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DROID X On Sale Tonight at Midnight Online

Unable to make it into a Verizon store over the next few days?  Then stay up a little later tonight and order your Droid X online at midnight.  Not only will you bypass the $100 mail-in-rebate, but you’ll likely have your device by Friday after the free 2-day shipping which accompanies most phone orders.

You’ll have a couple of options:

  1. Buy from VerizonWireless.com – We’re hearing it will go on sale at 12:01EST, but that seems a little unlikely.  12:01PST or at least depending on your specific time zone sounds about right.  Price will likely be $199 with no rebate mess.
  2. Buy from Wirefly at 12:01PST – If you purchase through their Bing.com sponsored listing (this link) then you’ll get $50 from Microsoft plus a usually rock bottom price.

With rumors of sporadic inventory, this might be a good option if you don’t need the device immediately on launch day.

  • Well its true, the same thing…why wont it let me order the X on a family plan? Is this a website glitch???? Thanks

  • Well I heard about the Droid X…when I ordered my Incredible, it said that my family plan only needed to have an upgraded data plan…Thanks for sharing with us

  • The Droid X is really a amazing phone. I am definitely going to have it as my next phone.

  • I decided to try and see if it would say this if I tried to order the incredible which as I stated before I did w/o any difficulty…it is saying the same thing..

  • I recently ordered a Droid Incredible and sent it back as soon as I heard about the Droid X..

  • WOW !!!!! DROID X on sale,but i think this phone takes a heavy cost,because its has a good look,interesting features and many more facilities.

  • Nice phone…….. This is an amazing handset of DROID X,now it is on sale tonight and i think its price is going to be high.

  • This is a fantastically good quality post you have put up!!! I want to order the Droid X online, but it says that my family share plan is not compatible

  • Darkseider

    Define irony. Motorola one of the first members of the OPEN Handset Alliance makes the Droid X the most CLOSED Android handset to date. Say no to Moto.

  • Austin1

    Anyone want to sell me their Droid Incredible? My wife wants one but her contract still has a year to go.
    Or does anyone know where I can buy a Used DI?

  • InterestedAsian

    Can I use this in other countries? thinking of buying it and using it in the US and then taking it back to my Asian country. Possible?

    • Darkseider


  • Guest

    Just ordered Michigan @2am.SMART30 worked for me and applied to both phones I ordered.

  • Joserag86

    I just ordered my Droid X online. I was not able to do it on my laptop using Firefox but when I tried purchasing via my iPod touch The X showed up as an option. It's been available since 930pm PDT. I'm in LA

  • Guest

    Log in via INTERNET EXPLORER…you can order then. Otherwise, it will not show up right now on other browsers for some reason…

  • thejaifactor

    Just ordered my droid x online — with the 10% code (PRMCD10) and $50 new every 2 – came to $134.99 with free overnight shipping (will probably get it friday) .. all psyched!! If you guys haven't bought yet – don't forget to use the promo code 🙂

  • timarnette

    Mine is ordered. 1:26 am Use internet explore

  • Shove1dm

    QUESTION:….My husband and I are on a family plan, I am eligible for an upgrade.I recently ordered a Droid Incredible and sent it back as soon as I heard about the Droid X…when I ordered my Incredible, it said that my family plan only needed to have an upgraded data plan. Now I am online, trying to order my X and it is telling me that the X is not compatible with the family plan and that I need an individual plan…I decided to try and see if it would say this if I tried to order the incredible which as I stated before I did w/o any difficulty…it is saying the same thing…why wont it let me order the X on a family plan? Is this a website glitch????

    • larryw47

      shouldnt have anything to do with your family plan as I am on one and it did not have an issue for me… what strikes me as a possible issue is when you returned your incredible if they messed something up with ur upgrade status… u may have to wait to talk to customer service

  • David

    They didnt give me free overnight shipping option. Had to pay the $8.99

    • Mrb

      I had the same issue and I was able to chat online with the reps and I was told to call in the AM customer service and they will refund it. Hope they are right

    • David

      just saw this on the web site “Some customers may need to select Overnight shipping option in drop down and enter promo code FREEOVERNT at checkout”

  • Staaky

    wish i would of seen those promo codes…. bummer

  • droidexer

    Just ordered mine in cnt time. Had to do a fresh log in instead of refreshing the list constantly.

