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Video: Angry Bird Seasons Easter Edition Preview

There is a pretty good chance that the new Easter edition of Angry Birds Seasons will be here this week, but until then, feel free to feast your eyes on the new preview that Rovio just released.  Cute bunny ears are everywhere.   Cheers 0mie!

Angry Birds Rio Lands on Android Market

We're hoping to make this the last Angry Birds post of any kind for a while, although that probably won't happen because Rovio seems to keep pumping out new titles and variations by the second which many of you still can't seem to get enough of.  So yeah,...

Video: Angry Birds the Movie [Spoof]

Anyone up for Angry Birds the movie?  Yeah, me neither.  But this spoof trailer from the guys at Rooster Teeth is actually good for a couple of laughs even if it does mention that fruity app jukebox phone from the other side.  The drill sergeant/boss almost...