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Download: DROID X Live Wallpaper

We knew it was only a matter of days before the Droid X Eye live wallpaper was ported to the rest of the big dog Android devices.  This is the live wallpaper with the scary Droid eye that follows you as you swipe between screens.  It’s pretty much the most fantastic live wallpaper available.  And as you can see from the screenshots above, there are a variety of colors to choose from instead of just the standard red.

*For all users.  Both rooted and non-rooted.

*Worked on my stock Incredible and Froyo Droid 1.

Download: GREEN | RED | GOLD | CYAN | BLUE


1.  Download your color of choice.
2.  You may need to download via PC and transfer over through USB.
3.  Open Astro File Manager and find the file you downloaded.
4.  Tap on it, select “Open App Manager.”
5.  Select “Install.”
6.  Once it finishes, back out to your home screen.
7.  Select Menu>Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers>DROID X
8.  Done!

Source: XDA Forums

Cheers James!


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  • Wartortle23

    there should be white or black or purple.

  • Wartortle23

    found out.

  • Wartortle23

    how do i transfer

  • I just downloaded this. Looks awesome!

  • Ashido2004

    where the hell you put the file it not working i am downloading and trafering it what file you put it in to

  • Ashido2004

    where the hell you put the file it not working i am downloading and trafering it what file you put it in to

  • They look great.

  • if you’re having trouble loading it , it’s because it’s the wrong resolution for your phone. It would have to be re sized to fit your device resolution…

  • Burr0221
  • xmetl

    noob its the default launcher on phones with HTC sense

  • Laststarlight

    Hey! The 2 last screenshots. are you using some kind of skin for the phone or something? or what launcher are you using? If you could tell me please.

    • xmetl

      noob its the default launcher on phones with HTC sense

  • leonard

    it slow downs my milestone, even the apps tray x.x

  • DroidFan

    now guys dont tie a noose around my neck for asking this(lol) but is the Android market going to get better games anytime soon? I absolutely despise Apple but it does seem that they do have way better games on their app store. I know android devices can handle better games but all I see anymore is boring ones that keep my interest for 2 minuets then I am done with them. All in all im just wondering if anyone knows working to improve the market at all.

  • RealGame22

    Are there any task killers that work with 2.2 (Froyo Stock)? Currently using System Panel

  • Sk4t3rg0d

    I tried this out, and even overclocked at 1ghz my Moto Droid is still lagging a bit. Maybe I'm greedy but I don't want my phone to lag. Live wallpapers are cool, but i didnt overclock my phone so they could hog all the ram.

  • thegod

    “It’s pretty much the most fantastic live wallpaper available.” are you serious? stock 2.1 pond and the samsung galaxay lwpS are way better and interactive

  • Jess

    Droid X is definitely a woman, because those are robot boobs. Not feeling them (no pun intended), but they're the more interesting of the lwps that I've seen. The red probably looks great with TC's Red Rum theme.

  • I'm not sure what some of you non-rooted Droid 1 peeps are talking about, but my home screen seems to be just fine and smooth running the Droid X live wallpaper. Looks great! 😀

  • Keep getting a black bar randomly after exiting out of an app. Takes up a 1/3 of the background. Using red eye live wallpaper on froyo 2.2 Droid.

  • Droid in Oregon

    OT but anyone see this clip:

    • Chris Nimon

      Dude, that is some of the funniest stuff ive ever seen. Posting to facebook for my apple friends now..


      i died when he said theyre multicolored and cost $29

  • Outsider_Droid

    Got the red for my Droid, very nice wallpaper

  • Steve
    • WWise03

      Ill buy it for $150

  • Rcolt1911

    Very cool live wallpaper! Like the CYAN color best. Also did the Multi-touch Keyboard. It's great too but the vibrate feature isn't working. Bring on some more Droid X goodies to keep us busy until Froyo is pushed. Thanks.

  • Its cool in all.. but it lags my phone like hell on Froyo haha. Otherwise its sick. haha.

  • Lode_exe

    Agreed! Would be cool if someone would turn the Droid X boot animation into a live wallpaper, but with the grey wallpaper for the background.

  • Lode_exe

    Agreed! Would be cool if someone would turn the Droid X boot animation into a live wallpaper, but with the grey wallpaper for the background.

  • DiGz76

    meh…….nothing special. don't like how you can only install 1 color at a time too. why not allow a settings configuration. don't expcet to be using this too long.

  • Toneynola22

    got to work on the lg ally also………. i know i know it my work phone for now

  • KSChris

    Tried it out. Nothing all that amazing about them, and they slow my phone down a bit even at 1100 MHz.. I think I'll change back to regular wallpapers. Thx for posting anyway, Kellex.

