Waze Now Includes Speed Bump, First Responder, and Speed Limit Alerts

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Waze is introducing a suite of new alerts for users this week, all of which should really add to the overall usefulness of the application when driving around town.

In the latest update, which will begin to hit devices this month, there are now alerts for things such as speed bumps and sharp turns. There are now also alerts for when first responders are on the road ahead of you, giving you time to slow down and move over. Other changes are improved details for when navigating a tricky roundabout, with Waze now detailing exactly which lane to be in and when to turn.

Speed limit sign alerts are also rolling out this month. Waze says users will start seeing alerts when a speed limit is about to decrease along the chosen route, giving the driver more time to slow down and safely adjust to the changing road conditions.

All of these changes will begin populating your Waze app this month.

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