Google Injects Gemini AI Right Into Google Search

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Google is bringing Gemini to Google Search, meaning your search results are about to get a massive dose of artificial intelligence.

The first feature of this rollout is AI Overviews, which has been in Labs for a while. It’s now rolling out to everyone starting today, with the feature capable on providing AI-generated information based on your search. For example, you can ask a general question, then instead of getting page results from the web, Gemini will do the research and sorting, then provide a quick response that hopefully answers your question. This means no diving into actual webpages to find the information you need.

Google says you’ll soon be able to adjust AI Overview with options to help simplify the language or break it down in even more detail. As explained, “This can be particularly useful if you’re new to a topic, or if you’re trying to simplify something to satisfy your kid’s curiosity.”

Complex Questions

With Gemini, you can ask very complex questions (with multiple questions within) all in a single query. For example, you can Google “Find the best yoga or pilates studios in Boston and show me details on their intro offers, and walking time from Beacon Hill.” You’ll then receive a completely AI-curated page with all of the details you asked for, complete with Google Maps links, information on the studios, and more.


Google says that AI has had difficulty in the past with planning. However, with much work, Gemini should now be very proficient at planning things, such as meal prep, all from Google Search. For example, you can ask Gemini to build you a week-long meal plan, then customize it as you see fit. You can get very specific, too, with the example being “Create a 3 day meal plan for a group that’s easy to prepare and vegetarian friendly.” You’ll then also be able to switch out meals as you see fit.

Video Understanding

Via Google Lens, Gemini will soon be able to view your live video and answer questions based on that video. Google had a really good example during its keynote, which showed a turntable’s tonearm bouncing around. Gemini was able to understand the issue and provide instructions on how to correct it, all while correctly identifying the make and model of the turntable. Pretty impressive.

Searching with video will be available soon for Search Labs users in English in the US. Be sure to sign up for Search Labs to access all of this newness as soon as it is available.

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