Time to See What Apple’s Cooking Up

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It’s WWDC this week, meaning Apple is about to unveil all of its major software changes for things like iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc., etc., etc.

As Android users, we have been absolutely bombarded with artificial intelligence (AI) in all of our products recently, and thankfully, it’s looking like Apple users are finally going to get a taste, too. I wonder if Apple’s approach will be as annoying as it’s been for Samsung and Google owners? Somehow I doubt it.

In recent reports, it’s detailed that Apple’s AI will essentially look to do what all other mobile AI is doing. Retouching photos, creating replies for your messages, and things of that nature. Fingers are crossed Apple’s designers and engineers came up with something a bit more spicy than that, which could then force Samsung and Google to do the same.

If Apple announces some super revolutionary stuff today, expect a post about it later.

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