Thursday Question: How’s Android 15 Treating You?

Android 15 Beta Update

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Many of you, both Pixel and select other brand owners, have been able to run Android 15 for a bit. In fact, Beta 3 was just released earlier this week, now reaching what Google calls “platform stability.”

Our question to all of you is, how are you liking Android 15? Kellen and I discuss our feelings on this subject every so often, and full transparency, we’ve been a little underwhelmed so far. Android as a whole has never felt so robust and capable as an OS, but with regards to new features in Android 15, at least available in the beta, we’ve been hoping for a bit more to play with. Private Space has been a lovely addition as a native way to hide/protect apps, plus the predictive back feature is working great, but most other new features aren’t overly exciting.

I don’t want this to come across as any sort of complaint, because again, Android 15 is feeling very smooth on my Pixel 8 Pro and bugs have been minimal from my own experience. It’s a good OS, but I suppose this may be another year where the Pixel Feature Drops are more exciting than the actual OS upgrade.

What’s your take on Android 15 so far? Liking it? What’s your favorite new feature? Not liking it? Let us know.



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