Waze Adds Crash History Alerts to Warn You on Crash-Prone Roads

Waze - Crash History Feature

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Waze remains one of the most useful tools for daily commuters and anyone who gets in a car during what could be a busy traffic hour. Its real-time, crowd-sourced info really can cut off significant amounts of time from a drive, help you avoid a speed trap, and prepare if a wreck is around the corner. Now, Waze is adding a new safety feature that could prevent you from getting in a crash.

Today, Google and Waze announced crash history alerts, which are alerts that pop-up during your drive if you happen upon a road that is crash-prone.

Using “AI” and reports from the Waze community, Google is combining historical crash data and “key information about your route” to then alert you if you land on a road that has a history of crashes. They use typical traffic levels, the type of road (highway vs. local road), elevation, and more to determine if you should see an alert before you reach that section of your drive.

Since there are thousands and thousands of wrecks across this country every day, Waze says they’ll limit the number of these alerts and will try not to show them if they are on a road you regularly navigate.

To get crash history alerts in Waze, be sure to grab the latest version at the link below.

Google Play Link: Waze

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