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T-Mobile - Netflix on Us

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Because Netflix continues to raise prices and shuffle around plans and options, we’re now seeing those changes affect customers on T-Mobile who have taken advantage of the carrier’s T-Mobile on US promo. A text should hit your inbox soon if you use this program, as your plan is either being changed or your pricing may go up.

In the middle of 2023, Netflix got rid of its “Basic” plan and replaced it with a “Standard with ads” option that lives alongside its “Standard” and “Premium” plans. The new “with ads” plan was actually priced below the “Basic” plan at introduction, but because “Basic” was going away, folks either had to decide to downgrade to an advertisement-filled experience or pay more for one without.

That change has prompted T-Mobile to adjust its Netflix On Us benefit to the new and lower plan tier. T-Mobile appears to now only be willing to cover the cost of the “Standard with Ads” option, a $6.99 value.

Possible Netflix price increase at T-Mobile

What that means for you depends on what level of Netflix you subscribe to. For those not familiar, T-Mobile was covering the “Basic” Netflix plan at $8.99, but you could use that value and apply it towards a higher tier plan, giving you a solid discount each month. You never had to just use the “Basic” plan. For example, I subscribe to “Premium” and receive the $8.99 discount on it through my T-Mobile account.

OK, so depending on your plan, you may either see no price increase (but with a plan change) or a slight increase in what you’ll have to pay. You see, because the benefit from T-Mobile is dropping to $6.99 (from $8.99) and T-Mobile is now applying Netflix’s higher pricing, you could pay more.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Netflix Basic: If you had “Basic,” you are being downgraded to Netflix “Standard with ads.” You won’t pay (it’s still free), but you will now get advertisements in your streams.
  • Netflix Standard: If you had “Standard,” T-Mobile is applying the $6.99 “with ads” price, leaving you with a bill of $8.50 per month. I believe you were previously paying $6.50 per month, so that’s a $2 increase.
  • Netflix Premium: For “Premium” subscribers, the same applies and you are likely paying $16/mo now instead of $11/mo.

If that doesn’t cover all of the situations, I apologize, but T-Mobile is sending out specific texts to each person with specific links depending on their situation. Your main account holder will get a text and link (ex: t-mo.co/NetflixUpdates1) with details on the change.

To quickly recap, T-Mobile customers using Netflix on US are either seeing a plan change or a monthly price increase. This change will go into effect on or after January 25, 2024.



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