Disney+ Gets Hulu Content in New Beta, Official Launch Next Year

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Disney is looking to make life with a bundle subscription to Disney+ and Hulu a bit easier. As it stands, you need two apps to access the two libraries of content. With a new beta experience now available, you’ll be able to access Hulu’s titles directly from the Disney+ app.

As Disney explains, this beta will be used to get a better idea of what subscribers need (and want) when it comes to Hulu on Disney+. With an official launch scheduled for March of 2024, Disney is also hoping that parents will take the necessary steps to safeguard inappropriate content easily found on Hulu when it becomes available on Disney+.

For those without a bundle subscription, don’t worry, Disney makes it very clear that the two standalone Hulu and Disney+ apps aren’t going anywhere. In the long run, Disney says they are simply looking to create better value for its customers.

I don’t have this bundle, but if someone here does, let us know your feedback in the comments. It sounds pretty handy.

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