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Breaking: Droid X Launching on Verizon July 19th

Usually our breaking news has to do with pictures or videos of new devices and their specs, but today, we’re going straight off of Verizon word.  There has been a ton of speculation surrounding the release of the Droid X and Droid 2 by Motorola and we finally have a date for the release of at least one of them from multiple sources.

Over the last couple of days, Verizon stores were told to place t-shirt orders (like during the Droid Incredible launch) and prepare for an early opening with full staff on July 19th for the Droid X with new merchandising taking over store windows on the 18th.

The official announcement will be made by Verizon next week.  (About time right?)

Start saving people, you have 34 days to find an extra lump of cash.

Who’s getting one?

  • SethMcDonald

    I got one the day they came out. man that was a nice phone!

  • 362601342

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  • So exciting!!! waiting very impatiently!!

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  • Breezy

    Droid X came out yesterday

  • Breezy

    Droid X came out yesterday

  • Jack

    Get rid of the blowing our your back button lame webmaster!

  • Arnold Winters

    The HTC offerings look cheaply made. The fit and finish of a Motorola device is usually very good. I also like the screen on the Droid X. The HTC phone have an AMOLED screen which is hard to see in daylight and the colors appear washed out. I am looking forward to trade in my BlackBerry Storm for the Droid X. I hope it is loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo at the time of launch.

  • Storm34x

    Im so excited for it

  • Storm34x

    Im getting a free Motorola Droid X

    my best friend works for big red

    he is hooking me up

  • This bad boy has a TI OMAP 3630 w/ PowerVR SGX530… no wonder its so fast!! I'm liking the nice screen. Wish it was Super AMOLED, though.

  • Ulnek75

    arg i want one but that announcement of a 2ghz and everything technologically possible in one device thing that motorola will have by the end of the year is preventing me from doing so!

  • Digitaljedi

    Does any one know if this has a front-facing camera for sure

  • K Beck45

    would like to see more specs about droid2 cuz i love having a handy physical keyboard when needed, will the droid2 be as fast and have hd cam, as well as hdmi port would like to see these things so i can make up my mind… and i love the droid so i might have to go with droid2

  • DexDroid

    Dang!!! Why do they keep coming out with so many awazing phones. I just got my phone and now i want this on.

  • DoubleVision81

    I was completely not interested in a 4.3″ screen smartphone, as I figured that would be just to big to carry around all the time and battery life would probably blow. That is, until I got to play with someone's Evo 4G at work today. Now I really would love to get one of these things, regardless of it being a bit bulky and probably lacking on battery life. I would very much miss the slide out keyboard, for my emulation needs, but I think I could make do without for this thing. It's just to bad it lacks the front facing camera that the Evo has, but at least Motorola will probably glue the screen on properly. 😉

    P.S. To bad I have 1 year 8 months before I can get a new phone at discount pricing, but just imagine what they will have at that point!

  • SWEET!!! My NE2 is July 5th so this is pretty decent timing! Finally get to leave my Storm 9530 behind. Can't wait!

  • Kellex you have definitely earned the nod for tech site source of the month award. Numerous mentions of Droid life on engadget and now boygeniusreport.com is raving about your findings regarding the Droid X and have been shipping traffic this way. This is a privilege to watch your skills reach far ranges of the net.

  • dannydarko

    I am I will be front and center at my local Big Reds at 7am just to make sure I get mine. I am so amped right now. I already have the cheddar saved. Hopefully it won't be outrageously priced.

  • anon

    I wish I could. I got laid off a month ago. And no job since. Tear.

  • RealGame22

    At least Motorola phones don't have all the problems like HTC phones do

  • Nickespo09

    Definitely getting this when it comes out; thinner than my droid with a bigger screen actual buttons on the front and more than twice as fast before 2.2, sign me up. And I finally found out why they named it the Droid X, because it's like ecstasy every time I look at it I get a boner haha

  • Just in time! I can switch to Verizon on July 12th!

  • wawaweewah

    Anyone know a price for the X?

  • GimmieADroid!

    I`m up here in Canada and with the Milestone floating around here. When the Droid came out how long was it before the Milestone was released? I might wait off and see when it hits Canada aslong as it is not the winter..

  • Corkis84

    I am definitely not upgrading until they have a product launching with FroYo.

  • Flyinion

    if (4GCapable)

    Yep I know that was stupid but it's my answer 🙂

  • DjSmooth

    Guess I'll be taking off that Night to Play with my new Toy 😀

  • guest

    me! i'm getting one

  • Scott Fones

    Finally getting rid of this ridiculous Blackberry Storm. It isn't due for upgrade until the 27th, but maybe they'll have mercy and let me dump it early.

