to keep resoultion because it makes the picture zoom in and look all distroted…..

  • I can't get this to download, I have a Droid 1 and went to this site through my browser on the Droid but it says download unsuccessful every time it tries to download the pack. What am I doing wrong here everyone? I really want this Droid Life pack on my phone to get rid of the stock launcher pro stuff.

    • Stephen

      its because it's a zip file. You have to download it onto your computer and unzip the file to your sd card then you can get them working.


  • So I just figured out I can log in with yahoo. I used to be coaster36. Anyways I just figured out this awesome app/launcher and I did me a few icons. Take a look see. Im most proud of the gmail icon.

  • Dylan

    I cant get this to work… The png's refuse to show up in the gallery 🙁

    • Dylan

      Ah.. I've Found it… I had to clear the gallery's data 😀 Thanks DL and Mrpicolas

      • Body_marks

        Thanks same problems here, your fix took care of it. 🙂

  • Hogdawgs

    what happen to the logo contest. I haven't seen the new DL logo???

    • It was actually a new “avatar” contest 😛

  • nkhex19

    This is awesome. Thanks MrPicolas!!!

  • villian1998

    Excellent work, it's not my type of theme but looks great. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • JimBobPooter

    how can use these icons as the default app icons(not just in the tray)?

    • You can use Metamorph, or find an app on the Market called “File Organizer”. Let's you assign custom icons to apps and shortcuts on the “desktop” of your phone 🙂

  • xix19

    kellex what theme are you using? it looks like the droid x theme but it has a black notification bar.

    • Stephen D

      It's JRummy's Froyo Kangerade XTheme with the black notification bar. They're separate downloads.

  • The pink is a little fruity, just sayin'.

    • banana bombs

      you can change it to plain black and white or gray if you just change the hue on pretty much any photo editing software on your computer.

  • The pink is a little fruity.

    • real men wear pink…and aren't afraid to admit 🙂

      • Jdstell

        It's part of the “chickification” of men in America. The first time I saw this site, I almost closed the tab immediately and moved onto the next because of the pink. I didn't realize it was a serious Droid blog.

        • Sometimes you have to get over what you are taught. From an early age, we are taught that pink is “feminine” or “flamboyant”. But lets face it, Pink and Black go sooo good with each other. No denying it 😛

          • Flyinion

            Yep, pink and black look great on lingerie, on a chick 😛

        • not true…im a gun-totin' TEXAN who is not afraid to wear pink…not to go on and on about how TEXAS is the epitome of machismo, but well…it is 🙂

          you know what color I won't wear? insecurity

          • Men who cover themselves in pink are saying “look at me and how hipster I am”.

    • banana bombs

      just change the hue to black and white or gray on any photo software on your computer.

  • pir800

    I see that weather widget everywhere, but can't find it. Can anyone tell me what it's called? Do I need launcher pro installed to use it?

    • Beautiful…………….Widget…………….lol

      • mtkregs

        Oh my….deja vu. Reminds me of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

        • Poor Bill Murray lol People are still talking $*** about Garfield lol 😛

    • Jdstell

      It's called: beautiful widgets

      • pir800

        awesome I just bought it. it's great.

  • Mrpicolas

    Thanx guys just wanted to share something cool with you guys

    • And you sure did! I still wish the community was as obsessed with orange as I am. 😛

      • Are you still running Nemesis Orange Nightmare or whatever? 😛 lol

        • Haha not right now, I'm digging the way JRummy skins a lot of the stock icons too. I should e-mail Aaron and ask him if he plans on doing something like that.

          And it will always be TechDeft Orange to me. 🙂

          • Yea. I know Aaron is a busy guy. He never talks about themes all too much which is unfortunate because that's what everyone wants basically. Sometimes people want looks over functionality. BUT, once he gets functionality, then he better start themeing like a mad man. 😛

          • Yea, I prefer functionality of form myself, but the modder community has functionality down pat. His ROM seemed to run very nice. But once it works well, then I want it work well and look sexier than me while it's at it.

          • Preach lol

          • Someone get me a damn soapbox.

    • 1bad69z28

      Wow, thanks Picolas,and thanks for the assistance to Tim A Tato last Saturday when we were rooting my D1, Loving some root and and I lovin your work 🙂 Thanks again

      • haha my pleasure. but you can thank the Root Guru (picolas) as well. Had to call him because that damn RAR file 😛

        Hope you're liking you're new phone! lol

        • 1bad69z28

          Lovin it man, like a new phone almost everyday lol Should've done this a
          long time ago 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I forgot to send you a link http://idrisemustafa.com/about.html Here is it

    • josh1980

      Hey Picolas, do you have to be rooted to use the icon pack and can I download and extract on my droid or do I need to do it with my computer. Any advice is always appreciated. Thanx

      • You dont have to be rooted. This can all be done from your phone 🙂

        • josh1980

          Appreciate it, Tim always there to help.

        • josh1980

          Hey tim when I try and download the zip file it says not supported with this
          phone and I have the unknown sources checked. Any ideas?

  • Yagermeister

    All I have to say is WOW! What a community of people who give back! Great job Kellex and thank you for providing the venue! Thank you Picolas for your time and effort as well!

  • Picolas FTW!!!!!

    • kellex

      Picie for the win for sure.

      • Worrrrd. Kellex, come to Vegas with me this weekend man. We can rob those casinos! 😛

        • kellex

          Damn I wish I could. Love me some Vegas.

          • Who doesnt love them some Vegas?!? Well, except for the people that live there. I can only imagine….lol

          • Jay P

            Me and ten of my boys were planning on going there this weekend, but we said heel with lets just go to Miami, for three days and then Bahamas one day for gambling, yea baby. bienvenido a miami.

          • mtkregs

            With the crappy housing market in Vegas and a little luck in the casinos, you could buy a Droid_Life party pad for all to use.

            …at least that's what a good DL Mod would do 🙂

          • Hmmm, I'll thiiink about it lol