Here Comes Arishem: Marvel SNAP’s ‘Celestial’s Finest’ Season Now Live

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Marvel SNAP players, a new season has arrived. Called The Celestial’s Finest, we have some really fun looking cards coming this season, plus a brand new gameplay patch that went live earlier this morning.

New cards dropping this month include Thena, Sersi, Makkari, Phastos, Arishem, as well as the Season Pass card which is Gilgamesh. Details on each card are below, but no doubt players will want to give Gilgamesh a try inside of an ongoing Thanos deck thanks to the latest patch to the Infinity Stones. Additionally, the card most snappers are likely looking most forward to is Arishem.

New Cards

  • Thena (2/1) – After each turn, +3 Power if you played (exactly) 2 cards.
  • Sersi (5/7) – On Reveal: Transform your other cards here into random cards that cost 1 more. (if able)
  • Makkari (3/3) – After the turn, runs from your hand to a random location. (if possible)
  • Phastos (3/3) – On Reveal: Give each card in your deck -1 Cost or +2 Power.
  • Arishem (7/7) – At the start of the game, +1 Max Energy. Shuffle 12 random cards into your deck.
  • Gilgamesh (5/7) – On Reveal: +1 Power for each of your other cards in play with increased Power.

New locations are also coming, all of which seem extremely disruptive, which the developers appear to love. There’s World Forge, which says, “Replace one of the other locations each turn,” and Eternals’ Ark that reads, “After turn 5, flood the other locations.”

All I know is, Darkhawk might see some serious play once Arishem is released and paired with Thanos. That will be a huge D’hawk.

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