ChatGPT Could Soon be Set as Your Phone’s Default Assistant

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There’s an official ChatGPT app you can use on Android, which is great, but what if you could use OpenAI’s popular chatbot as your phone’s default digital assistant? According to the app’s latest code changes, it’s currently in the works.

Right now on Android, you can set different apps as your default digital assistant. For most, it makes sense to use Google Assistant, but spotted code inside of the latest ChatGPT app shows that OpenAI is working to open its ChatGPT bot up as a new default assistant. This would make accessing ChatGPT on your Android phone from any screen incredibly easy.

While this sounds awesome, the downside is that only apps that come preinstalled on Android have access to select APIs that allow for hotwords. That means no, “Hey ChatGPT” to launch the interface. Instead, you’ll only be able to access the digital assistant via gestures or long pressing your home button. Still, it’s a step in a fun direction.

OpenAI hasn’t made these moves official yet, but when/if they do, we’ll update you. The question is, are you ditching Google Assistant for ChatGPT on Android?

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