  • kerrhome

    Man it just sucks how much these live wallpapers slow down my droid. W/ launcherPro it screams. Then I throw on a live wallpaper and it stinks.

    • kerrhome

      Maybe will lag less w/ Froyo.

  • Dean2359

    Even though i downloaded all of them only the red will work

    • I am pretty sure that you can only install one at a time, if RED is the last you installed that is all you see

      • Yeah, you must reinstall the color you want to see.

  • I un installed, its kind of cool but I dont understand why it needs my coarse location and ability to take pictures

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Can someone please help? I downloaded jrummys newest froyo from source (the updated version that came out in ROM manager today) and tried theming it with robs purple passion theme, and now my phone is bricked.

    Can someone tell me a process to unbrick it in recovery or with a computer?

    • Andrew Hewitt

      Nevermind, did a nandroid restore and I'm good now.

  • Themiracle2012

    It's so much faster to do a bluetooth transfer if your computer has the capability.

  • root4life
  • root4life
  • Jsprakeg

    No luck at all here froyo. It shows a differenttype of file but still.apk. I used astro and other app installers the keyboard and this read as different files.

  • Dracul

    installed the blue eye and it works great on JRummy's blueberry. 🙂 Thanks for posting it Kellex.

  • Rodeojones000

    I don't get why these are considered so “fantastic.” I actually think they're pretty dull. Forget the fact that live wallpapers slow down your phone considerably, these just aren't that great to look at. Boring is a more accurate adjective to use to describe them.

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Downloaded the Blue Eye to stock Droid, quick with no troubles at all…no noticeable lag so far, but wallpaper itself not overly interesting, imo.

  • now if only if someone could port the live wallpaper thats on the htc 2 because it has a clock that looks like beautiful widgets and the wallpaper shows clouds passing the screen and if it was raining it would show rain dripping down the screen you can type in htc 2 review on youtube or unboxing of htc 2 so you can see what im talking about its preety beast and would look gorgeous on our droids just a suggestion =)

    • rockymtnhigh

      If they did that, they would most likely get sued by HTC. I believe Beautiful widgets had to modify their widget under pressure from HTC.

      • But they wouldnt kno about it wud they? I mean the guy who ported the samsung galaxy lwp and the guy who ported this lwp wont they get sued to? Or maybe the people who made beautiful widgets cud post a secret app or something so htc wouldnt know about it?

  • Zacqua10

    i'm running this on a non rooted droid. i'm using launcher pro also and its running amazing. downloaded it right from here.

  • Tomjones5087

    Ok quick question to tim o tato or Kelix or anyone that steps out and helps people quite a bit. I rooted a while back. On 2.1 roms I do just fine, no problems. I have tried all the 2.2 froyo even the new one from jrummy. I have wiped data and cache i have even started over from scratch. My problem with the froyo's is that every so often i get random reboots. It just reboots while sitting on my desk. If i am using it it never does. Are you guys having any problems with these froyo roms like this. Please email me any suggestions to [email protected] Thanks in advance!

  • The_Other_Ray

    not for me. Laggy on a rooted droid 2.1 bb v1.1 @ 800mhz.

  • palomosan

    I'm gonna sing to Android…
    You're just too good to be true, can't keep my eyes off of you, I love you Android.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Downloaded and installed the red one, but it really does not seem to do much. Not certain what the excitement about it is.

  • MDroidOCD

    Works on my Droid, doesn't really seem to lag. It's cool a bit over-rated in my opinion

  • Leaving the topic a bit. But can you find out any info on Droid Pro? I'm trying to decide if I should just wait for a Droid with the keyboard and all the great spec as Droid X. If I know it's coming I will wait I don't want to get Droid X then start missing the keyboard.


    (Hopefully we don't lose reception or have yellow spots on our screen..)

  • Eric

    Hey Kellex what happen to sound for are boot screen?

  • EC8CH

    Rockin' the jrummy stock source rom on the droid 1 these days I see.

  • Now my Incredible feels like a Droid. Wish I could have all the colors installed for quick switching. Otherwise works and looks great.

  • RealGame22

    If you have a “Stock Droid”, it will lag. This is really for “Rooted Droids”. /n Mine runs good at 700MHz (Moto Droid —>> Froyo)

  • Just installed this on my unrooted moto Droid. There is some MINOR lag…but hardly device breaking. I dont get what the big deal is. The Ocean Waves Samsung wallpaper was way worse, and even that was usable.

    Not keeping it just because it isn't that interesting (I like the Blue Sea Samsung wallpaper better, and it is more interactive). But the APK installs and works fine. No problems here. It is really cool that people are ripping these “exclusive” wallpapers. I want you guys to know I totally appreciate it.

