The Best OnePlus Open Pre-Order is Up to Instant $1,000 Off With Trade-in, Like Samsung Does

OnePlus Open - Pre-order Deals

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We’ll have a lot to say about the OnePlus Open in the coming days, but with the device being official and pre-orders already open, we wanted to get you the best place to buy one, assuming you’ve seen enough already. Priced just below the Galaxy Fold 5 at $1,699, OnePlus is offering a lot in their first foldable, with a decent discount opportunity to sweeten the deal.

For the best OnePlus Open pre-order deal, I’d point you to the OnePlus Store. They currently have both colors (green or black) available and are giving you $200 off no matter the phone you trade-in to them, but they’ll up that price significantly if you have a decent phone to part with.

Before we dive in, be sure to checkout our overview post on the OnePlus Open, as it dives into the full specs list, talks software features, and OnePlus’ focus on durability.

OnePlus Store Pre-order Deal: The best place to pre-order the OnePlus Open is at the OnePlus Store, where they are doing $200 off with the trade-in of any smartphone. If you take them up on that offer, you’ll immediately drop the price to $1,499. That’s not much more than a Galaxy S23 Ultra at that point.

If you have a better phone to part with because you want to save even more, OnePlus says it’ll give you an instant discount like Samsung does. That should mean more cash off from the purchase price today, with a confirmation later on that you were being truthful in the phone you have. We love Samsung’s trade-in program and are now hoping OnePlus finds success doing the same thing.

Need to see some values? Here’s a breakdown of some trade-in options:

  • $1,000 off: iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • $700-800 off: Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Fold 4, OnePlus 11, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro/Max
  • $500-700 off: Galaxy Flip 4, Galaxy Fold 3, OnePlus 10 Pro/10T, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14

As an added bonus, OnePlus is also tossing in a pair of OnePlus Buds 2 Pro in a special Misty White color. That’s nice of them.

OnePlus Open Pre-order Link

Amazon and Best Buy Deals: Amazon and Best Buy are also selling the OnePlus Open, but neither can really match the OnePlus offer above. If you don’t care and want to buy from Amazon, you’ll find a pre-order link below. Amazon is giving you a $200 gift card with purchase. For Best Buy, they won’t offer the phone until October 26, where they’ll then do their typcial trade-in program.

Amazon Pre-order Link



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