Google Maps Getting On-Device Timeline Saves, Ability to Scrub Whereabouts

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Google Maps is getting more timeline control, from on-device saves (and encrypted cloud saves), to the ability to scrub specific locations from your timeline should you potentially have something worth removing.

As announced, Timeline will soon be created and saved directly on your smartphone. As you may or may not know, Timeline is off by default, so users will need to enable it (Location History), but if they do, they can then also choose if they want to back up their timeline onto the cloud with encryption. Additionally, Google is providing more auto-deletion controls, removing the previous 18 month limit.

For those planning surprise parties or getting into witchy activities, the ability to remove specific locations from your timeline is also coming soon. As Google explains, “Say you’re planning a surprise birthday party, and you get directions to a nearby bakery to pick up the cake. Soon, you’ll be able to see all your recent activity on Maps related to the bakery in one central place, and easily delete your searches, directions, visits, and shares with just a few taps.”

Mhmm, sure, Google. Thanks.

New blue dot controls are also inbound. Once updated, users can tap the blue dot (you) on Maps to gain access to Location History and Timeline settings, making all of the new stuff more easy to find.

Google is beginning to roll these new things out over the course of next year. Slowly, but surely.

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