    • You got the Storm 1? Same here cant wait to dump it.

      Though the latest .748 hybrid is been very good.

      • Scott Fones

        I've had terrible trouble with mine. It randomly goes to speaker phone for a fraction of a second before going back to headset. If people hit the right pitch while they're talking, it makes the sound of a key press through the headset. It assumes, when I hit the u/i key while texting, that u should be the default, there are times it will just turn off and act as if the battery is dead only to turn itself on with an almost full charge a few minutes later.

        I just want to get rid of the thing. I've been watching all these great android phones coming out and can't wait to make the switch.

  • Sweet, Finally a date! But…. No word on the Droid 2 🙁 Seems like the previous news of it being released in Aug was true. Well I guess that's ok since my upgrade is Aug 10th 😛

    But dear god VZW or Moto get a bigger leak!

  • chops5648

    feel bad for the people who got the incredicrap, nice phone still waiting for droid 2

  • Doctagadget

    Does it have a front facing camera? Either way I will buy it.

  • EggoEspada

    I cannot wait.. July needs to get here soon.

  • Francis buxton

    I'm Getting one. def.,. shitty iPhone sees EBAY soon, I cant make a goddam TELEPHONE CALL on it.

  • dylan84

    I really wish I had my upgrade coming. I'd be on this like white on rice.

  • EC8CH


    Any info on what that strange circular mark is on the back of the phone (next to the “with Google” brand”?

    • mo

      noise cancelling i'm guessing.

      • EC8CH

        Typically the noise cancellation mics have only had really small holes…

        This looks like something else.

  • PattyOMalley

    I can't wait for July now! It seems so far away!

  • Kkmoney15

    any rumor on what the price might be? I could definitely do 200 for and upgrade like i did with my droid. i just like the 4.3 inch screen OW OW so sexy!

  • Chris

    I'm holding out for a Verizon iPhone 4G! It cant happen soon enough

    • EC8CH

      Congratulation on finding the most inappropriate site for voicing your verizon iphone desire.

      Try holding your breathe, maybe it will make it happen sooner!

      • Chris

        hook line and sinker….knew there would be one of you

        • EC8CH

          Wow… does being a Troll really make you feel that good about yourself… I'm sad for you.

          Wait… no I'm not.

      • Chris likes yelling fire in a fireworks factory… I used to be wishing and hoping and dreaming for a Verizon iPhone. But now that I've seen what Froyo can do… I'll be a droid convert (from my BB Curve) when this baby comes out! 🙂

  • Sjobs

    I'm getting one, but I need the Droid 2 for my wife. This sucks since I'm switching from Tmobile and need to get both at once.

  • root4life

    heres another pic of the droid x http://www.androidcentral.com/motorola-droid-x-

  • root4life

    anyone else see that at&t decided to lock there newest android phone the aria. thats gotta blow

    • EC8CH

      What else would you expect from AT&T?

      AT&T HATES Android… proven fact.

      • mo

        nope, at&t hate users using large amounts of spectrum…thus lockdown android phones in hopes to avoid tethering etc.

        • EC8CH

          Typically noise canceling holes are small. This looks like something

  • Uly

    hmm…so why is the droid 2 gonna be released after? I have a feeling the droid 2 will have something HUGE over the droid X. front facing camera?

    • EggoEspada

      Its being pushed because its suppose to have Android 2.2 equipped.

      • but we can just upgrade to 2.2 on the Dx right?

  • Off-topic, but my phone is dead. I turned it off last night with about 50% battery, and this morning I woke up to turn it on and nothing. No LED, no illuminated black screen, nothin'. I'm hoping that somehow that battery just died (even though I had it powered off). I'll find out when I get to work and grab my charger and try another battery. If not, I can always replace it under the warranty, I mean if it won't power on at all they can't tell that it's rooted, right? 😉

    • Debrihmi

      My wife had the same problem with her Droid Eris when I upgraded her to 2.1.. Even though she put the phone in Sleep Mode, apps still ran in the background totally killing her battery. I solved it my installing a task manager.

  • Well I just upgraded to my Droid in May, so I'll be waiting awhile. Besides, when I had the body glove case on my droid it was too big, I cant imagine a 4″+ screen

  • vOc

    Honestly I couldn't see why someone with a Rooted Droid could want this. Nothing ground breaking, wait for a 2ghz cpu or a dualcore.

