You Can Now Download Two Google Play Apps Simultaneously

Google Play

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One area where Google Play has lagged behind the App Store is the ability to download multiple apps at the same time. With WiFi and cell data speeds increasing like crazy over the years, it’s wild that we’re still stuck downloading and updating apps one at a time. Thankfully, that is changing right now.

Spotted in Google Play version 40.6.31, users can now download up to two apps simultaneously. This is a great achievement for all of us, though, there are limitations. These need to be fresh installs, meaning you can’t download two app updates at the same time, and it is very much limited to two apps. If you attempt to download three, the third will be left at pending until one of the two completes.

Meanwhile, the good people who utilize iOS have had the ability to download and update up to three apps simultaneously. It’s not like this is a competition or anything, but here’s hoping Google is only getting warmed up with this move.

If you have a list of apps you’ve been wanting to download, go have some fun with it.

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