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DROID X Accessory Time! New HDMI Multimedia Station and Car Mount

Mototorola is calling the new docking station for the Droid X an “HDMI Multimedia Station” meaning you’ll be able to dock your Droid X, charge it and stream HDMI video to your TV.  It also appears to have some nicely refined styling which makes the Droid 1 docking station look, well, ancient.

And check out the car mount and HDMI cable which will soon be available as well…

No pricing has been finalized, but you can find them all here.

Update: Pricing has been finalized – HDMI Station ($49.99), Car Mount ($39.99), HDMI Cable ($19.99) and Silicon Skins ($19.99).

Cheers Mike!

  • Chris

    will the phone still fit in the docking station with a case? If so,, what case is compatible?

  • Dustin

    There is a little notch on the inside of the dock that prevents the case from seating properly. I saw a YouTube video that shows how to remedy this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaxqSDkcmP0&feat

  • Captainkangaroo12345

    Does the Droid X docking Station come with a micro hdmi cable? or will u have to buy both of them separately?

  • matt

    Phone won't fit in car dock with silicon skin case on the phone. I got the dock and had to return it. There is an insert that slides out of the dock supposedly to make room if you have a case on the phone, but it still doesn't fit. I have a super-thin case too.

    • Ryang77

      yea same here just got car dock and leather case about 4 hrs ago. found out will not fit, toock the case back and tried every case they had in stock but none will fit. direction even say do not put insert in if you have a case… i would like to know what case would work. got silicone case to take of so i can put in car dock but that wil be going back too. either get different mount or may modify to except the case i originally wanted the leather case

    • Dustin

      There is a little notch on the inside of the dock that prevents the case from seating properly. I saw a YouTube video that shows how to remedy this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaxqSDkcmP0&feat

  • Radioengineer

    Does not fit the hdmi dock with the moto shell/holster

  • Puffy98

    could someone tell me which is better between normal screen protection from ebay n invisible shield…both doesnt bother color n sensitivity for touch screen?

  • Curious

    Does the HDMI support streaming to ones HDTV to for things other than photos and video? In other words can someone load say like HULU and output it to the big screen?

  • REMI

    Will the new docks support the extended battery? That's the question: will the $40 or $50 be worth it down the line when you upgrade battery.

    • BeerMe828

      I have the DX and both docks – it certainly looks like there is at least a millimeter of space between the back of the phone and the edge of the dock, in both cases, suggesting to me that the phone will still fit in the box with the extended battery and cover on.

  • EC8CH

    the case's opening over the speaker in the back extends to the side over that large offset circle that is no longer present on the production models. I wonder if these cases will be updated?

  • palomosan

    Monoprice it is, according to Verizon the HDMI cable will cost a whopping $50, what are they smoking on Verizon.

    Just visit Monoprice.com and buy all the cables you need.

    • EC8CH

      Why would anyone buy cables anyplace else?

  • Thinh


  • the only important question Motorola: WILL THESE DOCKS FIT WITH THE GODDAMNED CASES?!?!?!?!

    • EC8CH

      I'm gonna say…………. no

    • SMLK

      No, you have to take the case off … it sucks because my case is VERY difficult to take off (I have the case with the clip on the back).

  • Chouch84

    droid Incredible lost! smh at who ever owned one

    • WhereIsTony

      what did they lose?

  • I'm not really digging the Car Dock as much as I was expecting from VZW/Moto. It just looks too bulky and obtuse for how clean the overall design of the “X” is.

    Oh well, guess I'll have to use my 25% off benefit when this thing launches. It will save me more in the long run than a new GPS.

  • poeddroiduser

    Better question, now there is a HDMI out cable, can someone “program” the Droid to for HD video out?

  • krush kill n destroy

    hi, i want to get seidio brand because their docks/mounts are compaitble with their cases. how long is it usually before seidio gets accesories ready for new phones? thx

    • You'll probably be waiting a bit after launch. I remember it took them MONTHS after the Storm's release to get a dock that fit their cases.

    • Brahman125

      cases are quick as with the incredible no car dock yet though i got everythingfor thedroid very high quality definitely worth the wait unless u want to go the siliconecase route and use the motorola oem stuff and keep taking that off and on this car dock at least has an intergrated charging port this time around

  • EggoEspada

    Damn. really considering getting the Droid X. Might have to get that HDMI Dock with it…

  • Tpm1999

    not that i think 20 bucks is too expensive, but….

    just goto monoprice.com and search for mini-hdmi cable. 5 bucks…15 bucks saved. w00t

    • +1 for Monoprice

      I'm also a fan of Meritline

    • EC8CH

      All your cable are belong to us.

    • Cice963

      You don't need to buy the cable if you already have a regular HDMI cable. Just get the adapter for cheap. http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c

    • Zgidwani

      be careful, you need MICRO HDMI connector (Type D) , not Mini HDMI (type C). I thought my first $4 cable on amazon was a steal til I found it not fitting in my EVO…

  • WAldenIV

    Does anyone know what kind of screen the Droid X has (i.e., LCD, AMOLED, etc.)?

  • Ace Z.

    I don't know…I'm somewhat disappointed with the the DROID X. I don't know what it is.

    • EC8CH

      Lack of 2.2 till late summer???

    • REMI

      LTE? Thats my big issue… I'd take 6mo of no 4G as long as everything would be OK when 4G service rolls out.

  • desk and car mount look awesome! I'm wondering how long it'll take them to make some decent skins though.

    I'd like a few different ones. Would be nice to have a DroidX equivalent to this (http://www.extremepda.com/I3GOTTER-DEF-BLK.html) for when I go skiing and other extreme outdoor sports.

    Would also like something like the “INCASE” cases for everyday use.

  • Mike
  • EC8CH

    I'd rock that dock!

  • nice

  • Sexy times all around but, $50 for the dock? A lil' expensive I might say.

    • timarnette

      It is worth it!!!!!!

  • Hinano

    likey, want all

  • Although the dock looks very nice, I'd rather have that sweet looking dock app.

  • Adam

    Jeez, you're totally right, my Droid 1 docking station looks outdated and ugly compared to that sexy mofo!

    • timarnette

      Same here. I just came to bed and said you are ugly!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    I like it. It looks both sleek and menacing

  • Chris Nimon


    • Nice…
      Another dock station…sweet lol