  • Shove1dm

    I want to order the Droid X online, but it says that my family share plan is not compatible. Is anyone else having this problem, and if so is there a way around it?

    • larryw47

      u might have to add a new line if it is saying that… I wouldve actcually about 1-2 months ago upgraded to the incredible but the y said i couldnt until either about a week agos time or at the 1-2 months time ago added a new line

  • Kelsaco

    Just placed order for the Droid X. The smart30 promo code did not work but the (PRMCD10) 10% off did work.

    My message said free overnight delivery. Also, I saw some separate charges for Visual Voicemail. I did not select. What is that about?

  • mac_attack

    I got it by NOT clicking on the Droid X on the main screen but going to cell phones tab and selecting view all and found the Droid X at the bottom which says add to cart..

  • JTodd

    You can order on Central time!

  • larryw47

    damnitt lol my promo code disapereaed as I ordered and didnt go thru and there is no one to call to get the 30 bucks off lol…

    • Joesred

      The smart30 code does not work..it is outdated and for a different phone

      • larryw47

        well that is good at least makes me feel better…

        • Joesred

          ; )

          • larryw47

            i wonder if i called 2morrow when they open they i could try to get them to do that 10% off code? as I billed it 2 my account

  • NewsWorthy

    ~ NewsWorthy ~

  • Sjwong

    1) Delete Cookies
    2)Go To http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/contro
    3) Select State -> NY
    4) Select City -> NY
    5) Add to Cart
    6) Checkout change CITY AND STATE to your current billing

  • Marvin

    you can get free overnight shipping on internet orders! Waiting for the Droid X impatiently, gotta be up early for a 7:00 am meeting for verizon wireless! Hopefully i sell alot of droid x's

  • TerpGrad

    it's up but no luck here, not sure why it's not letting us upgrade both phones at the discounted price. Will have to try the store tomorrow.

  • mac_attack

    ok ok I am PST it is 9:59pm and I just ordered sucessfully online.. 🙂 so happy yay! I had to try a couple of times I think too many people are trying.

  • Leelee2510

    does 2 day fed ex free mean it will get to me by tommorow?

    • jacob

      it means you're getting it on friday

      • No, two day shipping means he's getting it on Monday

    • jacob

      wait.. are you talking about wirefly's shipping? then nvm

  • Joesred

    hey…..are they installing a 32 gb card instead of a 16 gb?

    • Georgemciv

      Nah, 16 gig. They slashed the price of the 32 gig card to $100 though.

  • Gastripod

    In 8 minutes, it probably won't matter, but I spoke to a Verizon rep earlier and she said that launch was at 12:01 CST.

  • larryw47


  • Goran1459

    It's available at verizonwireless.com right now. no need to wait for midnight.

  • Joe Alvarez5

    ordering right now

  • Georgemciv

    I'm on Philly (Est) and it's up! Be sure you use the code SMART30 for 30 bucks off!


      Damn i just used a code for 10% off and the $30 would have been better….oh well

    • Joesred

      SMART30 does not work you were better off with the 10% off

    • timarnette

      Thanks for the code. It worked

  • jippsgk

    I had to log into my account to see it as an upgrade.

  • Mrb

    I GOT ONE !!!!!! Wooohoooooo

  • dr154

    Droid X on sale online now!…. ^_^

  • 1stdriod

    Just ordered mine online



    • jacob

      Dang it. should've told us earlier

    • Agreed… Thanks for telling us so late. I ordered it the second it appeared.

  • Leelee2510

    i'm on the east coast and still don't see it wtf

    • TerpGrad

      same here, 12:48am east coast and NOTHING

      • timarnette

        Same here

      • Guest

        I placed my order online around 12:30. For some reason it wasn't showing up when I was using Google Chrome. I switched to IE and then it appeared as an option.

    • Same here. No sign at all

  • It's up!!! I'll pass though, until the bootloader is cracked…or wait for 2GHz 🙂

    • Kelsaco

      Anyone who says they ordered or its up are full of it. If you are being truthful post a link.

