Y’all are Really Loving the Galaxy S24 Series

Galaxy S24 Ultra

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When we asked earlier in the week how everything was going with your new Galaxy S24 Series phone, we certainly expected lots of positive marks. After all, you potentially just spent anywhere from $500 to $1,300 for one and can’t imagine you doing so and then turning around to dump on your purchase. Tim also really likes the S24 Ultra after reviewing it, plus my regular S24 hasn’t made me mad yet. All of the phones in the S24 Series seem very good.

That said, so many of you answered at length about your experience and the positive remarks were noticeable. You guys really, really like the S24. Well, there was one person who didn’t, but that’s life.

Here are some reactions to the Galaxy S24 in the first few days of ownership.

Francisco grabbed a Galaxy S24+ and seems to be quite impressed by battery life:

I got the S24+, and I will agree that the battery life is amazing. My first day, took off the charger at 8am. Includes almost 2 hrs with Moto Android Auto adapter (battery hog) and over 5 hrs of screen time including over 1.5hrs of gaming. I went to bed at 1am and it was still at 20%.

He’s not the only one noticing improvements in battery life. Mamba94 made the switch from an S22 Ultra, which they already had great battery life with, but are calling this upgrade “great”:

Coming from the S22 ultra, this is such a great upgrade I’m loving everything. The battery life is phenomenal and that’s considering that I had great battery life with my S22 ultra. The phone is fast and responsive, the finger print reader is fast. Camera’s are great for me also.

Another reader, B!, said that the S24 Ultra is better than the S22 Ultra “in every way,” while reader DisqusSuqs (I agree) said they were a “big fan” of their regular S24 after 3 days and that it really gave them a mix of the world of iPhone (hardware/software design) and the “flexibility” of Android:

I’ve only had my S24 (not + or Ultra) for about 3 days now but I’m a big fan. I’ve always appreciated the design & aesthetic of iPhone/iOS but never wanted to leave Android so I’m okay with Samsung heading in that direction. It finally feels like I get the best of both worlds. I can have the hardware & software design of an iPhone with the freedom and flexibility of Android.

See, lots of great things going on in the S24 world.

We still have to point out the complaints, because there are some of those too. For example, it seems there are display issues that could be on more than just a few devices, where users are noticing a dim display or washed out colors. Some called the cameras good but not great, and still behind top Pixel and iPhones.

And finally, one reader appears to have finally been pushed to switching to an iPhone after upgrading to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which they apparently sent back. They attributed the switch to their entire family having iPhones and that Samsung has become Boeing. Tough scenes, for sure.

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