  • Igstone2

    awesome lw, any luck on getting the droid incredible lw ported to droid?

  • otter34

    I don't have the option to view in mobile mode from my phone anymore. Site takes too long to upload. Running Jrummys 2.2 w/ Chevyno1 1.2Ghz low voltage kernel

    • Which JRummy 2.2? Kangerade 1.0? 1.1? or his new from source FRF83 build?

      • otter34

        My bad. 2.2, version 1.1. However i couldn't view mobile mode with 1.0

    • It's this site, I asked Kellex about it a few days ago. They are doing some work on it right now so the mobile version isn't up. Should be back when they are finished.

      If you mean for all sites you can check the settings in your browser. Type about:debug in the address bar and hit enter, then hit menu and go into Settings. Change the UAstring at the very bottom to Android.

      • otter34

        Thanks. It seems to work for all other sites

  • Cyan eye's workin gr8 4 me! Runnin Jrummys cyan kangerade oc'd @ 1.25 ghz

  • [email protected]

    How I uninstall it? I have a Motorola Droid stock.

    • root4life

      setting then applications then manage apps select it and unistall

      • [email protected]

        Thanks for the reply. I looked there before but couldn't find it. But since you mention it was there, I went again. I had “Android Live Wallpapers” and that was the right one. I got confuse because of the name. I was looking for a more specific name and I thought that it was my stock Live Wallpapers since did not say DroidX or any clue. The only clue I had was the size 🙂
        Thanks for your help

        • root4life

          not a prob

  • Bladedancer12

    is making my stock droid lag bAD NOW


    i c wut u did thar

    • Anooooon

      What about Brown Eye?

      You see what I did there!

  • Works great on Droid rooted running simply stunning v4.2 1100Mhz

  • mouzz

    slow … dont even bother if youre not overclocked or using a custom froyo rom

  • EggoEspada

    Dang, do I want the green, or go with the original red. Guess I'll see how they look.
    Great work as usual from XDA. 🙂

  • Bladedancer12

    just try it On my Droid stock and is makign it alit bit slow

  • My Droid has an eye! Works great, rooted Froyo Kanerade 1.1, 800MHz kernal. Thanks K.

  • Derongarrett

    word great on the droid!

  • Update… The GREEN EYE is working and looking great. 😀

  • Laggy and messed my widgets up.. hopefully it will be better soon, good start though.

    • I'm curious, are you running stock or custom ROM?

  • TheRPN

    Although they look great, I find many live wallpapers to noticeably slow the homescreen scrolling of these phones. Looking at demos of the Droid X and now loading this on my Incredible, it's very apparent. After using a JPEG as the wallpaper, it's back to silky smooth movement. Am I the only one annoyed by this?

    • Agreed, they're cool and one more way to show off to iPhone users, but I'll keep my static wallpaper for daily use.

  • aarynk

    Downloaded the red one for my phone… works perfectly!! Loving it. I like how it follows you from screen to screen.

    Didn't even need to go into Astro!! (Using JRummy's Kangerade)

  • ROID1


    • its pretty to me…

      • ROID1

        Pretty as in “CUTE” or pretty as in “OMFG, so… SLOW!!!!” 🙂


      no the boot animation is slow.

      • ROID1

        Yeah! That too!

    • kellex

      Hello CAPS! Works fine on all of my devices.

      • ROID1


      • t0ni

        Maybe it's the roids? =P


  • Michael_NM

    Now, if we could just download that 1 GHz processor and 4.3 inch screen…

    • briderx

      Processor easily downloaded.. Via kernel.. Screen size might be a problem…

      • andrew401

        ummm not really, procs going to be a problem also

  • has anyone noticed that live wallpapers slow down the droid1 on froyo?? this included…looks good though

    • mathees

      it did until i got the jrummy ROM. i had no problems after that

      • im running the kangerade stock froyo but it is still slow

  • Lovin the Blue

  • this = win, like i just found my third-eye

  • hmm i think i might have to check out the green one 🙂

  • mathees

    i downloaded it straight from my phone. no PC needed. awesome wallpaper

    • mathees

      i should also say im on froyo droid. dont know if that matters

      • I'm non-rooted and got it straight through my phone. I didn't use astro file manager either and everything works fine

        • timarnette

          How did you do that?? Thanks

          • Zacqua10

            you just go to this page on you're phone and download it…

          • timarnette

            Thanks a lot.

    • timarnette

      How did you do that? Thanks.

  • dang third lol

  • slackerjoe

    Dang, I just missed it!! LOL =0

    • Droidinator

      Red eye is running fine on 2.1 stock Droid but I must agree that it's not that overall exciting would be cool 2 see the eye moving around more. Cyan is awesome 2…

  • Dbrownjr1989