T-Mobile’s Good 5G Rollout Ahead of Schedule, Now Covering 300M People

T-Mobile 5G

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T-Mobile and its “good 5G,” which is what we call its Ultra Capacity 5G network, is months of ahead of schedule and now covering 300 million people. The carrier first said that 5G UC was working towards this sort of availability late last year, so with the goal already being met, that seems impressive.

Unfortunately, the carrier doesn’t really provide details with how this rollout works. We assume its upgrading towers with new hardware and flipping switches and turning on spectrum, but a nice little breakdown from T-Mobile would be appreciated. All we need to know is, the good 5G is now coast to coast. Additionally, T-Mobile is quick to say that compared to Verizon and AT&T, it made the right choice when it came to the early decision of mmWave vs. multi-band spectrum.

Written in its blog post celebrating the 300 million, they wrote the following about the competition.

T-Mobile holds a massive lead in 5G coverage and speed thanks to a strategy set in motion years ago. While other U.S. operators went all in on millimeter wave at the beginning of the 5G era, the Un-carrier set its sights on a multi-band spectrum strategy using low-band 5G to blanket the country and mid-band 5G UC to bring insanely fast speeds to nearly everyone. While the other guys finally woke up and smelled the coffee, they’re stuck in a perpetual state of playing “catch up”- and still years behind the Un-carrier. In fact, T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G covers more square miles than the mid-band 5G networks of the other guys combined!

If you see “5G UC” on your device, you’re one of people experiencing good 5G. Next up is the 3.3Gbps 5G.

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