      • It's up…get a better internet 🙂

      • JTodd

        Trust me! It's up and came up at 12:00 CST. Try to log out and back in.

  • shaun

    To anyone who doesn't see it, just keep checking every so often. 12:40 here and I just went back and saw it listed on the 3G smartphone page. Had to scroll down a bit, it's not towards the top of the page I was on at all.

  • Contact and they are in California

    Consumer: (800) 256-4646

    • Kelsaco

      nobody taking orders at that number. it is closed.

  • dr154

    There's no Droid X order's online… it's 12:33am EST here and nothing on regular/corp verizon site.

    • R3dlined

      Its there now just ordered woot!

  • jacob

    Just ordered it.. Yes!

    • where??

    • Joesred

      ordered where…online or did you call in?

    • DZ

      how? what time zone are you in?

    • Mrb

      HOWWWWWW? Come on dude enough already with people saying we got it we got it. Can tell us all these idiots here how you did that?

      • Tyler

        Stop using chrome and try internet explorer. Why? I have no idea. But it is definitely appearing on explorer and not chrome. Of course, every one of use exclusively uses chrome. This is some form of terrible joke.

    • Leelee2510

      how? you on west coast or east?

    • Kelsaco

      please provide link to page with phone.

  • Joesred

    I am going to bed….Shame on Verizon for the lies..
    “IF” the wirefly counter is right and it is 12 am for the west coast and 3 am for us on the East
    then obviously they are trying to limit the number of orders because us people on the EAST coast have to
    WORK so we need to SLEEP so we can pay our cell phone BILLS.

  • mac_attack

    just talked with a rep.. now they are saying that you can order it @ 12:01 your time! 🙁 boo

  • TerpGrad

    12:30am EST and I still can't order….

  • Coqui Ninja

    I cant find the Droid X on the Verizon Wireless Online Store. It's 12:30am and it's disappointing :- (

    • NewsWorthy

      Take a nap and set your alarm to 1am. You waited this long for the phone, I think you can manage another half hour. I know it's painful, I've been waiting too.
      ~ NewsWorthy ~

  • Kelsaco

    Where did you guys hear that it will go on sale 12:01 EST or EDT? I have not seen this anywhere.


      People were chatting with a reps. and they said it would be on sale at 12:01 am EST. Which it's not…

      • Nmcrawford750

        I called 611 today and they told me 12:01 too…… I am soooo upset right now!!!!!

  • DroidFan

    I need to sell my Droid guys so I can get the X…help a fellow Droid-Lifer out…spread the word for me. below is my ebay link….I WANT THIS PHONE PLEASE!

    • Tyler

      Why would a Droid-lifer give up all their freedom to convert to a phone with a locked bootloader?

      • DroidFan

        Cause I like having the most up to date devices..and I have faith that our devs will be able to get pass the stupid locked boot-loader. The phone is just down right awesome. so please if you or if you know anyone who is interested please help me sell it.

  • fr8k

    Interesting how the “live chat” option has disappeared and doesn't automatically pop up when on a page!

  • fr8k

    Interesting how the “live chat” option has disappeared and doesn't automatically pop up when on a page!

  • Joesred

    I am soooo tired….tired …. tired….tired
    So Verizon is getting to be like a boyfriend I dumped forever ago…
    lots of promises and little action and when things happen…far later than

  • Kelsaco

    Same here. Cant order. What is surprising is I am able to access the site without delay. Either they have amazing capacity or demand is weak.

  • jippsgk

    It's 12:17 AM EST and the Droid X is still not on the Verizon Wireless website. However, they did the Droid X flash a little bit at 12:01 AM EST.

    • timarnette

      I am still waiting. 12:27AM EST

  • dru

    Not cool…

  • Kaylee

    Um… it's midnight… why can't I order?

    • Joesred

      I asked a Verizon CHAT rep about the droid x and he said it went on sale 12.01 a.m. EST

      • Kaylee

        Well he lied!

  • PAiN

    If you guys look at wirefly site, theres a count down for DX and its in PST

  • Facebook User

    It appears as if the phone will go online at 12:00 EST, which is 1AM EDT… aka 1AM on the East Coast.