    • Debrihmi

      Agreed! Though I can see the appeal of having a large screen. A good device to me is not a phone or a tablet, but a slate. It's got to have a large screen for media but still fit in my pocket. I'm currently waiting for a large screen 2Ghz phone from Verizon.. I don't want a computer in my phone, I want a phone in my computer.. 😉

    • mo

      huge screen, faster, internal memory……
      and hopefully a camera with better low light performance..

      and whats a 2ghz processor going to magically transform my phone into? i can't tell a difference between 600 and 1.2ghz.

    • Chris Nimon

      I did a Frames Per Second test on my Droid at 600 and at 1250. both came back at 24.4fps. so the processor doesnt come into play here. when viewing my score i saw the droid x had 44. something, basically twice as many. plus, were now overclocking the droid to 1250 and stock is what 500. so if we could OC the droid x i bet we will be in the 2 Ghz range. But I do love my rooted droid.

  • StephanC

    I'm considering buying one but with that NinjaBLUR I'm not sure…

  • JP

    long time stalker first time poster. Been eligible for an upgrade for over a year now. I was going to get a droid or incredible but decided to hold off. droid wasn't fast enough and incredible felt like a toy. been following the droid x for a little while now and can't wait to get my hands on this thing (anyone think verizon will have demo units in store before release?). I'm hoping they do preorder on this phone becuase I do not feel like waiting in line to pick it up. Let the coundown begin!

  • Aleksmilosevic9y


  • sr_erick

    I'm planning on getting one. Do they have any sort of pre-order going on?

  • Durangojim

    I want to buy this phone, but I'm concerned in 3 months there will be something better like the Scorpion. I'll probably get it though and sell my Incredible, unless it's just too darn big. Hopefully it will be rooted sooner than the Incredible sort of has.

  • Eric Sorensen

    I'm breaking my contract for the LG Glance (About $130 to do that!) to upgrade the the X. I got the cheapy phone free when I got a Droid for my Wife (to upgrade my Motorola 120E!) back in December. Since I”ve about taken over her Droid, this will be a good thing and I can let her have her Droid back. Plus, she is always pissed I keep “Changing” everything on it.

    My calendar is marked. Now I just need to wait…

  • Bmyton

    Do we have any official confirmation that this is <Not> the 2ghz droid phone hinted at my Motorola? It was assumed and posted that the Droid2 would run @ 750 but we recently saw the actual 1ghz tag. Perhaps this device is where they are going to drop the new 2ghz chip.

    • root4life

      its not trust

  • dominguez619

    Damn. THE exact day I start boot camp.

  • Declan

    This. Phone. Is. AWESOME.

  • aarynk

    I will be there waiting inline on launch day!!

  • Jess

    Meh. Still holding out til end of year phone(s).

  • Bradjwill

    Put me down for two

  • IBeatMarty

    I returned my droid incredible for this momma!!!! Down with Apple!!! Haha

  • Djrachelamaya08

    My wifes bday is coming up so she will be getting this one its so much better than the incredible (imho)

  • Collinsclerk

    I'm up for an upgrade on July 22nd. Think Verizon will let me upgrade 3 days early by phone, so I can pre-order at Best Buy?

    • Kaufkin

      dunno about best buy, but via CSR on phone, yeah. actually if you whine enough, and are polite, and have a long enough history, you can upgrade a year early. 😉 Been there, done that.

      • Collinsclerk

        My issue has been that we have 4 adults on a family plan (me, wife, her parents). I'm one of the lowly “children” in our family, so I totally get shafted. I've only been on Verizon for about 3 years. I called and whined to them when the Droid came out in November and they said they would sell it to me on a one year contract for the one year price, so basically $270, but then I would only be locked in for a year. It was probably a good deal, but I didn't take it. If I had called and complained harder, I'm sure they might have given me an even better deal. I went to a Verizon store when the Incredible came out and told the guy I wanted upgrade 3 months early, but I told him I didn't want to buy the phone right then. My impression was that if I had pulled out my wallet, he would have gotten the upgrade done.

  • SRuiz126

    Yeah i will def be getting one. im switching from tmobile for this so it better be worth it

  • Starr167

    I want this phone but contract not up yet! 🙁 might be a good thing since the 2GHZ phone will come out later this year. But knowing me I will pay the premium to get this phone. Cheers

    Checking Droid-Life is like checking your email. What' new today?

  • Still living with a Samsung i760 so I'll be upgrading.

  • Stephen

    So this, the Droid 2, or the 2ghz Droid phone? Tough choice…

  • Ace Z.


