DEAL: Pixel Tablet at $399, Good Excuse to Play With Android 15 DP2 ($100 Off)

Google Pixel Tablet - Best Deal

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I blame no one for being hesitant to flash the latest Developer Preview of Android 15 to the smartphone they need to rely on everyday. It’s important to use a secondary device when possible for testing and playing with experimental builds of software, so what if your dedicated beta testing device was the Pixel Tablet? For a limited time, you can score $100 off on a unit and beta test all you want with little worry.

On sale at most major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, you can get a Pixel Tablet for as little as $399 for the 128GB model. And yes, all units come with the speaker dock. If you need more storage, you can get the 256GB model for just $449 ($150 off).

My personal Pixel Tablet has been on the Android Beta since I first fired it up. My thinking is, I don’t want to flash betas and things that might be broken to my Pixel 8 Pro, so instead of having to worry about that, I throw it on the Pixel Tablet. Coupled with the speaker dock, the Pixel Tablet has been a solid addition to my living room for controlling smart home pieces and playing games on the couch.

If this sounds like a fun thing to do, follow the links below. And once you get it, here are instructions on flashing the factory images.

Buy Pixel Tablet: Amazon | Best Buy | Google Store



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