  • Im getting nothing on both the Phone and the website…

  • if I order threw the vzw website do I have to pay right there with a card or can they add it to myy bill at the end of the month, I'm just askin cuz I don't have a credit or debit card only cash.

    • Mrb

      I was told by a VZW rep that you can add to the bill as long as you don't have any past due amount. At any rate, I don't trust the info that I get from those incompetent people anymore

      • WEll I barely started my account two weeks ago does that mean I have no past due lol

    • Wpoliansky108

      you can only bill your account if you havent been late on paying for bills for at least 6 months

    • timarnette

      They told me they will add it to my bill.

  • Mbaldwin85

    umm its 1211 why can i buy??

    • Mbaldwin85


    • Nmcrawford750


  • still cant order….bummer

    • Mrb

      Looks like all the guys that spoke with the VZW reps and told them 12:01 AM in your time zone were ALLLLL wrong.. I am not sure I can wait another 3 hours. I will play with it a bit and if it does not work I am going to bed. Part of me still says ” Hey, It's just a stupid phone..!”

      • If you're staying up until 3AM check wirefly. $50 Bing cash back, and a rumored price of $149 on the phone makes the total price under $100….

  • still cant order…its 1210am EST

  • Mtaylor78

    Must be midnight PST… I'm on EST and no droid X available yet!

    • Tyler

      same problem here

  • Mrb

    I tried to upgrade and the Dx does NOT show as an option. the 800# is closed for the day!!
    All the VZW agents just lied to me. Dumb SOB's. I am mad..

  • Ordered mine at 11:30 p.m. EDT from the Verizon website. I am on a business account though so that may have played a role… BB wouldn't take preorders from business accounts!

    • JG

      howd you guys order already? i got nothing on the site and the phone is a no go

      • eddiebusgetti

        i dont see where to order it

      • Dunno… Just logged on to check before the 12:01 start time and it was up already… Got the confirmation email and everything. Expecting it by 3:00 Friday afternoon.

    • Kelsaco

      Can you post a link? Maybe it will work. Perhaps it has not propogated to all the servers.

      • I can't recreate it. My boss (dad) logged into his business account to do it and I don't have his login. Sorry 🙁

  • dkocnj

    Haha…just ordered mine at 11:25 EST on 7/14

    • Joesred

      no way!!!

  • Mikb261

    Motorola has Droid X set to automatically brick if the kernel, bootloader or rom becomes noticeably compromised. Anyone else heard this!? Read it here:http://www.tgdaily.com/mobility-features/50663-motorola-droid-x-in-serious-lockdown

  • Tiredofwaiting

    Preordered at Best Buy, 5th on the list. Got call tonight that said they only rcvd 1 phone.

    Hey thanks Motorola

    • a question: With how easy it is to order from Wirefly amazon, of verizonwireless.com why on earth would you deal with Best Buy?

      • Tiredofwaiting

        The motorola rep who happened to be at Best Buy told me I'd have my phone this morning, that combined with no rebate and award points made it pretty appealing.

  • Just asked another rep.

    Please wait for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience!
    A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with John
    You: Hello
    John: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
    John: In an effort to better assist you, are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?
    You: When will the Droid X be available on your website?
    You: Yes, I am looking to upgrade.
    John: I will be happy to assist you with your Droid X concerns.
    John: The Droid X goes on sale 12:00 am est.

  • Jstrege34

    Question for you all and i think i might know the answer but just wanted to make sure. If someone buys either the Orginial Droid or Droid X you can sync your contacts and emails from Microsoft Exchange servers with out having to buy a thrid party app. Is that right. Also when is the orginial Droid going to be able to handle the 32gb sd card that it said it could at one time. Thanks for your time and comment.

    • To your exchange question. Yes both have basic exchange support with 2.1 and it will be improved with 2.2
      as far as 32 the cards go, it has always been a matter of availability. If you can get your hands on one and are willing to pay the premium it would support it right now.

  • kellyann

    I hate to sound stupid, but what is a locked bootloader?

    • Tyler

      If you don't know what it is, you *probably* won't ever worry about it if you own the phone, and it will make no difference. Its the type of thing that you need to put a lot of effort into to care about, but once you do put the effort in and care about, there's no going back.

