Google AI is Powering the Galaxy S24 Series With Several Sweet Features

Galaxy AI - Google AI

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You might already be sick of hearing about AI on the Galaxy S24 or the Pixel 8 Pro, but that’s just the state of mobile. Whatever you launch today better be well-equipped with the latest in AI advancements or…well, to be honest I have no idea if customers actually care about AI. Executives do, though, so that’s what launches are covered in.

For the Galaxy S24 launch, Google has stepped alongside Samsung to tell us that their Gemini AI is powering many of the AI features included. Google has given Samsung access to Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and also Gemini Nano, which you may know as being built into the Pixel 8 Pro.

Using Gemini Pro, Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps will be able to deliver “better” summarization features. Those include getting summaries of the most important parts of a recording session (like if you are a student listening to a lecture) or special photo editing capabilities within the Gallery app.

For Gemini Nano, the Galaxy S24 can take advantage of the new Google Messages feature called Magic Compose. By running on-device, this AI creates messages in various styles that you can choose from to fit a conversation (like excited, formal, or lyrical). There’s also Voice Moods and a Photomoji feature that creates emoji from your own photos (see below).

Galaxy S24 - Photomoji

As for Gemini Ultra, Google didn’t say how Samsung is going to use it, only that they are one of their first partners given access before it is available broadly to developers. Gemini Ultra is Google’s largest language model for highly-complex tasks. We’ll be watching this one.

Android Auto is also getting in on the AI action by automatically summarizing long texts or busy group chats while you are driving. It’ll also suggest relevant replies or actions to help you focus on your drive and remain in contact with folks. An example of an action is a shortcut to a restaurant or bar or location that was mentioned in a conversation that could fire up your navigation. Additionally, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 will be able to reflect your icons and wallpaper onto Android Auto.

Android Auto - Galaxy S24

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the other AI-exclusive features from Google that Samsung gets, like Circle to Search. We have a separate post on that awesomeness, which launches on January 31.

AI, hope you like this stuff.

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