Here’s What Magic Editor Won’t Do

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In my recent post of 30 Days With Pixel 8 Pro, I mentioned the AI-powered Magic Editor feature, found inside Google Photos. It’s a really fun feature that allows you to edit your images based on suggestions from Google’s AI. It can tweak sky colors, generate fantastical things, fix closed eyes, and much more. Up until recently, though, we weren’t quite sure what Magic Editor wasn’t allowed to do. Now we have the list.

Thanks to the digging of Android Authority, we now have an empirical list of what Google won’t allow Magic Editor to do. Pretty unsurprisingly, it won’t mess with things such as receipts and IDs, plus nothing will be generated that features personally identifiable information in general.

Magic Editor is also not allowed to generate human faces or body parts, and in addition, any section of a photo that requires a larger amount of data to be generated, the user will be notified that Magic Editor can’t perform that task. This is unlike Adobe’s latest Photoshop builds that will create a never ending AI-generated image if you so choose. Google isn’t allowing for that inside Google Photos.

In a related piece of Magic Editor news, it was recently reported that Google may soon allow for users to input their own words to help the AI generate what they want to see done to a photo, but naturally, Google would be pretty strict in terms of what words can be used. Code found inside the app already exists, explaining that, “Magic Editor can’t generate images based on some of the words in the prompt.”

AI is a strong tool, capable of creating some fantastic looking results, but alas, it could be used for naughty behavior. Y’all a bunch of pervs.

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