  • cruzn

    the verizon website says “free overnight shipping when you order online”. does that apply to the phones?

    • Thornhba

      no it applies to airplanes :/

      • timarnette

        Yes it does.

      • what a horrible answer…thanks.

  • gabemcg

    I've spoken with local VZW store several times today in order to make sure my mom's account was ready for me to go in and use it to purchase my x without her when they open at 8am. She had to call 611 and add me as an authorized user on the act.

    When she tried to do so the salesperson was pushing her to order over the phone to aviod the rebate hassle, and even offered free next day air ($8.99 value) for delivery on Friday. I would have taken it, but I'm heading out of town this weekend for a wedding, and need all those megapixels to come with me 🙂

  • Glad to see this was posted 🙂


    This was the chat picture I sent Droid Life earlier.

    • Rizzidy

      EST? So, CDT?!!?!?!

      I can't believe Central time is the actual standard.

      • Cleopete

        Yeah! If it ain't Greenwich Mean Time it don't 'mean' s***!

    • mikehoncho

      Stupid question I know, but how the heck do you get to the chat? I can't find a link anywhere on the site now.

    • timarnette

      Very Cool

  • Jack

    I'm all set. Mine should be delivered on Monday, or, if I'm lucky, Friday.

    • timarnette

      Mine will be here before 3:00pm on Friday

  • timarnette

    On Verizon web site says over night free shipping. I just spoke with a Verizon rep, she said if the order is placed tomorrow by 4:30 pm the order will arrive by 3:00 pm on Friday. Better than standing in a line.

    • Will

      I couldn't agree more.

  • I just spoke to a customer service agent on the phone. I asked if he could confirm that I can go online at 12:01 am (my time which is eastern) to do the upgrade eventhough I will technically be upgrading one month early. His supervisor reset my online access so that it shows I can upgrade as of today versus next month. I guess I'll be staying up until midnight to get my order in!

    • brian

      It's not on ale, what's the deal?

      • Netro7

        Pretty sure it's PST…

        • Youteavols

          EST and EDT are 2 different time zones if it is currently 12:37 your time (EDT Eastern Daylight Time) it is 11:37 EST Eastern Standard Time…

          • Netro7

            The difference between EDT and EST is daylight savings time. During this time of the year it is EDT. So, if the phone launched 12:01am Eastern Time, it should be up by now. I put PST when I should have used PDT, sorry bout that.

          • Youteavols

            The verizon rep said it would be up at 12:01 EST not EDT so that means it will be up at 1:00 AM (which is a lot better than having to wait up until 3:00 AM)

      • Guest

        I just placed my order online. For some reason it wasn't showing up when I was using Google Chrome. I switched to IE and then it appeared as an option.

        • NMCRAWFORD750

          ITS ONLINE…….ORDER ORDER!!!!

  • Jhodges1715

    In a chat with a verizon rep i was told 12:01 based one your specific time zone

  • Just chked in Austin they will take orders at midnight for Delivery on Friday. Too bad I am at work all day. A Authorizes retailer said he would have one for me but it would be $349 not $299…What a rip….I will wait a day verse spending $50.

    And NO I do not care that it is locked.

    • timarnette

      It is $199.00

  • Jbraden03

    Is it going to be available without contract? and how much?

    • Jbraden03

      Anyone know?

      • timarnette

        I am adding a line, It will be 199.99

      • Kaylee

        600$ without contract

  • eddieonofre

    men… all news are about the Droid X… I am getting tired of it already.. I wanna know about the Droid and the droid 2

    • kizzle

      i agree

      • eddieonofre

        dude what did u do?? I got four mails alerts for ur comment

    • Tyler

      oh, I don't know, our family is getting a new member tomorrow, that can't be exciting at all or anything…

  • 1bad69z28

    MIdnight, they should make the verizon stores stay open thru the night for the launch ha ha ,

  • Rizzidy

    I don't care.

    • KaZx

      I Was really wanting this phone until heard about the licked boot loader

      • El El Kool J

        so u dont want motorola lickin your bootloader….lol…

        • lakerzz

          Or because its not an I*hone? Loll

          • KaZx

            iphone is nice, like a preschool toy. but i love my droid and the many things it can do

          • im gonna assume many was a typo for manly

        • KaZx

          Motorola can lick my boot loader all she wants. i just don't want a Locked bootloader.

