Verizon New Plan Lets You Add Second Phone Number for $10

Verizon 5G

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The world’s population apparently is increasingly using two phone numbers to manage their lives, and that often means the need to carry two phones. This is according to Verizon, who announced a new add-on to your plan today that gets you a second phone number for an additional monthly fee.

The new add-on is called Verizon Second Number and it is as I described above – Verizon will sell you a second phone number to run on your phone. To start, it’ll cost customers $10/mo as long as you sign-up through June 5. If you sign-up after June 5, the price will jump to $15/mo. Again, this only gets you a second phone number, not a new plan or anything else.

Who needs something like this? People who want separate phone and personal lines, yet don’t want to carry two phones. Maybe you want to move your old land line to your mobile phone. Maybe you just want a phone number that can be used to gobble up sign-ups and take on all of your spam calls.

Verizon says that Second Number uses eSIM to let you “swap between lines for phone and messaging apps,” plus it’ll show you which line is receiving a call or text as they come in. In other words, you are adding a second phone number as an eSIM on your phone that you can toggle between in specific apps, like calling or messaging apps. That all makes sense.

Of course, in order to use Second Number, you need a device that supports dual SIM. At this point, most phones support this type of setup. Your latest Samsung and Google and iPhones all do.

Interested? Well, Google Voice exists and it’s free (here). It’ll give you a second number at no cost. If that doesn’t sound like a fun thing to manage, you can sign-up for for Verizon Second Number here.



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