Nuance Unveils Swype and Dragon Mobile Assistant for Smartwatches

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For users of smartwatches, text input is usually handled completely by voice dictation, given that the screens are quite small and people’s fingers would have a hard time hitting the correct keys. In some cases, privacy is a concern, and you never know who could listening in on your conversation. For those people, Nuance announced Swype for smartwatches during CES this week in Las Vegas, allowing installers to use their fingers for text input, just like on a full-size smartphone. 

On top of Swype for smartwatches, Nuance is also unveiling Dragon Mobile Assistant for wearables, a helpful assistant built right into your watch. With it, you can perform Shazam-like actions, by asking “What song is this?” And since it’s Nuance, we are hoping the software is smart enough to be actually useful.

Nuance will also be demonstrating new Dragon Mobile Assistant features that facilitate music discovery and home automation as part of the wearable device experience. Through the utilization of music recognition technology from Gracenote, Nuance is making it easier than ever to identify songs playing, discover hot new artists and connect to music services.  Hear a song playing you like, just say “Hello Dragon, what song is this?” and using Gracenote technology and metadata, Dragon Mobile Assistant will identify the artist, album and track. From there, wearable device users can launch playlists from popular Cloud-music services.

Down below, PC Pro from the UK was able to check out Swype on a Galaxy Gear watch, and surprisingly, it looks good and seems to operate quite well.

Smartwatch owners, you grabbing this when its available?


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