          • Diego Molina9

            Whats the Locked Bootloader?

  • Apreston48

    Can I do my upgrade “new everything two” online for the Droid X this way?

  • DroidXXXisMyHero

    I already bought my today on the phone. Will be delivered friday morning by 10:30am

  • Good suggestion Kellex… thing is… I need it immediately on launch day. haha 🙂

  • Marballe

    talked to an online chat agent. she said it will be available at midnight. hope she's right.

  • Hogasswildmc

    not first? pishaw!

  • Michael_NM

    Shouldn't those times be EDT and PDT? Yes, it's picky, but only a few places (AZ, HI, and parts of IN I think) stay on standard time all year.

  • Drew

    Wonder how long it will take before their stock dwindles to nothing.

  • does anyone know if the ability to loop past the mail-in rebate will always be available online on the verizon website, or if its only for this initial period and then they'll reinstate it?

    i'm dumping my iphone 3g two months early (and paying the penalty to at&t) to buy a droid-x in the next week or so, and i'm just curious if i'll have to shell out the extra 100$ just to recoup it a few weeks (months?) later.

    • caphoagie

      Sell the closed out of date ithing you have and the 100 bucks is taken care of.

      Don't know but I bet that rebates will always be there.

      • it makes the most sense that if you buy it directly from the verizon store and / or online, the rebate is deducted automatically. wasting the postage and paper to send a rebate in seems completely moot when its just going back to the source. if it were a third party store, like best buy (who, oddly, is selling it for 199$ without any rebate needed), wal-mart or radioshack, i can see the rebate making sense then.

        • Verizon does it because A. people are to lazy to do it… and B. they send you a prepaid card, which they can start removing 3 bucks a month from it after 12 months of receiving it. In the end verizon is just trying to find ways to make more money.

          • JCarroll

            C. It requires you to remove the UPC from the box, which means you can't swap out phones within the first 30 days.

          • I forgot about that good call!. I hate how verizon takes care of their customers, but I love my droid to much to leave.

          • Cabarete007

            You're wrong on the last 2 parts. A. yes, people are lazy. B. you can go to citibank (who issues the card and get cash). C. You can send for the rebate at anytime, if you return your phone without the UPC, you just get charged the rebate amount during the return. D. Online never has rebates always instant (biz reason: less overhead).

      • oh, and no one is going to buy an iphone 3g (not the 3gs) who's battery dies within four hours of being taken off the charger. 😛

        • Tyler

          Ahh, welcome to the free world where you can buy a second battery!

    • Justin

      The online Rebate for all phones is instant rebate, they are always available.

    • Daisymom06

      !verizon always offers the online discount. no messing with mail ins that way!however if you go to the store you will get the mail in rebate. so def order online!

      • i've aways been one of the “gotta get it first kids”…so, if you want the bragging rights between you and your friends to see “who got it first” (like i do), you're better off standing in line…if you can wait the extra day or so, you're much better off just ordering it online…

        11 1/2 hours and counting…

  • Will

    It seems like Verizon wireless store is on Eastern time. I think I purchased my incredible around 9 p.m. they day before it was supposed to be launched and I'm on Pacific time. I could be wrong. Can anyone confirm?

    • Edward

      Well supposedly the Verizon store here in LA can sell me a Droid X tonight at 9pm. So the midnight release must be EST-based, I would assume.

      • Michael_NM

        That would be EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) based, if it was EST (Eastern Standard Time) based, you could buy it at 8:00 p.m. PDT. Make sense?

        • Will

          No, not really, but I'll take your word for it. Seriously, screw timezones.

      • Will

        That's what I thought, Edward. I guess I'll check around 9 p.m. and if it's not on there yet, I'll try again at midnight.

  • caphoagie

    Wat what cool beans.

    • LobbyDizzle

      This 'first' stuff bottles my mind. I thought it didn't happen anymore. Maybe I'm getting old (23rd bday tomorrow!!!)

      • caphoagie

        Your so right I don't get it either but for some stupid reason when I came to the site and there were no post I for some reason did it.