    • Brahman125

      october month i guess it was cold alot of people parents were inside with nothing on tv

  • Aaron

    Wow its a lot of ppl's birfdees

  • Nathan Roman
  • Michael_NM

    This is exciting news indeed. However, I still have no complaints about my vintage Droid. I'll admit that I'll have a little envy of those with the latest and greatest, but I can't see a compelling reason to fork over dough to replace a stellar device…

  • CGH

    My Birthday Coming soon!

    Hope i can get it in Singapore 🙁

    Thanks for the post!

    Love Droid-Life.com!

  • Me!

  • Brahman125

    bye bye blackberry tour annual upgrade is july 14 just in time lol

  • minime

    Is it rooted yet?

    • leniamonio

      Too early, if this is the official release then I believe, Motorola is still prepping out for their 2nd messiah phone on November. Also, moto tends to release an enormous amount of ads even months before the release of their ace-product. Strange thing though, Droid X and II doesn't have one, yet.

      I believe, I'll let this one pass until november before buying it. To think that Moto may release a 3D phone by that time.

  • Cody

    wow that is my birthday, must be an omen, looks like i have to get one now!!

    • Darryl

      That's my birthday too!!

  • Aaron

    ha that is the exact day my gf's New for every 2 is up.

    well she is getting my droid HA!

  • Keith

    I would if my contract was up, but sadly no.

  • cduce2411

    I'm getting this, but I hope it has one of two things (or both!)
    1. Froyo update soon after release
    2. Root with Froyo rom.
    I'll get it even if both are no-go, but these are something to hope for!

  • Flacmonkey

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!, July 19th is too long a wait, I will go nuts waiting that long. Verizon needs to rethink the date and shoot for July 1st at the latest, a June date would be even better.

  • im getting one….for free!

    • Are you also getting a chicken sandwich and waffle fries??? lol

  • Adamwaldner


  • ill be ordering mine on the 22nd, which is pay day that week 🙂

  • Stephen

    Hey, it's my first comment on this site! Anyways, that's my birthday! Looks like I'll be getting a nice present!

    • Sweet. Don't be a stranger now! 😛

    • Kwmoseng

      My first comment also! And, ditto!
      July birthdays FTW.

  • i might pass on this device and wait for the 2ghz coming out later this year…

    • OldNuc

      That's my plan also. Patience will be rewarded with a better device at lower out of pocket cost. A nice dual processor 1Ghz clock rate and nVidia graphics is very attractive.

    • Or buy this one…and then sell it for the end of year one (Cause then the depreciation won't be too too bad on the X by then).

  • I want one but none of my contracts are up yet. I'm pretty sure it's gonna around $500 like the mayority of the phones nowadays.

    My B-day it's on July, I'm kind of tempted.

  • Did they release some Droid 1 shirts?

    • scrizzo

      Yeah, i believe they just said “Droid does” on the front

  • A day before my bday, sounds like I am getting my self a pretty nice gift!

  • holidayK

    is it safe to say that they will have supple amount of supplies so orders will not be backed up like the incredible? because I want to see what the FINAL specs are on these phones, X and the 2, and maybe a video displaying each.. my upgrade was May 10th so i can upgrade whenever and i want to be sure i get the phone i want.

  • Any word on what the non contract price will be?

  • superchachi

    Yes on the X.

  • I really don't see the big deal about this phone, it's just a newer phone… no front camera, but it probably has a better camera then the droid.

    • You don't see the big deal? You must not really like technology then…

      • rals

        I love technology too, but I won't get that when it comes out. I would have to break my contract to pay full price for the phone for something that doesn't seem to be a whole lot better. I'll wait next year for 2ghz+ phones coming out next year.

        • Well said… I love technology, but its not worth breaking a contract and paying full price for a new phone because by the time i will be able to upgrade i will probably be able to get the phone for free.

    • scrizzo

      I think with this new phone we get a glimpse of things to come like new apps (like apps and widgets made for the X but get ported over to the Droid) and possibility of new rooted roms. Its sort of like adding a star player to a young,growing team; you want to see how it plays out.

    • Brahman125

      bigger screen
      motorola build
      hopefully better battery

  • Guest

    I'll be hopping on the bandwagon. This is actually my first Android device and first smartphone ever. I almost went for the Incredible a few weeks back but decided to wait when I saw the news leaks on the Droid X. I'm glad I did, this looks like it will be a great piece of technology and will be arriving just in time!

  • minime

    Nice! Bye bye Incredible, I'll miss ya!

  • phobic

    Seems so far away. 🙁

    Hopefully the phone won't be too locked down for some rooty goodness!

