Report: Galaxy Ring Unveiling Set for July, Features ECG and NFC Payments

Samsung Galaxy Ring

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Samsung was cheeky earlier this year when it teased the Galaxy Ring wearable for a half second at the end of its Galaxy S24 launch event. They told us nothing about the device. No launch date, no specs, no nada.

In a recent report out of Samsung’s home country, it’s circulating that an unveiling date has been set in the second half of July. The event is reported to be an Unpacked event, which means we could also be seeing the company’s latest foldables, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6, at the same time. Last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 in late July, so the timing does align.

As for what we can expect from the Galaxy Ring, it actually sounds pretty feature packed for being so small. It’s reported to support ECG (electrocardiogram), wireless payments, sleep tracking, blood flow measurement, and all your fitness/wellness tracking items. One feature in the report that is said to come with the device is a remote control functionality for other devices. This could be exclusive to Samsung devices, but the idea could be really nifty if there’s any sort of air gestures involved.

The last piece of the report is related to sizing. It’s noted that the Galaxy Ring will be available in 8 options.

In our mind, Galaxy Ring only works if Samsung essentially spares no expense and makes it a killer wearable. The hardware needs to be very nice and the sensors need to work very well. Even if it costs more than what people would want, that’s what needs to be done. If Apple was making an iRing (reports say they are working on one), we all know it would be legit and people would easily pay $999+ for it. Bottom line, it has to be good in order for people to care.

// Electronic Times (South Korea)



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