  • I am getting one!!! Been waiting! didnt get the incredible and i think this will be the one

  • Ray

    Damnit I will be in 120 degree weather in iraq when this comes out.

    • How could people 'like' this?? lol
      That sucks! Be safe dude!

    • Kevin Niven

      be safe and thanks for keeping us safe!

    • sig

      its ok when you get back they will have a phone 100 times better. I left with a Q and came back to a DROID

      • Kwmoseng

        I still have a Q!

    • Ray

      Thanks guys for the support it really does help!

    • andrew401

      GOOD LUCK N STAY SAFE MAN!!!!!! Everyone appreciates your courage

    • texasag03

      Good luck and Godspeed!

      Thank you for having the courage to serve.

    • Dyster

      Thank you for your service Ray. You are a hero and my prayers will be with you for a safe return.

    • Suso973

      thanks for being there for us my son is a marine

  • Seanflynn420

    Finally first

  • Nick

    Droid X and Droid 2 are supposed to be released at the same time.

    • kellex

      This is no longer the case.

      • root4life

        so whats up with the rom tab kellex?

        • EC8CH

          I'm also interested in what DL has in store for that tab.

      • Aren't they the same phone? hehe
        It's that kinda day….

    • Nick

      Droid X is also getting an OTA update on day one because of power management issues.

      • Haven't heard that one… Where'd you hear this from?

        • Nick

          this is from the maker of the power management chip

  • Good save Kellex….good save lol

    • root4life

      hey tim i had seen ur gf has the cliq. did u know if there was a way to put 2.0 or 2.1 on it. thanx

      • haha that little phone would explode if 2.1 was put on it…
        There is no support for the Cliq I have found out. I tried doing the research
        but their community BLOWS compared to ours!!! 🙂

        • root4life

          lmao. so true yeah my gf droools over my phone ha

          • Wish I could say the same…she seriously hates it. I always say “well it doesnt hate you”, and then she gets even more pissed. Gf's being jealous of phones needs to stop!!! lol

          • Ace Z.

            Theres somehow you can install 2.1 on the Cliq…forgot where I read it.

          • I highly recommend you get to finding a link for me bro 🙂
            Better back that talk up! hahaha

          • briderx

            Tim.. My wife is the same way.. “Put your damn phone down!” (as she's reading on her Sony Reader…) Women.. I swear.

            Side note: Kellex.. I just did some googling for specs for a co-worker.. Funny how most review sites have your pictures up on their site. Ha ha ha.. GO KELLEX!

          • root4life

            is that sony reader pretty good. been thinkin bout gettin my gf one from sony

          • briderx

            Ehh.. it's alright. It does what it says.. My wife LOVES it. we have the “300” series one.. The portable version. When I got it for her, she thought it was stupid and a waste of money.. Now, she uses it daily and keeps asking for more books!

            Google just teamed up with Sony – Over 500,000 public domain books are available free now. 🙂

          • Ace Z.
          • root4life

            THANK YOU

          • Ace Z.

            No problem anytime bro.

          • xsoldier2000

            Found it on another site, but:

          • xsoldier2000

            Or straight to the source, ModMyMobile :

          • root4life

            please post me a link if u remember.thanx

          • root4life

            i love it. when the g1 came out she was so proud of it and now look lol

          • t0ni

            I found the solution to this problem, everyone gets a Droid, so they become equally obsessed.Why are our phones so hated anyway??!? I'm going to have a hard time passing this one up. The Incredible only got one look, but I have a feeling I'll be visiting vzw alot.

          • Chris Nimon

            Got my wife a Droid. She had me spending more time on hers (rooting/roms) than i did on mine. Thank god she liked the Incredible when it came out.

      • SRuiz126

        yeah there is but its a choppy rom


    • Francis Buxton

      haha sucks to be you.. and dump that bitch.

  • Mandroid2010

    july 19th huh my sons birthday guess ill have to get me a present BTW First

  • I'm torn between the X and the 2… I think I have to wait until they have demos of both in the store and make my decision after handling both.

  • Jason

    This is great, my upgrade is in July so perfect timing, I'll be leaving the tour behind for this.

    • kellex

      Yes you definitely will be 😛

      • skltr21

        hey kellex you should do a post on jrummys new froyo kangerade customizer in ROM manager. it's looking pretty sweet. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/jrummy/51568-6

        • No, he'll only wanna review the Pink Life one 😛
          haha Good ROM

          • skltr21

            yeah the customizer is great. love that i get control over what i want and dont want on the ROM and theme.

    • Lucky you.

  • First?